Why do we have debates between science and religion

in my last video I've tried to figure out who is right in science versus religion debates but it became clear that these two subjects are too different to compare in the first place religion is a set of beliefs about why does the world exist what is our place in this world and what our goal should be while science tries to figure out how does the world work and how can we accomplish chosen tasks in this world the result point in trying to figure out who is right and who is wrong since science and religion are concerned about different things and their areas of expertise do not overlap it would be like trying to figure out whether a chef or a car mechanic is right when their areas of expertise are too different to compare that of course does not stop them from talking about food and cars but knowledge about cooking does not give you knowledge about cars and knowledge about cars does not give you knowledge about cooking so these conversations should not be considered debates the same way faith in your religion does not give you knowledge about science and knowledge about science does not give you insight into somebody's faith therefore there should be no debate between science and religion if you believe that God created the universe and scientists tell you that it was done through the Big Bang it should be clear that there is no disagreement here the believes that God created the universe stays intact whether it was done through the process of the Big Bang or otherwise and I believe that the universe appears from the Big Bang stays intact whether it was done by God or not I believe that God created animals and then decided to create human beings and the belief that millions upon millions of animals evolved on this planet before humans evolved are not contradictory they talk about the same thing from a different angle and we see this over and over again in religious and scientific claims you can easily have faith in both religion and science without making any compromises you don't have to choose tasty food or functioning car you can easily have both without having any debates in between so if science and religion do not oppose each other why do we have so many disagreements in these topics well the short answer is we tend to expand our confidence to all the areas we encounter like overconfident car mechanic and try to teach a chef how to cook and overconfident chefs can try to teach a car mechanic how to fix a car so an overconfident religious person can start teaching a scientist how to do science and overconfidence scientists can start there religious person what to believe in every member of our modern society has at least some ideas about how food is made and how cars work these ideas might not always be good or useful but that does not stop overconfident people from imposing their ideas on others and the same way we all have some religious beliefs and some scientific beliefs not every religious belief is covered by established religions and not every scientific belief is covered by a branch of science but we all have lots of them and we usually have so much faith in these beliefs that we never even question them I'm sure that there are at least some angry atheists who dismiss the fact that they have any religious beliefs whatsoever but a person without a single religious belief would be a vegetable and would not take any conscious action at all the closest real-life example of a person without any religious belief is a nihilist Maya let's believe that there is no point in being in this universe or doing anything at all but even nihilus salsa meaning and writing down their ideas otherwise we will not know about their existence if you decide to eat a sandwich because you feel hungry and you believe that feeling hungry is bad and therefore you should do something to stop that I might ask you why feeling hungry is bad and why should you do something to stop bad things from happening in the first place you might say that the laws of the universe dictate such things or God says so or you simply want to do that and that is a sufficient reason whatever your answer is that answer is your religious belief you believe that it is so and you don't need any further explanation for that because religious beliefs do not need explanations they are core beliefs that give us reasons to act you might try to figure out how they work or maybe what other beliefs come out of them but whatever your core beliefs are you don't need explanations for them to work and religious people do not need explanations to why they have their religious beliefs and argument about whether the God exists or not is not an argument between science and religion it is an argument between two different religious views where one religious view includes the existence of God and the other one does not science is not concerned about the existence of God scientists can explain how the world works without including God in their explanations so they don't that does not mean that God does not exist like a car mechanic and fix a car without including lasagna but that that means that lasagna does not exist existence or non-existence of lasagna does not influence the process of fixing a car in any way whatsoever the same way the existence or non-existence of God does not influence science okay so let's move on to the other side of the debate the scientific one as mentioned before we all have scientific ideas if we didn't we couldn't accomplish any conscious task we would not know which way to hold the cup when pouring coffee into it or way to put our food and eating when we test these ideas in different conditions and find underlying mechanisms that can be used in different situations not only by us but by other people as well we call that science in other words science is like a recipe for accomplishing chosen tasks and unlike religion science can always be tested and proven to work or not to work so every debate about how to do something in the most productive way is a scientific debate and has nothing to do with religion like how to cure diseases by praying or by using medicine how to raise educated people by teaching them science or telling religious stories how to learn about the test by studying various objects that are older than us or by reading stories in a book from a motel nightstand and taking every word literally of course we can make these debates to be about religion by asking should we cure diseases or should we let people suffer and die as long as they die being religious should we raise educated people or should we raise morons as long as they are religious [ __ ] should we learn about our past or should we treat our world as if God created as a moment ago but as soon as we start debating how to do something it stops being about religion and starts being about science but why should we care about science in the first place why should I listen to some scientists telling me how to do stuff when I have my religious texts and that's enough for me why should I care whether some question is a religious question or a scientific one why can't I just ignore science altogether and live by my own rules and while you can nobody forces you to accept the existence of science but in that case you would have to ignore all the products made using science you will have to ignore medicine phones computers cars television grow your own food and build your own house by the rules written in your religious texts using only materials that you've obtained yourself and not the ones that were update using scientific knowledge then and only then you can choose to not believe in science otherwise you're a hypocrite that uses science and claims to not believe in it at the same time yeah so my advice is don't use scientific arguments when you have a religious conversation and don't use religious arguments when you have a scientific one or be an [ __ ] and use whatever you want whenever you want Who am I to tell you how to argue judging from the science versus religion debates on the Internet being an [ __ ] to others is most likely the only reason why people have 30 debates in the first place anyway leave a comment below and tell me what do you think about it or simply call me an [ __ ] for calling you an [ __ ]