Why WWEs United States Title Is Officially Finished

[Applause] you see this this is a Titan is so important and it is so revered look what happens when I try and do this to it it won't even burn because even life knows it means too much fire knows you don't mess with the winged eagle belt and that's why everybody that put it over their shoulder wore it with a sense of pride it actually meant something I mean it meant so much I have one in my house and that's absolutely ridiculous what am I the champion of being bald that isn't a thing for some reason though we're not allowed to look up the belt in the same way that we're used to in the latest line of casualties when it comes to this is the US Championship which right now is officially dead why here's why [Music] it doesn't take a genius to figure out but it all comes down to what happened on this week's episode of SmackDown rusev and Nakamura have been missing in action for the last couple of weeks anyway and then on this episode we just cut to a random announcement segment around about three-quarters in and just got 'told old by the way we are having a US Championship match add the rumble and it's gonna be on the pre-show now fair point to begin with him you do indeed want to get people to tune in this is a good way to go about it I for one would like to see that and therefore if I want to see that I am now gonna have to put it on my television screen before the Royal Rumble begins on top of that ruling at the 2i5 live guys the cruiserweight championship on the line and they're all so talented I don't believe they're actually capable of having a bad match it's a bit like pizza even if you get a crap one at the base it's still cheese and it's still bread and everybody likes cheese and bread well some people don't but most people think it rocks also Nakamura and Ruru absolutely tore it up a few weeks ago when rusev did indeed lift that US Championship above his head so therefore yes you've given me another reason to ensure I am there a couple of hours early before the Royal Rumble proper stance that is not what happens in terms of prestige or context though everything that goes on the pre-show has always been a bit of an eyebrow raiser anyway to remember when Neville Austin Aries had their match at WrestleMania and it didn't even make the DVD but nothing major ever happens there are 9 times out of 10 it's just random matches for the sake of having random matches the real kicker however was last year at Survivor Series raw and it was smacked now they were going to head-to-head and we were told over and over and over again every single match that you're gonna see matters and then what happened when we got to the end of that specific pay-per-view there was a big ticker and it said raw six Smackdown nothing and that didn't make any sense because we'd seen team Smackdown win in front of our eyes when we enquired to WWE excuse me what's happened here we were told in no uncertain terms I was on the preset the pre-show doesn't matter what you do here you two need to fish and they think it matters you an idiot right there ladies and gentlemen if they don't care about it how the hell am I gonna care about it like closing my eyes and wandering around and just hoping someone is gonna hug me back there has to be a two-way street if someone's gonna reach out to hug me I can in hug them back but otherwise there's nowhere else to hug right here WWE ain't offering anybody a hug so while it is a combo of things there's a real stigma to it now and that leads on to question what the hell WWE even thinks about the title in its current state we clearly can't give too much of a hoot about it because it can't even make it onto TV right now rusev the champion can't even make it onto a television screen so I can enjoy him and just imagine if we'd flip this around a little bit remember those classics we saw just days ago between Andrade and Rey Mysterio how they desperately wanted to win if you inserted the us belt into that and what I've actually come out on tops and waved it around much like Bobby Lashley did on Raw when he won the icy title I think you know this would be a much better situation rather than just having it in a field somewhere you could say Simon you don't know it was in a field but you don't know that it wasn't because it certainly wasn't on Smackdown now was it even when Shinsegae was in possession of it he didn't do much with it right now I can't even remember who we won it off or what feuds he has that's not true I said that for hyperbole he got it off Jeff Hardy and then he just feuded with Jeff Hardy for a while until it was time to lose it to rusev and then poof he magically vanished from my TV vanishing is the theme of this video and don't forget as we've already alluded to it was a damn good match it was special in its own way the crowd behind it or even got angle off the back you remember rusev crush Lana because of Nakamura and then for a while I did that stuff in the production truck that just died too didn't it there you go this is why to me it just feels like we don't even have a secondary title on Smackdown anymore you've quite a respect it from a higher up position you've got to allow it to breathe and be showcased on TV otherwise there's literally no reason for me to invest in it I may as well invest in repo men I know I joke about Reaper men all the time and I do think it's one of the greatest gimmicks ever but he is features much of the u.s. title so I made those sit here and go all I hope repo-man wins the belt because why not I don't even think it gets mentioned on TV which is more bizarre because it's the same company that over on Raw are doing things a little bit