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Why is no one giving me waves, that's why I'm angry, right Thank you, LargeTrap, very cool. No wave check today though, welcome back to *clap* *clap* meme review. It's so goddamn cold in here that it hurts to clap my hands, but I AHH Goddamn it. Will Elon Musk be hosting bonus meme this week? Inconclusive Ah, we're just gonna have to go to the last episode to find out! Don't skip ahead, you dangus. If you skip ahead he goes away. That's what everyone--everyone knows that! my god Very on point with the theme today Mars rover Latest fattest meme. F's in the chat I want to see some F's in the chat because today-- --Actually a couple days ago, NASA will officially have to say goodbye to the little Rover the Opportunity Rover was meant to last just 90 days and instead marched on for 14 years! It finally lost contact with Earth after it was hit by a fierce dust storm. Last message sent last June: My battery is low and it's getting dark *cries in robot* Thank you for your service, Mars Opportunity Rover. If that isn't the cutest goddamn thing I have ever seen. "That's the cutest thing I've seen in my life! AHAH" *claps* F's *claps* in the *claps* chat. Opportunity? Opportunity, come on. You got to get up. Bahaha. Roses are red. I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark. My batteries are low and it's getting dark. *single tear* Wait this thing can talk? I don't understand this, wait. It sent the message that it's getting dark? What is this, some AI from 14 years ago? What is this? *claps* Rest In Peace, Mars Opportunity Rover. When you work for 15 years instead of just 90 days. It ain't much, but it's honest work. Arigatou gozaimasu. Mars Rover-san. Your service will never be forgotten. You will never be forgotten until... Give it a couple of weeks. NASA sends a rover out on a 90-day mission to Mars... Opportunity, 15 years later: My time has come. It has come, everyone, such as it will for everyone, of course. But there has never been a tragedy bigger than the Mars Rover disappearance. But here's what I'm thinking, he could still be out there-- Listen wipe your tears. There is still hope for Opportunity. There is still opportunity and hope for Opportunity. There still are--ok, you know what? Listen to this. Elon Musk is on it. Okay? He's sending his finest Tesla cars over there to save the Opportunity Rover. I'd like to take the Opportunity to press F to pay respects for our fallen Mars rover #ThanksOppy The first city created on Mars should be named "Opportunity." He ain't dead. Listen up, you little kids. Reasons to live. If Elon gets us to Mars, we will see the Opportunity Rover again. We will find him! Elon Musk flies to Mars to check up on Curiosity Rover. Elon states, "Nah, she's good fam. She's good. And I installed a few mods. It's now a self-driving car." "You're welcome." So, I'm thinking here... Probably the solar panels are covered by dust, right? Will they get buried by sand if we wait too long? Like the time is ticking here. I want to know, like, how can we find Mars Rover? When everyone talks about a rover on Mars dying... ..but you left the solar system to never come back. *sadness beep. Oh, yeah. I don't remember what it's called it's been out for like Voyager 1. Yeah, of course BYE BYE No one cares, Voyager! We're talking about Mars Rover here. Get--Back the F--Oh, ok NASA should send another Rover to Mars with a spare battery-- Spare battery. "DOES ANYONE HAVE A SPARE BATTERY? GODDAMN IT." --so it could revive Opportunity and be friends. I think Elon is the man for the job and that's not because Elon is hosting meme review potentially this week Let's spin the wheel Well, well, well it seems like it's time for *clap* next *clap* meme. The Mars rover memes gets a 10 out of 10. Cuz the Mars Rover will live forever. You are welcome everyone. We have great news, not all bad news today *PEW NEWS THEME plays* Anti-vaxxer kids are rebelling against their parents by vaccinating themselves So basically after