Why WWE Will Regret Losing Dean Ambrose

[Applause] I get it I get it I get it some people would rather have a visual representation of the point that I'm trying to get it so just imagine this if I decide I want to do a video about how we need to try and curb junk-food when it comes to children what you want if you two are invested in that subject is for me to look down this lens and nicely and smartly and intelligently give you my points if then I'm told I've got to do it like this and do it through a puppet you're gonna wonder what the hell is going on cuz this isn't serious there's nothing serious about this this is the puppet version of me trying to talk to you about a serious issue what the hell and that is kind of how I see the Dean Ambrose WWE city better today but I should premise this video by also saying right now there is every chance we're being hookman we don't know 100% that Ambrose is gonna leave the WWE after WrestleMania and if that is true and I have been tricked by a World Wrestling Entertainment then good I'm glad do more of it the whole point of wrestling is that now and then it can pull the wool over our eyes and this is a way to do it good sweet I'd like to question the good I like to question the bad and I like to question the outright weird which is why I'm gonna give a shout-out to the guy that got in touch with me to tell me the real reason Dean Ambrose is gonna leave the WWE is because he has no friends backstage hey the genuine message I received - again shoutout to that guy that was one of the strangest things I've got in a long time because I had so many so many questions one how do you know and two it's not really any of your business let's take it as read that he is off after the showcase of the Immortals though and I tell you something inside of me says that WWE is gonna regret why here is why [Music] I'm sure a lot of you have thought about this too but a big eye-opener for me is everything that happened after the fact when we did get to the next episode of raw and we didn't really know what Dean Ambrose was gonna do he came out the insult a dc-3 made a joke about Creed confronted my attacks and really if you wrote all this down on paper you would say it read as a nothing segment but Dean Ambrose made it work what is that's what I thought and sure I know a lot of people did think that it sucked but I don't think you can aim that word at Dean Ambrose he delivered each one of his lines with the power you'd expect and he balanced himself so while he could have come across like a goof he absolutely didn't because he also sounded like he was ready to kick somebody's ass I don't think many others could have been put into this and made it work then that is what Dean has been doing for a long damn time he's been making lemons out of lemonade by the way around know what that way it hasn't always been the case cuz sometimes the booking has just been too bad I mean I don't think many people are gonna get away with pretending somebody is injecting them in the ass so they don't get any diseases but Ambrose has worked with bad material and smashed it far more than the other way around even when he was on Smackdown pretending to be a Mountie for some reason he made that rather funny you can roll your eyes at that but that's not aimed to him that's aimed at the company I remember I remember when it happened I saw you on Reddit and Facebook and Twitter you're all saying you thought it was kind of enjoyable obviously therein lies the problem because it is all of this stuff that reportedly is the reason the Dean Ambrose wants to walk away the quote was Ben he doesn't want to do the goofy stuff and my word if that is true as he's been given a lot of goofy stuff to do he was eating the pizza and I have highlighted numerous of these but there's also loads more even when he was shooting with Chris Jericho Chris Jericho Chris Jericho's Dean Ambrose that should have been wonderful he had reached the plant it also means that Dean is correct while he's on the shield brethren have gone on to headline WrestleMania z-- and win countless world titles he's kind of always been left in the shadows or left a little bit behind if like Stefan Romer over here Dean is here and he's trying to catch up someone backstage he's got their arm out going not you Dean not you well title win a few years ago was absolutely wonderful but even then it was kind of like we fell into this situation because there was nothing else to do and that giant hand was still there and when you do that time and time again you're not only going to where the performer out but you're gonna where their fans out too and you can double all that when the talent in question knows deep down I've got more than this I can do better just give me a chance coach put me in the game but instead they keep you on the sub bitch and I remember when the shield first broke into the company that name that was doing the rounds was Dean Ambrose he was compared to the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley and that ain't bad company to keep Hey he was even supposed to have some kind of feud with the latter but that got cold too the reasons for that are 100% known but I bet it all builds up just another program that could have cemented him pulled away at the last second go back and remember that magic had with Triple H at that roadblock pay-per-view I mean Dean was never gonna win the World Championship there I remember the fever in the audience and the desperation that look if you want to give Dean just a little something maybe you can do it here we didn't and we didn't capitalize on it at all did we instead what we did do was a couple of months later we put him in that match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 and cuz Brock Lesnar was about to go back to the UFC Dean Ambrose just had to bite the bullet do you see a theme recurring here if you don't I don't think you've watched the video don't make me get the puppet back out all of this comes together when of