Why WWEs New Gimmicks Are Stuck In The Past

[Applause] you may have noticed something on WWE TV recently and that would be gimmicks no no that's like a weird thing to say when we're talking about wrestling because one of the first things that pops into your mind is that it's all about gimmicks but that's not actually true if you remember the Attitude Era basically we just had a bunch of dudes that were running around as themselves and stone cold was just Steve Austin and the rock was the rock it wasn't like one was a fireman and the other one would help take your things out once a week in a quest to bounce back from low ratings though it does appear that WWE is looking back to what it used to do in order to try and find a new but old direction and that's why WWE's new gimmicks have one foot in the past why and you never seem to do that before you think I'm crazy is why [Music] best thing about wrestling is that it's cyclical and what I mean by that is sometimes you can actually bring out old things from the past and a whole new audience has no idea what they're seeing so they love it and they buy in as if it's fresh faces while usually your greatest memories of professional wrestling are when you watched it as a kid because it's all fresh and brand-new and pristine and exciting you know that kind of well it's not great for lifers like you and I because we've seen it all but as it has been proven to work time and time again I understand why the industry does its the thing is I am not so sure this time it's going to be a huge success I mean let's start with the one lonely Robert Roode formerly known as Bobby Roode if anybody out there can look at him with his brand-new mustache and kind a new persona and say that he's not paying homage just a teeny little bit to somebody we know as Rick Rude then please come round to my house or my office or find me in the street in a pub in a bar in the gym wherever because I have a feeling we could have a lovely debate which I believe it is just an updated version of Rick Rude and I imagine that's what came into Vince McMahon's head he was probably looking down the roster saw that he had a rude on his books and noticed he had a big beard just ready to be shamed into one of these light bulbs went off on his head is that I know what we can do Chad Gables we moved to SmackDown we can make a new Rick Rude and Robert is it gyrating his hips or telling women that they should fancy him but he is playing the arrogant cocky feel hell he even wears a rogue and I know that he was wearing a robe before we started doing this but it still all ties in it's not like someone said hey rude stop wearing the robe they probably said you should wear two robes basically if you haven't watched wrestling since the 90s and then just happened to tune into Raw recently you will have gone your first thought would have been this guy's clearly taking a look back to Rick Rude and trying to mimic what he did and that doesn't mean that it won't work either I mean it instantly made Robert Roode more interesting then he's been up to this point and it gave him a big singles win on Raw where he took on and destroyed ricocheting as we are talking about old Rick don't forget that now during his entrance we don't have one but two bullet noises especially one where he pulls off his head to go pow because his name is ricochet and that's what a bullet does but I'll say this doesn't that remind you of mid-90s WWE or WWF as it was then where things were just a little bit cartoony once again I think that it does I can totally see that happening during the new generation era where everybody had to have an Occupational gimmick again we even had a dude that would take out your trash and another one that was an accountant boo accountant I want to pay my taxes of course it also brought us repo man the biggest hero out of all a Pro Wrestling will always have a special space in my heart also as a quick tangent who in their right mind would think oh if we add a bullet noise to ricochets entrance that's gonna help the product I mean when is that conversation go if you ever watched him come down the ring went there I could get into him if I haven't heard a bullet noise pill and therefore I can't something has gone terribly wrong and that's the reason I don't really get it it happened the week before Roode decided to fashion himself a mustache when we got the NXT call-up for the war Raiders faster viking experience slash the Viking raiders on another quick note apparently we may be about to change their name again to the Viking warriors and if we do do that I would just like to say well done WWE you killed those NXT guys off quicker than anybody else and I'm focusing on the name because there was another one but Vinnie Mac wanted to use before he settled on all of this and I guess he hasn't even settled yet but he wanted to call them the preservers and that is a paid straight out of 1992 when we did have a character we did have a gimmick of the Berserker he was like a Viking guy that came out he was wearing a floppy hat so essentially what we were gonna do is that we were gonna take a name from the past we were gonna make it a plural and then just hurl it onto a new tag team I mean that is the equivalent of taking law sullivan braun strowman making them a tag team and calling them the warlords and just to you know be honest and transparent I stole that joke but it made me laugh so I'm saying it and I would imagine a lot of fans would have rolled their eyes because it's a little too much on the nose but that's only if you are a veteran watch it again if you are brand new to the product you will probably go wow look at these two big guys called the warlords I bet they're gonna kick somebody's ass if you don't know who these old figures are it's all absolutely irrelevant over-the-top gimmicks are back on the table however and that's probably why we've got the green light when it comes to Bray Wyatt and here's brand new persona no I'm not trying to say we've ever seen anything like that within the WWE up until this point and hopefully this gets creepier and creepier as the