Why hasnt the UFC announced Daniel Cormier vs Brock Lesnar


Chael Sonnen


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I will fully admit for you guys I get so close to the trees I don't see the forest it's very hard for me to stand back at 40,000 feet look down to something an absorbent a little bit more objectively but all the same I've been in the business a long time I've never understood and I don't in this case and I want to tell me what I'm missing here I don't understand how it benefits to preserve the rollout of the revelation that Daniel Cormier is gonna fight Brock Lesnar for some reason that's very important to keep that a secret and I don't know why I can only use myself as an example as a fan I don't care if I find out the day that tickets go on sale I'm going to get a ticket I don't care if I find out the same day that I find out the date of the fight or what venue and location it's gonna be I just don't care I will be excited just the same either way I don't care if I find out because a friend tells me or if I find out when I watch some kind of a pre-made package that gets revealed in the middle of a pay-per-view it just doesn't change it for me my level of excitement is gonna be solid either way so I wish that I could understand why there is a constant attempt to swerve the fact that these two are gonna fight it's a little bit weird at this point we were promised that fight in March of 2018 here we are at April of 2019 Brock seemingly did everything that he could do feasibly to get to this fight he introduced out of testing pool he got out of WWE he went into training in the Minnesota Gophers wrestling her I mean it seems like he's done everything he can do Daniel Cormier seems like he's done everything he can do he stayed in the testing pool he missed the March 6 dropped dead I'm retiring on March 6 no matter what deadline he did not sign to fight any other opponent it would appear that even Stevie Wonder would be able to see and tell you these guys are planning to fight one another now even if the ink isn't dry I'm still missing and I don't want to miss I don't like to miss anything I like to be the smartest guy in the room somewhere I'm missing this I'm not seeing how it would be a negative to say we're working with Brock he passed asada he's eligible for license he's now free from WWE channels over there waiting has it taken anything else and we're just looking for a venue this summer I don't see how that would be bad it seems to me that would create a speculation and a talk and a chatter and we could start to have some fun but it is a game of emotions and it is a game of the psychology of the buyer so you guys who are the buyers tell me truthfully tell me I really do want to hear from you what is the psychology will you guys be more excited if you see a face off with DC and Brock Lesnar because you're not gonna get anything that is more exciting than organic moment we had an organic moment when Brock Lesnar jumped into the Octagon right after Daniel Cormier beats t paimio Church and shoved him halfway across the ring like a bowling ball that was a very organic moment but I remember your guys its reaction and it wasn't positive I was fired up I wanted to see it now you guys are hardcore so we don't totally represent everything again that's what I'm talking about being too close to the trees to see the forest we're hardcore but you're still my audience and I want to ask you at the time of that fight I got announced I remember the pushback I remember people were upset about that steep I should get the next shot I don't give a damn who gets the next shot it just better not be Brock getting a shot so if we miss out on the most organic moment that you could possibly have and there was pushback on that what am I missing it seems to me that we don't need to rip the band-aid off this thing as much as perhaps a slow reveal would be appropriate but I am missing something don't misinterpret my words I'm not coming in over the top of this and trying to second-guess it I realize the experts that are rolling it out the way they're rolling it out are doing it for a good reason I just want understand what that reason is I just want to understand what that reason is it would seem to me that if we were promised a fight in March of 2018 the to continue to dangle that carrot in front of us in April of 2009 teen would just be par for the course what are you possibly gonna do go face these guys off together and hope that Brock shoves him of course not whatever you do it's gonna be a letdown from the way that the first fight was announced the way that it was first revealed I think you start the chatter I think you start the dialogue I think if you can't get the contract done with brought great you move on you put steep a in but you add that to the storyline I don't think you have to step start fresh Meister I just don't think you do I think if you got information to share your information what do you know but I only think that cuz I'm missing something help me out guys fill in the blanks here