all things you put into your head that WWE 2k video commercial that focused on the Terminator and that sounds weird I know that sounds out of left field but if you haven't seen it google it quickly ever watch and then come back and I'll explain my point right so that for me was a real moment when it came to what Dean Ambrose may be capable of I mean doesn't do much is a very short trailer but everything he does do just make sense and it just works it's not goofy it's not cheesy it's not corny he's given the role of being told by Arnold Schwarzenegger that he needs his boots and his motorcycle and of course Dean Ambrose replies you forgot to say please you all know that scene if you haven't it means it what - terminator what you do it anyway even though Dean is smoking a ridiculous cigar throughout all of that he fits in once more he took the role that was given to him absolutely smashed it and just to reiterate a point I made a while back I don't think many other people on the roster could have done this in fact I bet some of them would have made it a little bit embarrassing ever since I thought that Ambrose could be put in more engaging and maybe a little bit more deeper or controversial storylines and he'd somehow managed to make it breakthrough although you could say if you want the ultimate debate that even in this commercial he had to put over Schwarzenegger this isn't about Ambrose being a top top guy more about the positions he always seems to land in even when we got the Hilton I know I'd been desperate for that for a while what do we get we got a germophobe a germaphobe and also as a germaphobe that didn't even have anything leading up to it one day I was on TV going hey fans I think you've got germs I don't like germs I'm gonna wear a gas mask that is such a 180 shift even more so when you do indeed go on the internet and hear what some of the reports say were the plans for Wrestlemania 35 which is happening in but a couple of months naturally there are far more important things going on when we do start talking about Roman reigns but looking at it from a purely wrestling perspective people do say that yes at the show shows happening on April 7th it was gonna be Roman reigns taking on the heel Dean Ambrose they were gonna feud it was gonna culminate there and is it likely that Dean was gonna win probably not but still having that kind of position on the card and probably being in a program that had built and built and built a built that is just gonna help anyone as opposed to again please jab me in my bum I don't want to get ill also you don't know what would have happened if you had turned Dean and allowed him to be the bad guy we all know that he could be there's every chance on WrestleMania week Vince McMahon thinks you know what this same right this ain't right Dean Ambrose should be winning here we can get more mileage out of the feud if we do that and let me tell you this if Dean Ambrose wins the universal championship at WrestleMania 35 you ain't getting Dean Ambrose walking out WWE after WrestleMania 35 that's an equation that's mess and there's an even bigger chance of that if yes the actual main event would have been Charlotte versus Ronda versus Becky because when you are further down the card you can have a bit more fun with the titles when you're ending the show usually you need the good guys standing tall didn't happen and instead we decided to take the lunatic fringe so that he could bring some lols to the audience that is so outta left field and quite understandably you can understand a wrestler thinking this is just why I'm in this status quo maybe I should start thinking about my options playing getting any younger I would like to do something within this industry that I deem to be creatively satisfying what do I do I look over there I'm a 14 for WWE they're over there all of this too before we even begin to discuss jon moxley because there are a lot of fans out there who can't even believe that he became dean ambrose him you know what I'm talking about go and research the independent version I hate that term but we'll use it of who we now known as Dean Ambrose his name was Jon Moxley and he was basically a sucker pair so we do take all of this and wrap it up in a little ball I do think WWE is gonna regret not satisfying Dean Ambrose's wrestling appetite we don't know what he's gonna do is he gonna go to a e-w is he gonna New Japan is he gonna take some time off the sport entirely all I know is that if I'm Cody Rhodes or young bucks and I'm about to start a new promotion and I know someone of that quality is just walking around as a free agent at the very least I'm gonna give them a call if he doesn't answer I'm gonna send him an email and if just an answer that I'll send a damn carrier pigeon because I want Dean Ambrose in my company and yeah he's not Hulk Hogan going to WCW bow in 1994 but he is someone he does have star power and again personally if I think finally he's gonna get to star on the big stage I'm at least tuning in I want to see what he's gonna be allowed to do that's what I think anyway and you can't argue with me because I started this video with a puppet version of myself and we all know when you do do that it goes to show you're a serious and a deep investigatory journalist thank you very much now don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know what you think about Dean Ambrose and what his potential future may be like the video share the video subscribe to what coach addressing the buttons there all you got to do is click it and it's free and why not head over to what coach comm you can read your several articles about wrestling we all love wrestling and you can follow what coach on Twitter and what code to WWE Plus watch more videos here and what culture wrestling click click my name is Simon Miller this was the wise series thank you very much for joining me and I damn well will see you again soon but hopefully like not in 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