Widow Wonders About Husbands Death on Vacation

we're learning today about the mysterious deaths of more American tourists in the Dominican Republic Don McCoy and her 45 year old husband David were spending a dream vacation at the Hard Rock Hotel when he suddenly became ill and died we were having a great time and we went down there as a happy family and we ended up coming home as a broken family it happened last July but she's coming forward now after hearing about the deaths of three American tourists within five days my husband's story needs to be told because of all these other people some something's not right in the Dominican Republic her husband's death was ruled a heart attack by authorities in the Dominican Republic but his wife told Inside Edition she doesn't believe it my husband was a very fit very healthy person when he passed away and I'm finding a lot of suspicion to it a heart attack is also claimed to be the cause of tourists Miranda Warner's death the 41 year old psychotherapist was staying at the Bahia Principe hotel Stephen Fabian is there so this is a room in the exact same hotel where Miranda checked in with her husband to celebrate their anniversary you can see the accommodations king-size bed there's a nice balcony over here but as soon as they checked in the husband says she had a drink from the minibar now the minibar looks pretty standard you've got some sodas some bottled water some beers some small little airplane sized bottles of alcohol there and two bags of chips as soon as she had something from the minibar her husband says she fell violently ill and died suddenly right here in the room a Colorado couple say they became seriously ill at the same resort last summer Kalyn know says she and her boyfriend were enjoying every moment of their vacation until their room began smelling of chemicals they say they suffered dizziness blurred vision stomach cramps and shortness of breath we both woke up soaked and sweat I like 4:00 in the morning and kind of terrified we booked a flight home before the Sun came up they were sick for six weeks a doctor in the US told them they had been poisoned by pesticide it felt like a chainsaw going through my gut now all these tourists those who survived and the families of those who died say they want answers you [Music]