all the anti-vaccine memes, people are picking up, "Aw sh--I'm not actually vaccinated. I should probably go and vaccinate myself now that I'm an adult." I am so proud of this community. Memes are actually making a difference in the world. How about that? I swear in the future, memes are just gonna control everything. You know, what? What's the dumbest way we can do this? Our moral code will be ruled by memes, our economic system-- --well it's already being overtaken by memes. I mean it's inevitable at this point Memes are gonna take over the planet. *clap* next *clap* meme. Gonna cry? Gonna piss your pants? Maybe shhh and cum?... Well, then you f-ing normie, Maybe you should click on my username on my profile and you should see three dots to the right of my username Click those three dots to open a drop-down menu, it reads BLOCK Click that option and confirm that you want to block me to avoid seeing my future posts. What a goddamn savage. Sorry hamster-san. Okay I mean this meme is kind of... not the greatest but people did their own version of it and it's just--damn, those legs doe. *hiss* Can someone explain this meme to me? *wheeze* Gonna cry? Piss your pants maybe? Maybe shh and cuuum?--No, I'm not! Not-- Gonna cry? Gonna piss your pants maybe? Maybe shh and cum? Alright, you know what? Sometimes, at night, I... ... I wake up in a cold sweat, and I think of Big Chungus Knuckles or whatever it's called and I realized what a goddamn awful meme that is and then I think, "Could it possibly be any worse?" and here we are everyone here we are uhuhuh uhuhuh uhuhuh uhuhuh--God damn it. *Joker impression* Gonna cry? hehehe--NOT THE JOKER! Piss your pants maybe? NOT THE JOKER! Maybe shh and cum? I'm wha-- I'm not gonna do that! You don't know me! I--Goddamn this meme is the shh-level tier *Pewds mocking in Patrick voice* Oh, you're gonna cry? Piss your pants maybe? No I'm not. I'm not--I don't piss my pants... anymore And I definitely don't shhh--hehehe All of the above, please. I have all of them. Thank you *bad Kermit impression* Gonna cry? Gonna piss your pants--KERMIT! Maybe shh and cum? Yeah, maybe I will then! Maybe I will then, unless you smash like on this video right now! I never seen a more incentivized reason to do anything in muh duh buh. *clap* next *clap* meme. This meme gets a 2. I don't know what to tell you. It's gonna be gone tomorrow Another meme that is actually,--I quite like. I know I'm not supposed to give my opinion, but I do enjoy this meeehhmm. Let me in... LET ME IINNNNNNNN!!!!! That's it, that's literally it. Let me in... LET ME IINNNNNNNN!!!!! heh From the Eric Andre show--ayy, is that a new meme format? *clap clap clap* new meme format! new meme format! *more clapping* Your life just became 2% less miserable, thanks to new meme format. No bullying zone. Aqua: LET ME IIIIIIIIIIIIIN! Hackers in movies: I'M IIIIIIIN! haha. That's good, I like that one. 21 Savage, America LEMME IIIIINNNN! hahahaha Takeshi 6-9 in prison: LEMME OOUUUT! I'M A SNITCH! Your Heart. LET ME IIIIIN aheh Oh, that's so sad. Ads, my ad blocker. AHHHAH FBI agent wanting some of that action, incognito mode. ARGHHHH Centuries old diseases, Vaccines ARGGHBAH Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts of America LET ME I-hehe-IIINNN Yeah, I know this show is called meme review and it's literally about me giving my opinion But I'm not supposed to give my opinion. I rate this 7 7 7 it gets a 7. Do you have any more? That's hilarious It's Waluigi and Smash Hi there! Is this the final straw? I hate this channel. NO NOOOOOO All right, well I watched this "Let me in" montage and I'm sorry I'm gonna have to rate it a five now That was goddamn awful. