Why were not friends anymore

pity to talkback have really opened up to you guys in a while on here I have a bit nothing about my feelings as much because everything's been good I mean happy someone that you thought was your friend they betrayed you this friend who I thought I could trust she betrayed me I mean yeah I don't really like her she's kind of annoying but like one friend I mean the truth is I'm only in it for the views but still and she betrayed me publicly on the internet like in front of millions of people I really trusted this girl I thought she had my back I thought she was my friend I thought she's a born in me and I chaired about me and she doesn't at all you know what this time I'm not gonna say my closet and just crying I'm gonna do something about it because you know what time's up and Jojo isn't no no you know I thought a grown woman could not be friends with the child and it turns out I was right I called her and asked her to come over to name she's gonna come over soon conversation about this and try to clear the air and I wouldn't see why she would do something so mean to me you know what the problem is you know you dance what did I do you betrayed me oh by being so overdramatic what I'm not being overdramatic I need to talk to you why you betrayed me Oh Jojo I thought more friends we've been making all these videos together we've been getting close talking to each other all these types of things not that constant okay and then all of a sudden I was watching your video thank you and you were promoting for people to vote for you let the games Choice Awards to because I know what you're talking for you and me obviously okay yes I voted for people to vote for me because I clearly want to win to both when there's only one winner no there's different categories Miranda favorite musical YouTube creator and favorite Friday YouTube creators you're in one night and the other I know what you're talking to people vote for you and for me you don't really would say both for my friend Miranda and you did not say that okay would you like me to say that now going you have a Kids Choice Award yes I do exactly you already have one you're being selfish juror you have a book his right hand boy you're being selfish you're having another book I um really don't get what you want me to do about them so I want you to apologize by saying don't vote for me vote for I am done I'm getting bullied this is why we're not friends anymore you guys want to know this is why she does not respect me she did not tell people to vote for me and now she's ruining my property over oh I did it for you because that's what friends do yeah I need to burn until I burp tornado whereas I didn't ask you embark that was something okay there is two categories that look at looking at there's one Kids Choice Awards and two kids joy boy doing it girl I get there for you to room favorite musical youtuber goes through Jodeci when we can both win two awards to categorize him both women yes so why didn't you tell me that sooner now you're bringing a game right now I did tell you I could die you little five okay so here's a Neal Jones jump I forgive you for telling your followers to vote for you instead of music however I'm still ticked off at you if you let me cry and you let me be upset with you are you are you a knight in our friendship which proves that me whenever phlegm okay give me just care murder can we settle it over on my channel fine alright alright so make sure to go check out JoJo's channel because she's got fish and once you go to her channel now because I'm a good friend I won't check out her video over there we'll see if we can mend things but I don't think we will I think our friendship is where I've lost but how you can make me feel better is by bullying for me for the Kids Choice some more for me but we'll we'll settle this on your down and if we don't we'll settle them at the key seeing alright let's do it subscribe [Music] you [Music]