Will ProtoPutty Save an iPhone7 from a 100ft Drop


The King of Random


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Can proto puddy protect an iPhone 7 from a 100-foot drop? Let's check it out guys, I'm here with Brandon from Gizmo Slip. I do all kinds of videos: creative durability tests on the latest tech products, from dropping stuff off of buildings inside of homemade cases to weapon testing, all that good stuff. Since I made my proto puddy video a lot of you reached out asking if you can turn a proto putty into a cell phone case, so we thought this might be a good opportunity to see if we could make a cell phone case that was durable enough to survive a 100-foot drop. Yes... Ooh, shiny. I know. Brand new iphone 7 never been used. No fingerprints on it yet but the way the glass looks it's just so awesome! I'm gonna marr that up with finger prints inside all right now I'm not going to show you how to make proto putty in this tutorial you can go back and see how to make it step by step in another video we're going to throw this together really quick for you there won't be a lot of time to talk because we're going out of 5 to 10 minutes or time we're going to throw this together and then show you the finished result I think what we're going to do is take these two different colors and rip off chunks of them and then meld them together so we can get kind of a multicolored effect and then just take our iPhone 7 and push it right down in the middle. That's going to work the best. I like the finger look here we go *shoop* Nice, that looks good. Alright cool now we just have to give that five to ten minutes to set and we should be in business. Alright guys time for the reveal let's see what we got. Now this thing is stuck solid to my workbench but it should be rubbery, it should be able to peel up so Bran is going to work a little saw blade under there there's going to pull up gently oh there we go check it out all right actually the rest of that just popped off no problem. Handmade iPhone 7 case! nice pun now for all the porn stars we're just going to run that underwater a little bit and clean it up and see what our final product looks like alright guys so update we have arrived at a random parking lot we got our proto putty case which is extremely flexible extremely bendy it's got a cool marble texture to it got the blue and the purple which melded together really well so originally when we had the the phone in there there was not enough putty in front of the phone we were worried it might pop out so we add another layer of blue putty and meld it really well it looks like it was part of the original case except for the color so I think the chances of survival have gone from about twenty percent to maybe 45 how do you think well I think probably seventy percent chance to survive all this thing's looking really good so here's the contraption we got set up we're just using a piece of paracord dangling from the underside of this inspire one there's a 2 loop system where we use a loop on the phone and a loop on the drone the only thing holding these together is this fuse cord so by the time this burns through the loops will disconnect and drop our phone down to the ground we are all set up cameras ready to go drones ready to fly so it's action time. It's action time! alright check it out, drone's in the air got my propane torch let's light this thing off the phone has impacted and I think probably in the worst way possible pretty I saw that hit face down so let's go check the Phantom and then check if the phone survived. We got high speed footage right over here come check this out guys so this is a Phantom v1611 I film all my videos with it now we're recording at five thousand frames per second okay so so we got this little bit of fuse that drops out over here and there an impact see it comes down hits the left side oh wow and that proto putty is wigglin' like crazy it looks like a giant water bed that's like "bloop bloop bloop" and it bounced like freakin three or four feet in the air oh dude that went way higher than I thought yeah out of the shot even. Yeah, and then the follow-up impact here oh yeah it's almost like a whole other drop test yeah it is so maybe so let's go find out we're going to check out the damage let's go check it out okay so this thing bounced out of the proto putty and then landed over here question I guess for this is did it survive so it's face down right now it's damaged right here damaged right here and it's still going it still recording that means we got the footage guys what's up nice to see you oh I'm seeing some twists some been oh yeah I see that too yeah okay when it impacted here you know that probably was like a whole 'nother 15-foot drop after it bounced out of that case huh huh that is really impressive so when the phone came down impacted with this side and that's where we had the reinforcements but this side wasn't reinforced to the phone popped out and it was almost like a springboard wasn't it flipping through the air yeah about 15 feet high and we got a whole nother drop test out of it but can't believe it survived the second drop that's actually pretty impressive which uh well definitely bent it but this is still a functional phone still usable really still recording huge shout out to Brandon from Gizmo Slip for making the trip up here and making this video possible guys this is so much fun glad I could be here experiencing your lab it's pretty awesome I'm super stoked that we got to do this experiment first of all and then to drop it from a drone the epic as well. Brandon's going to have a lot more content with epic slow-mo so make sure you head over to Gizmo Slip give them a subscribe and look for the things that he puts out in the future and thank you guys for joining us for this experiment we looking for in the next video talk to you then :)