again when bobby lashley got the icy belt he celebrated as if somebody had just given him a Super Nintendo for Christmas and then there was a polo who wanted to fight for it and sure they did a little flex off but whatever that's far better than want to fight over this yeah I guess so I ain't got nothing else and this isn't any of the performers fault they've got to do whatever it is that WWE tells them to do but that is what I'm trying to get to the bottom of here why does nobody in WWE seem to care it would make things so much better if below the main event dudes there was a bunch of guys that could have a focus even when they're not involved in storylines just they're shining away then we're going oh I'd like to be the US Champion because that could be my stepping-stone to them becoming the WWE Champion you remember what we used to do and I said that on ups and downs and loads of people said well to be fair Simon I don't actually care that much about rusev versus Nakamura from us championship so I'm glad it's on the pre-show or I don't want it to take up any space on the main card it's absolutely correct you're more within your rights to say that and you're probably right but that's only because it's never given a chance to do anything when you actually get it on your free television show known as smack built again we put man I just want an answer so I can understand because it seems so simple we've got two really talented guys they're going after a prize because it's meant to be a sport let them have some time to show that to everybody that's it that's all I want send me some letters dear Simon here's the reason love and regards from whoever thank you what the hell happened to the whole thing with the United States of Mac America - I swear that shins case said that once and then he was banned from ever saying it again mainly because it was a really bad pun and it was a bad poem but bad puns work in wrestling all the time it's just more confusion because his whole stop-start push ever since he won the bull Rumble a year ago has been absolutely baffling I mean the hill turn against AJ Styles that made sense because it allowed us to get the most out of that program but everything ever since like I'm missing something well maybe I'm just walking in a wood and it's the woods of confusion and I need to get out of those woods but there's no path it's kind of the same for rusev - is he in the dog house did he say the wrong thing to the wrong person I mean it can't be that bad because somebody did make him the United States Champion but maybe that's how low WWE sees the Bell - right I'll show you how we're gonna punish Ruru make him give that thing that stinky thing that nobody wants but that in and of itself is the problem I just don't believe that WWE gives a rat's ass about that championship and that's why it's dead and maybe the real issue is that they didn't create it if you trace the lineage of that belt back in time it goes back to the NWA it goes back to WCW but really WWE didn't have it until they bought World Championship Wrestling in 2001 then just decided well it's their people quite like it we can try and do something with it which they did for a while and recently to the John Cena open challenge that was great but everything ever since I think it's been utterly forgettable either way this seems like they're nail in the coffin for me whatever hope we did hold up for the u.s. tile I believe it ends him that's not a knock on the pre-show either the pre-show is a good tool and having championship matches on there would make sense if again we weren't told over and over and over again that the pre-show is actually a waste of our time from an investment point of view don't really take stock in the results because it ain't gonna carry any weight down the line for example would we ever put the WWE Championship or the universal title on there no we wouldn't because we understand it would dilute what we were trying to achieve it's that reason why I'm throwing all my toys out of the pram and saying that yes the u.s. title is dead now come and prove me wrong WWE I love being proved wrong I'll stand here like the idiot I am I put my hands in the air and I'll say thank goodness I got proved wrong because what it would mean is that happier times just around the corner we shall see though I always hold up hope I always believe and I'm always a positive can you know what I bet rusev and Nakamura have a damn good match at the rumble even though I think we said we'll win yeah we'll see what happens on Tuesday we'll see what happens a couple of days after the rumble maybe that's when we get back to it maybe rusev actually gets to come out and mania on his damn tank that's what I really want that's just what I want one more tank skit and the show of shows now don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know what you think Matt rusev Macklemore and the US title like share and subscribe head of a lot coach accom read yourself some articles use your eyes you can do it I believe in you going to follow what coach on Twitter and what come to WWE stay in touch stay up to date make sure you don't fall behind and go and watch more videos here videos videos here on one culture in wrestling what else are you gonna do this loads of stuff you can get lost of it my name is Simon from Wacha yell - this was the y series also known as the feature where I slap myself in the head and often question why I actually started slapping myself in the head to begin with that should be the next video why did I start slapping myself in the head when I said why actually do it now I just thought it was funny it did it made me laugh because I'm an idiot see you soon