Why WWE Was RIGHT To Add Charlotte To WrestleMania 35 Main Event

a quick recap of what the y series is often said that it plays devil's advocate but also presents both sides of the argument and that would be 100% correct that's been the mo since day one take your popular situation and try and look at it as fairly as possible because there's always a counterpoint to the initial point is what makes wrestling so great in 2019 there's multiple ways you can take something then we can argue it we can debate it we can talk about it and yes sometimes in the comments on Twitter you can call me a bald asshole it's fine I'm used to it but that's not the case today because I'm not doing this video because it presents the contrary opinion or that it's gonna wind some people up in Reno that it is gonna wind some people up I am doing this because the more and more I thought about it the more I've realized I actually damn well meet it and I know you're gonna call me a bald bastard but as we've already pointed out I can handle it I'm made of cold iron and hard spill but WWE was right - where'd Charlotte Flair into that WrestleMania 35 main event why here's why the straight-up response to that is that there was no need to do it we should have just kept it Becky Lynch vs ronda rousey all we should have kept it one on one and i can understand that that men usually evolves into look of Stone Cold Steve Austin versus the rock we didn't need to throw anybody else in there and again yeah I see where you're coming from but when I take that information and I put it into my brain I process it very differently and something entirely unique comes out the joy of Steve Austin versus the great one was that you had a very defined babyface and you had a very defined heel it was one of the reasons that feud was as great as it was you could cheer your heart out for the rattlesnake cuz you were desperate to see him win but by the same token you absolutely hated the rock and you wanted to see him get his and that wasn't because of Stone Cold Steve Austin you loved him regardless but you also hated the rock regardless to that corporate champion asshole he turned his back on us all you don't get one without the other when it comes to a top feud and when you go back through history it's almost an essential part if you want to leave a damn legacy when we switch back to 2019 I'm gonna think Ronda Rousey fits that bill she's only getting booed because she's not Becky Lynch which yes does mean we've got another Roman rain situation on our hands but that's how I see it we jeer her simply because we'd rather Becky Lynch won and took her title I would much rather have a participant involved who can go out there and act like an absolute butthole and that's what Charlotte Flair has been doing recently if you saw her performance on Raw Smackdown she made you so enraged and so desperate for someone to come out there and make sure that she got hers because she was just she was herself entitled piece of trash she was rubbing everybody the wrong way but that's the point she thinks she's entitled to this position she believes that Becky Lynch should be held down and that's how the narrative can now take along until WrestleMania 35 when Becky rises up and goes now pal that's not how this works and finally you're gonna get yours and sure that hug before TLC now looks dumber than it ever has done but if I'm gonna start getting hung up on the past I may as well stop watching WWE now Anouar he is certainly not their strong point but to me it all works and just gives Beck's even more hurdles to overcome now she's got to come back from her knee injury then find a way to get back into the WrestleMania event and when she's there just be two people this seems to me this worried that the man isn't actually gonna win at the show and shows but I say absolute poppycock to them and if I'm wrong and for some reason WWE decides together give it to Charlotte Farrell out Ronda Rousey to retain then you can take everything I'm saying now and throw it in the bin but I am so confident I am so sure that it will be Becky Lynch standing tall to end WrestleMania 35 if I'm wrong I'll do this I will cut off all my hair all we're doing is increasing the odds for our babyface making it look like an insurmountable situation but she will overcome of course she's going to overcome because that's the simplest wrestling tale you can throw out there as we always say the simple stories in wrestling usually are the best even more so if you want to create new fans if there is someone brand new who's just found wrestling there love Becky Lynch I think she's great and they can easily buy into the story they're gonna keep watching for a long time to come what was this with my hands I also understand why WWE would want to do this too now this isn't a big point if you are a fan you can take stuff like this and throw it over there should you so wish but if we are on the cusp I'm having the first-ever WrestleMania women's main event I think it makes more sense to try and include as many faces as you can when I say faces I mean human beings not good guys and in that sense Charlotte should be in it now Ronda Rousey has been absolutely wonderful ever since she arrived on the scene and I don't think anybody expected her to be this good this soon and yeah there's still a few dents in the arsenal but look at it for what it is she should not be at the level she is after only doing it for less than a year just over a year but she is too thumbs up for Ronda but she is a household name that likely will eventually leave the WWE and there'll be a bunch of opportunities on the table whether she wants them or not again she's Ronda Rousey she trailblaze through the UFC and they ain't ever going to change it can't its history but following on from that when we look back at the WrestleMania 35 main event from a historical standpoint I think you want to take as much homegrown talent as you've got and ensure they can associate them selves with their so that only would be Becky Lynch but it would be Charlotte