Will It Fit

- Every five minutes someone in the world is having unprotected sex. - We just made that up. The truth is a lot of people have unprotected sex. And one of the biggest reasons is that the condom doesn't fit. So we're gonna test that out today. We're gonna take a Magnum condom, which is a notoriously large condom, and see how many things we can fit in it. Let's give it a go. - Yay. (playful rock music) - We're putting things in condoms. - This is weird and I'm not looking forward to it. - [Girl] Oh! (playful music) - [Girl] Oh, very good, we're good. - (babbles) Yeah. - [Mikala] I don't want people flaming my toes in the comments. - Maybe this is how I can get better toes, just lube up my toes at night. (dramatic music) I don't think this is gonna work. I really don't. But we shall see. Whoa, as I figured. (growling) I feel like if we had one more hand it might work. - [Girl] Hold on, hey, wanna help us out? - [Girl] Come help us. Come on. - [Girl] (mumbles) nails. (girls laughing) - [Girl] Oh, we're getting it, we're getting it. - [Girl] Oh my god. - [Girl] We did it. - [Girl] Oh my god that is so crazy. - [Girl] Seriously? That happened. - If it can fit over a basketball if can fit over. (all laughing)