Why the UN security council matters

the race is on for a seat on the United Nations Security Council but what is the Security Council and Weyer countries vying for a spot the UN Security Council is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations its stated goal is to maintain peace and security in the international community the United Nations Security Council was created when the UN was created back in 1945 and in 1945 of course was just after World War two and people were really keen to never ever again have a world war and so they thought well in addition to the United Nations and the General Assembly which we hope is a place we can resolve disputes let's have a Security Council of the real the most powerful nations at the time the council is made up of 15 different countries divided in two different categories permanent and non-permanent members five countries have held permanent status since the start of the Security Council in 1945 representing the victors of the Second World War the United States the United Kingdom Russia France and China they each have veto power meaning one no vote from any of these five blocks any resolution regardless of international support nothing happens in the Security Council if those five don't want it to happen the only time it does anything is if those five can agree with each other more or less but something ought to be done so it's really powerful but it's also really highly constrained by the interests of those countries the other 10 are non permanent members elected by all 193 countries that make up the General Assembly these members serve two-year terms beginning January 1st with five replaced every year the seats are divided among the regions of the world five for African and Asian countries one for the Eastern European states two for Latin America and Caribbean states and two for the Western European and other groups this time around Canada Ireland and Norway are vying for those two spots and Canada doesn't seem to be the favorite Canada's campaign really started late even though Trudeau has always said he wanted a seat on the Security Council the first four years of his term and after 2015 really dominated it by the Trump White House it unavoidable that's where his attention was focused Norway and Ireland have been campaigning for this seat for 10 years Ireland has great strengths and experience to bring to the Security Council this is where a campaigning of sorts comes into play and these countries try to win over voters countries will offer extra foreign aid in the future to others who vote for them they will host like special events for foreign diplomats and their families to try to get them to feel good about voting for your country you know Ireland hired you two to play a concert for the General Assembly diplomats recently you know it's not illegal it's not really bribery but it's the kind of side payment that plays a big role in these elections and that mean that the results is often somewhat disconnected from the actual substance of international politics so why do they do it the short answer status and prestige being able to sit in this exclusive chamber with a small group of other countries and feel like you're at the center of big important thing ultimately a non-permanent member doesn't have much power and even the council as a whole has seen its influence diminish over the decades and that's in part because the Americans the American government seems to have given up its interest in global leadership the other half is that the conflicts between the great powers the permanent members in the council are quite stark today on issues that matter and so there's a lot less chance of getting China Russia the UK the u.s. and France to agree on something now the 2020 United Nations Security Council election will be held in June at the UN headquarters in New York City thanks for watching global news if you want to stay up to date on the latest breaking national and international news be sure to subscribe to our Channel