Flair - it benefits both their careers going forward and puts them in a position of absolute legend once it's happened it can't unhappen so you're actually giving this rub to two superstars especially because we don't know what the future holds and yeah you could do it with one but why not hedge your bets I much prefer the idea of giving it to two women who absolutely have kick some ass over the last few years and deserve it and we hear that word in wrestling all the time you deserve it well Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair I think you deserve this put them in there furthermore I believe it will be a better match with Charlotte in it I know that Ronda Rousey and Becky go out there and tear the house down but I believe that's EE more true if Flair gets inserted into the damn thing so let's not just make it historic like we've talked about let's make it absolutely legendary by also being not only the best match on the entire show but maybe maybe one of the best matches we've ever seen at WrestleMania I'm all about that we're also underlining the fact that the women's division is great because it's great not cuz it's a part of an evolution not because that's something we have to do in the modern day is because nothing is better on the show than what they're doing and they earned that word again they earned that right I mean what's hotter in WWE right now Daniel Bryan is doing amazingly and Seth Rollins is kind of involved in an interesting storyline I do want to see what's gonna happen with him Brock Lesnar in a few months but ain't none of that coming close to a Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey and yes dare I say which I do Charlotte Flair there's also the small fact that as I say these words we've still got seven and a half weeks before we get to New Jersey and that's a long-ass time that doesn't mean you throw things into the narrative just for the hell of it I don't think Hornswoggle should all of a sudden be part of it but we do now have loads of questions that need to be answered how does Becky get back in that damn thing what does running around you do is shit for the equus Charlotte or does now she kind of understand where Becky is coming from and what does it all mean for Charlotte does she have to do some brand shifting now and me she was just don't roar cuz Vince McMahon brought her out which he can do he's the chairman of the board there's loads of unanswered stuff and I'm hoping I mean you never know with double w e but I'm hoping it all gets before April the 7th just to address it to because they have seen it out there yeah it does kind of undermine the Royal Rumble but we're going to go down that road you don't start with the 2019 Rumble you go back through many of the men's iterations where they did that to go back to 2006 Rey Mysterio won that thing and then he lost his opportunity at No Way Out to Randy on and yet still somehow wound up in the damn thing so don't talk to me about the raw rumble and the sacred nature of the rumble that got burned a long time ago that ship has sailed also just to stress the point as long as it does go off air with Becky Lynch holding the title then nothing else matters is probably what James Hetfield was singing about it's a rare occasion where the destination is more important than the journey even though I think the journey is really fun who thought all this stuff was going to happen and a year ago who thought Becky Lynch would even be in this position to begin with you should just enjoy what you've got but there's twist there's turns and it's making you react to something it's making you a Moute and isn't that what we all wanted when Baron Corbin was boring us to tears at the end of 2018 I thought so I thought that's what we were all crying out for so I would to care about well here it is it's right in your face it's just great that we are here in 2019 the women's division has finally arrived that is eliciting these kind of reactions are not just because it's lip service because again it's what stands out it's what's best I just love it Charlotte is a right dick and keeps putting those facial expressions that makes you want to rip out your own cheeks Becky Lynch is the hero we all want and you've got the outside of Ronda Rousey who you know could whip everybody because she's a legitimate badass brilliant I tell you're brilliant and I don't even care anymore hence why I made this video people got mad even when they saw the title but I'm still standing here ranting and raving because it's what I believe in when Charlotte Ronda and Becky do have a damn good triple threat match I'll be smiling like one of those smug emojis now don't forget to leave a comment below probably saying something like shut up Miller I want to be dumb Miller you put this idea in WWE's head Miller I'm gonna come and kill you Miller probably also WWE clearly pays you Miller Yeah right like share and subscribe hello to our coaches our common read yourself some uncle's go and follow our culture on Twitter what culture WWE and you probably do want to go watch more videos here on what culture Wrestling just so you can like purge this one and move forward my name is son from what coach this was the y series and even though you'll probably are a little bit upset I still appreciate your joining me from this lovely little adventure that we're on together I'm you know I'll just repeat it just so you know you have wait around to the end of the video I ain't mucking around here I hate line love Charlotte being added into this when she came out on Raw looking like again just like someone had said hey you want some pizza you can have it for the rest of your life I cheered like an absolute goon even more so when I went online I went on social media and I saw the reaction people were so mad and I thought well I'm WWE you got them you wrapped around your finger and now hopefully everything goes up other than the rating the rain doesn't seem to move anymore but hey I have to worry about that I'm a fan I'm not in charge of production see you soon