Why Your Dogs Should Stay Out of Lakes and Ponds

these women are inconsolable suddenly and without warning their beloved dogs died after they took a playful dip in this lake all their dogs oli Harper and Koda were in good health happy and full of energy they also shared another thing in common they died within hours of playing and frolicking at this lake in Austin Texas Lady Bird Lake named in honor of the former first lady of the United States ladybird Johnson I heard him kind of struggling in the back seat I just said you know you're gonna be okay I love you like I couldn't even fathom that something was gonna happen the way it did and then shortly after they come in and tell me I'm so sorry but your baby died veterinarian Mark cotton Em's clinic treated harper they treated the patient as best they could as aggressively as possible but he's still expired so what is it about that Lake that proved to be so deadly to the dogs it turns out the pets were exposed to a deadly and toxic algae growth the toxins are especially commonplace in Stillwater during the hot summer months now veterinarians are warning everyone to keep their dogs out of lakes and ponds the toxins are found in blue-green algae it can also sick in humans but rarely it's dangerous for people to yes and people are usually not as careless as dogs about drinking brackish algae covered water so it doesn't happen as often at Lady Bird Lake the women who didn't know each other until they bonded over the shared loss of their dogs are pleased to see signs now posted warning of the danger the lake has been closed to the public but none of that will bring their beloved pets back they're your best friend they're constantly with you so the grieving process has been really difficult [Music] you [Music]