Why is PING So Important For Online Gaming

if you say the word ping in everyday conversation most people don't know what you're talking about gamers know that you're talking about lag but beyond that there's not really a lot of conversation as to what we're actually talking about so what are we talking about tell me about paying bird hi folks its Falcon and today on game ranks we ask the question why is ping so important for online gaming to start ping is typically looked at as simply a number and that's that but it's actually a utility the number is the product of that utility which has actually been pinging around since December 1983 when its creator Mike moose originally wrote it the term ping is a reference to submarine lingo now you can't actually see inside a submarine they're built to withstand massive amounts of pressure so they can go very low and for the most part they aren't built with windows like I said ping as a das program but I'm Shea they don't have das either what they have instead is sonar now what sonar does is sends out a pulse of sound which it would then listen for echoes when it detected an echo of the sound that meant something was nearby or maybe not nearby depending on the time it took for the echo to travel you could tell exactly how far something away was the sound it made was a ping like a literal type sound to be frank it doesn't sound anything like that but that's because I am NOT a sonar machine with that you've learned another new thing Falcon is not a sonar machine I don't know if your brain can handle all of these new informations but there's more given it made a ping sound the slang surroundings the technology was give me a ping for instance which would mean they would send out a sonar ping and see if there was anything around to navigate around computer pings aren't unlike that I mean when you're in a game you're not in a submarine and usually can see what's going on exactly at least from your characters perspective so it makes sense that ping operates a little bit differently what happens is that echo request packets are sent to the target host and the time it takes for those packets to come back is your pain now how fast exactly two data packets go you might be surprised to find out they go at about thirty percent the speed of light which is roughly a little bit more than 60,000 miles per second so making the assumption you live about 600 miles away from whatever server that you're interacting with your ping they're assuming nothing is going wrong and that physics isn't getting in the way in some other way could potentially be somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 milliseconds now as we all know that's not typically it real-world lag times can often be more but generally a game is usually tolerable if it's ping is under a hundred milliseconds or one tenth of a second now because we're all playing games that are intended to feel like real time interactions having lags that's 80 milliseconds actually isn't real time of course so how do games handle that well a lot of games have what they call a tick rate which is a small unit of time that every time a tick passes the server will send out a tick packet which is basically where it assumes all of the players will be and what they will be doing based on the last few pieces of information it was given by players now this generally works fine if there's not a lot of lag within all of the players most of the time you're not gonna see a lot of conflict between actual player movement and a tick packet in fact you may not even see any difference but if the player you're interacting with has a little bit more lag than the amount of time between right now and when the tick packet goes out they may end up being in a place that well they aren't actually in and let's say you did a really cool Tech but they dodged it well when everything syncs up both things can't have happened because they're conflicting action so the game will then have to decide which thing actually happened whether you killed them or whether they dodged it now obviously this is not what we would call a preferable situation unfortunately there's not really a lot you can do about ping a lot of the time the reason you have bad ping is that your ISP will route your data through a kind of Rube Goldberg chain which is not an official term but I think accurately sums up what we're talking about where the different points of the chain are not the quickest route to let's save the league of legends' servers and this is of course because the point is to make money and to make money you do things as cheaply as possible and if it costs more to do the more direct thing and it does you don't do it you send that data on the scenic route now there are things you can do about this but it requires more services you could get a VPN for instance that is designed specifically to avoid lag now what that means is the VPN would have to have a server near you that you would better for naturally be able to get a pretty good connection to on account your ISP would not send it through a Rube Goldberg machine because the VPN server is near you it's not only near you but if it's a gaming VPN intended to reduce your lag what you're paying for is that they will actually take you along the shortest path between yourself and the gaming server now VPNs that are specifically made to reduce lag like let's say mudfish or wtfast or pingzapper or battle ping in theory they do this but it's also very important that the VPN is actually near you for it to matter if it gets caught up in the rube goldberg chain it's going to actually increase your ping so if that is a solution that you're looking at to reduce ping that's what you need to be looking at probably more than anything else similarly some cable providers are providing these services either by building their own VPN type networks on their own or by subcontracting one of the others for instance Cox cable apparently subcontracts wtfast for their elite gamers service which costs fifteen dollars a month in addition to your regular cable package and in just a note I have no idea if that is a good deal or not I do not have Cox cable in fact League of Legends has been doing this exact thing basically setting up its own network working with various ISPs and drastically reducing the ping times players experience since 2015 now you may end up hearing from manufacturers of gaming routers for instance that their router manages to fix all of the problems that a gamer might have in using a Wi-Fi router but in truth the best thing you can do for lag on at least your end is to not use Wi-Fi that's not to say a gaming router isn't definitely your best choice if you intend on doing gaming over Wi-Fi it absolutely is online gaming is actually a fairly low bandwidth activity so if it's prioritized over any other activity say Netflix or whatever it can actually do pretty well well even competing with somebody else's Netflix feed remember Netflix is not a real-time activity it's buffered video even though it takes up a lot of bandwidth if that bandwidth is second priority over the small packets you're sending to play a game it could in theory not be interfered with at least by other people using the Wi-Fi looking into gaming Wi-Fi routers would definitely be the best idea if you can't use wired internet in your home but a good ole ethernet cord cannot be beat using a wired connection to play games of course eliminates the possibility of Wi-Fi interference which let's just be clear can very easily happen we also should at this point all know that Wi-Fi is not the most reliable thing in the world and although technically it's an amazing technology simply plugging a wire in is just the best choice so to summarize ping is more or less the measurement of time that passes between data transfers anyone playing games knows that ping is important because a lower paying number means a better experience but now you probably know a little bit more about exactly why it's important than you did before and even some solutions as to how you might be able to get a better pant if you love online games and play them often that is of course important if you do not obviously this wasn't important so the answer to why ping is so important is irrelevant to you but I don't think that I'm speaking to too many people who are watching this video and are coming from that viewpoint what do you think leave us a comment and let us know if you liked this video please click like and if you're not subscribed now's a great time to do so we upload brand new videos every day of the week and the best way to see them first is of course a subscription so click subscribe and don't forget to click the notification bell as always we thank you very much for watching this video i'm falcon you can follow me on twitter at falcon hero and we'll see you next time right here on game ranks