Will Rory MacDonald fight again


Chael Sonnen


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I got a lot of thoughts on this guy's if you guys saw this show very interesting show very good when you get down to the main event you got Rory MacDonald taking on John Fitch and anybody who's fallen in the sport is well aware that Rory MacDonald is one of the best who have ever done it and they're also well aware that John Fitch with his style and his grit can go in there and ruin the party for anybody on any given night and as the fight starts getting closer and closer there just farted be a little bit more of a feel and anticipation that John Fitch was gonna do just that he was gonna come in he was gonna beat Rory take the title ruin the entire tournament I I say that right with it with a tip of the hat to say he's going to ruin the turret but it would be a big surprise it would be number one going down to number eight in an eight-man field sure enough John Fitch goes out there he puts it on Rory round after round and Rory comes back I mean it's a back and forth it's a dogfight but it's three rounds to two Fitch and when the judges come back they score this a draw two judges had it a draw one judge had it four Fitch okay fine that's not what you want in the sport there's a reason there's three judges and that there's five rounds or three rounds in a non-title fight to make it less possible less obvious to ever run into a draw but this is what happened so because to ever to draw one has it four fetch it goes to a majority draw and I think that that rule quite possibly needs review it would just seem to me if of the three judges two of them basically throw their hands up and say we have no conclusion I can't give it to this guy or this guy so I'm going to give it a mythical name of which is draw but one judge did have a decision which was the name of one of the participants in the actual contest it seems to me there may be a conversation there that you throw up the two draws and you go with the one guy who did his job that night I don't know how bullish I am on that statement but I do think that maybe there's a conversation for that a majority draw seems like it seems it seems a little bit weird and in this particular case it had either even other ramifications which is who moves forward in the tournament and because Rory was not beaten then Rory retains his championship I agree with that and Rory moves on I agree with that too I just think possibly there's a discussion there and I was really wondering how did they get to this decision now I need to preface what I'm about to say by telling you guys I'm not certain this is accurate and the reason I have to say that is I don't want to come down on any administrator or any judge and not have my facts right and it's very possible that I do have this wrong I can only tell you this one I went and looked up the scorecards myself I just want to see how did you get to this conclusion so when I went and looked up the scorecards one of the judges had written down on his scorecard that Rory MacDonald had two illegal elbows and therefore he was awarding the round to Fitch and I stared at that and I started that and I started that I got be seen this wrong possibly he made the note there but there was no way that a judge took a point away from MacDonald nobody can take a point away except for the referee so I thought well maybe maybe I'm wrong about that I know that that's the unified rule but perhaps there's a nuance in the state of California where this I better look into this so I did look into it nope sure enough no judge can take a point away only a referee can so I'm not even certain that I'm accurate and telling you that the judge did take a point away but I am definitely accurate and telling you that he wrote that down on his scorecard and I saw it with my own eyes so Rory gets done with the fight and Rory comes out and Big John's interviewing him and just says hey you know how did you feel turned out that was a really tough fight and Rory was real calm and said yeah I don't know it was a really weird experience and I don't know if I want to be doing this anymore and you kind of look around go will roar you the champion of the world you just got done doing it successfully and you have a defense coming up against Nieman Gracie on June 14th so we don't really need to pressure you right now for an answer if you're in the middle of an epiphany but boy the clock is tickin are you gonna be fighting Nieman at MSG on June 14th I think he is I think the answer is yes Fitch comes out and Fitch says you know what I think this is my last fight I think I'm retired I'm not fully willing to commit to that just on the off chance that that Rory does pull out and they give me an opportunity to move forward in the tournament take on me man at MSG be one step closer to the Grand Prix champion which would also be one step closer to a million dollar so essentially we saw some really great fights but we definitely opened the door to some drama and some dialogue moving forward and these guys are gonna have to get this figured out