Why You Must Make Your Health a Priority Lisa Nichols


Lisa Nichols


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hi there and welcome back to the Lisa Nichols show where I share to 'ls and techniques and mindset that we all need to get the thing that we want to achieve love happiness grace peace prosperity progress I love seeing your comments I love your engagement I sit for hours and I read your engagement and my heart feels when something has inspired you or when you've taken action or when you know that you're not by yourself because of something that I said or something that someone that I'm interviewing has said in this episode we're gonna talk about health and wellness man it's been a journey for me we're gonna talk about why you and I need health and wellness to be a priority in our lives it's not optional it's not just about looking good it's not just about being a certain physique it's not just an external conversation and we're gonna talk about my top three tips for setting health and fitness goals and really more importantly having an intention around your health and fitness and making it your lifestyle plan you know I've gone in and out of health being my Victoire and like the bane of my existence I felt at times as if I were superhero or a super Shiro and at other times I felt like if I'm superwoman then my health is my kryptonite I mean I've gone from one end of the spectrum to the other there are times when all I wanted to talk about was what I was eating and how I was cooking and my training regimen and the strength and what I'm taking in and there are other times when I dare you to mention the word weight like it's been such a huge thing for me I realized though I got very very clear that if you're going to have a purpose on this earth that you choose to live out and if you're going to play big be a gladiator a change agent stand and embraced the fact that you're a unicorn if you're going to lead or if you're going to effectively even follow a great leader your health and wellness is the vehicle if you are getting on a cross-country trip like I'm about to go across country we're gonna drive about 3,000 4,000 miles the first thing you're going to do is check and make sure that the vehicle that you're traveling in can get you where you're going when I realize that are you're my health and wellness our body is the vehicle that gets us to our life purpose and now I want to share with you my top three tips for setting health and fitness goals number one be realistic most of the times we're not unrealistic on maybe the weight we want to release are the interest we want to shrink or the Tony we want to achieve where we're unrealistic is the timeline in which we will have it done in I'm not saying set goals that you can blow pass and they don't stretch you but I am saying set a goal that stretches you but doesn't stress you oftentimes by our own goals we set up an innate stress level like we increase our stress level your goals should not stress you your goals should stretch and inspire you ah someone should have told me that 19 years ago so if you want to release 20 pounds release 20 pounds but let's not say we're gonna release 20 pounds in three weeks while you can the stress level increases and guaranteed when you're going all-in in one area there's two other areas three other areas suffering and so the number one tip is to set realistic goals number two get an accountability community so many times I walked alone and my health journey and so there was no commitment to anyone there was no one knowing what I call it important to me it was a secret it's so crazy how the things that matter the most to us we keep a secret at least I've done that and so get it a community I'm inside of my own health and wellness journey right now to say look I released a lot of weight five years ago and then I got really busy again and then my health got one on my back burner again and I gained some weight someone lost 20 pounds and I found it and I need to return it to its rightful owner so I said I need to get on my health journey I need to hit a health code the first thing I did was I asked people to join me hold me accountable let's do this together let's do this as a tribe so I'm actually in the middle of I'd like to think a very exciting journey I do we just started it and it's called hash tag snatchin my sexy back and you can pop with that if you want to and if you want to join us on this challenge if you're ready to snatch your fitness back snatch your shape back snatch your wellness back snatch your health back then join me go to be fit with Lisa calm again that's be fit with Lisa compact absolutely free you join us if you want to use the program that I'm using that's giving me amazing results you can use that program or you can use your own let's just do it as a tribe click join the challenge so that you can join us so that's the second thing is to get an accountability community to cheer you when you wake up and you do 20 minutes or 30 minutes or 45 minutes to cheer you when you make the choice for green vegetables over the burger or the chicken or the ice cream to cheer you when you have one extra glass of water we don't have to make a hundred and eighty percent leap celebrate the needlepoint moves because enough needlepoint moves land you in a different place and the third tip the third tip is to be willing as I've been willing to press reset you're gonna get distracted you may start off running fast and then slow down you may run into a hiccup but there's no reason to turn a speed bump something that would slow you down into a stop sign press reset that's what I'm doing I go back at it and go you're a human experience Lisa you're you're an imperfect person having a perfect experience and then the perfect experience of an imperfect person we need to keep our finger on reset you get to press reset on your health journey a thousand times and as you do that remember that and as you do that remember that you're not alone in the journey I invite you to join me let's get crazy healthy together because your purpose your life purpose requires your health and wellness when I got that when I got Lisa your life purpose requires your health and wellness how then it stops being optional let's make your health my health our health non-negotiable let's do it together remember this show is not just the monologue I am NOT interested in just talking to you you know that by now unless you are a newbie and if you're new welcome home and it's not just a monologue it's not just me talking it's not a show the Lisa Nichols show is just a word it's not a shtick I'm not performing here we're having courageous conversations this is a dialogue I would love love to hear from you did I trigger something in you what have you thought about your health and wellness wherever you set down on yourself where are you ready to stand are you joining me on the challenge called hashtag snatching my sexy back are you gonna join me or we're gonna jump in together are you ready for something new did you not connect the dots the way I happen for a long time that your purpose can only be lived out if your health and wellness is intact what was the biggest AHA for you from this episode leave me a comment below I love going through your comments and be sure to subscribe and look out for more delicious dynamic conversations in the future after all this is your home and we are your tribe and I'm your sister and prosperity and impossibility and when I say that I believe in you and that I love you I didn't run out of other words it's because I do I'll see you real soon [Music] you