week's go on to think of it like this if Vince McMahon has opened the door walked through it and found his old playbook you think oh this will work and he's probably gonna greenlight some brand new ones too you can mix them all together and that's why it's thing summed up there ain't nothing like that and we've got to see where we are in 6 to 8 to 12 weeks but if that one works and somehow the Viking whatever the hell their name is gonna be takes off if it was a good idea doesn't mean that it's not old the promotion has to do something though so why not listen given that you have high-back the likes of Jeff Jarrett and Bruce Prichard whose era whose period would have been around this time when all the crazy gimmicks are coming out of the cracks why not use their experience and their expertise to try and get some over in 2019 it's been so long there could be an interesting twist to it even to the point if you want to bring back Duke the dumpster Droese maybe that will work I don't know but it means that Tyler breeze is happy Tyler breeze has been a walking gimmick for the last wat 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 years hopefully this means you can get back on TV he's got all this stuff down already he holds a little selfie stick that's probably past its prime now we can update it gimmicks you could even compare all of this to WWE in 2006 does that shocked a lot of people we're all of a sudden we had the likes of Eugene and the spirit squadron yet we were coming right off the Attitude Era seeing a bunch of dudes dress up as male cheerleaders left a lot of fans going what's this it's not what I'm used to a Stone Cold Steve Austin Darko and why isn't he kicking people's ass anymore I always thought the WWE dropped the ball with him a little bit but from everybody else's perspective we think there was something there and as for Eugene well that whole thing was just terribly misjudged and we've talked about that only terrible for health 13 years ago Vince McMahon even made the decision to bring back two tanker you can watch it now it's there it's on the network 2006 that one didn't last but clearly Vince isn't against trying all of this once more and that's why you should keep your eyes on us the black over on Smackdown he's cutting promos in dark rooms and when he comes out of his coffin during his entranceway we've now got a wood creek there is something going on there don't forget - the big difference between now and then is that WWE has all the money in the world at least they will do when those 2020 contracts kick in when we're talking about the new generation era the reason WWE had to shake everything up is because if they didn't they were absolutely gonna go out of business losing it round if I hadn't have done that who knows where they would have been and let's not forget McMahon's own mentality here we have a guy who is so he believes in his ideas to such a degree he is willing to try the XFL again even though it cost him around about thirty five million dollars when it failed last time he could probably look back to the mid nineties to the new generation era - all these gimmicks and going when it didn't work then but it's a different time now I'm in a different position I'm gonna show everyone anytime I did drop the ball eventually I picked it back up and I kicked it all the way around the world so I can see him doing it and obviously the main reason I do want him to do it is so that finally we can bring back repo men into the WWE Universe that's all of what helped I'll dress up as repo man and do it if you want WWE just get repo man back on television it is the greatest gimmick ever here all we have is a man that goes around repossessing things and the problem is he's only repossessing things because they didn't get paid by the person that owed them that is a real job that's what you have to do and yet he was a heel makes no sense for some reason buried our so when he played it snuck around like he was some kind of thief they even had a thief bag repo man the greatest thing to ever happen in the millions is of planet Earth you would have to think this is a throwing everything at the wall situation - because yes once again AE W is on the rise and maybe about someone else a giant TV deal last thing you want is for all your fan support to go over there so before happens find out what you need to do to assure everybody loves you instead and maybe we start with the gimmicks and there are a bunch of positive signs don't get me wrong I mean look at the big raw food we've got following the superstar shake-up it's AJ Styles versus Seth Rollins for the universal challenge we don't come around here and tell me you didn't want to see that we've all wanted to see that since the Year dot Vince McMahon and all his berry mender friends knew that so they're giving it to us and it was the same with the Viking experience and whatever they're gonna be called now they heard that we hated it or at least they did what they could to try and bring that back to balance plus we turned Kevin Owens back he'll I know that was more to do with the Daniel Bryan situation but I know that I wanted it and I was very pleased when I got so credit where credit is due but again keep your retinas peeled and I think a lot of new gimmicks maybe some old gimmicks are about to be rolled out on both Raw and both Smackdown sports presentation is now that we get to come below and let us know what you think about gimmicks whole gimmicks new gimmicks mid gimmicks whatever your fancy like share and subscribe head of the world culture calm and read yourself some articles follow up coach on Twitter what culture WWE and go watch more videos here on what go to wrestling my name is sign from what culture thank you very much for watching in there's loads of other wide videos out there why not try and watch them all more so you can go back to the first-ever wide video and think Simon why are you so damn scared because I was but I'm not scared anymore I'm ready to roll out across these Plains and drag it all down or burn it down like Seth Rollins says Astin E for Everyone see you soon