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. *clap* next *clap* meme good What are you gonna do? Gonna cry? Shh your pants maybe? maybe shh and fk--I already messed it up Goddamnit, next meme. Here's a meme that you've probably seen already, the Aladdin meme! That's right everyone The classic genie that we all love, played by Will Smith, that we all used to love and oh god why. OH! ahah! OH! ahaha ohhhhhhhh noooooo NO HO HOOOOO OH! hahahahaha The reveal of the new genie, I mean, who cares, honestly? It's not like I'm gonna watch the film. It's just funny to watch Will Smith keep being part of memes for the worst reason It's like a weird crossover meme from last month. What should I wish for? I wish for... Fortnite and Markass Brownlee. He's back with a twist Oh come on, don't meme my boy. I miss X. Oh god what is this? Guys It's my new girlfriend. You look good Oh God PEWLADDIN oh Disney! I don't think Disney can do that. Wait a minute that's illegal! Ungh Oh god. I'm a GENIE IN A BOTTLLEE! You gotta blow me the right way! Oh God no mercy, holy heck guys. They're going all out. They don't even care about Will Smith's feelings I bet Will Smith, like, watching this, cried, he's crying right now. Why can't he acknowledge the memes? Will Smith? Are you listening? Hello. Can we have a Will Smith meme review? We need--people need to see you laugh at this, it just needs to happen. I'm sorry. It's the only Redemption THANOS GENIE? THANOS GENIE! INCREDIBLE! More Will Smith remakes just leaked everyone. We have Hellboy, ah Shrek AH! Homer Simpson! Oh Will Smith is just on a killing spree right now. God damn man. What a savage FACTS The genie is played by Will Smith. So Aladdin--okay first, okay PAUSE one second pause pause pause pause PAUSE Everyone says last episode that I pronounced Aladdin wrong. It's Aladdin, right? Alladin. Is it Alladin or Aladdin alla-alla-Alladin. Aladdin. *bork bork* Wha? Edgar it's not Aladdin, it's Alladin. Oh god. Now I'm confused. Pics? question mark What sort? What sort of pics usually get sent at 3 a.m? Damn, the sonic movie face reveal. Damn. I didn't know Will Smith was gonna play Soonic. Genie:--Alright, alright, I like this one I'm not supposed to say that I have two wishes left Me: I wish the letter G was the letter P instead. Penie. Oh and your final wish? Me: I wish that every E at the end of a word was an S instead. Penis: Ms: Nics ah hahahaha *claps* Yes, oh you don't like this meme? Oh you don't like it? What are you gonna do? Maybe cry? Piss your pants? Maybe maybe ___ and cum? Is that what you're gonna do now? Will Elon Musk host meme review? gosh darn. It would be--it would make my life. It would make this channel. After everything this channel has gone through it would be the best thing that (it) could possibly happen. It would save us from T-Series. It would redeem all evil acts of this channel. Now Elon-san, spin the wheel of Elon. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ELON MUSK I dunno what to say. You guys don't want to see me let's just go to Elon, I don't know Heyyyyy Welcome to meme review, with your hosts, me, Justin Roiland and Elon Musk. Yeah, welcome. Welcome. Welcome uuWOW! Elon: Hi Felix. Justin: Hey Felix. Yeah, we're gonna look at some memes, right? Elon: Yes Justin: and say things that are--say funny things about Elon: Oh, I think we rate them. Justin: Oh we rate them. Okay. Elon: That's a review and then-- Justin: We're reviewing them. Elon: out of 10. Justin: of course. Elon: I mean there's some good memes here. Justin: Is this the first one? Elon: I believe so. Justin: Okay Yeah Elon: A spoon is just a small bowl on a stick used to eat from a larger bowl. He's honestly presenting this in Congress. Justin: and you can see, you can see how--how--how easy it would be to just replace that text Elon: Yeah. Justin: and add anything you want there. Elon: It's almost as though he wasn't saying that heh. Justin: So yeah, I rate this Out of--wha--what's the scale? 1 to 10? Elon: Yeah. Justin: Is it 1 to 10? Oh uhhhh 5 I guess Elon: Yeah, 6 maybe. Justin: Maybe a 6. Elon: Yeah. Elon: It's like a mid-range--it's a mid-range meme. Justin: Yeah. I don't think this one's got legs. also, it's kind of tipping into the political area, which is like who needs it. Elon: You know what would be funny? Get off my lawn *laughter* Elon: That would just-- get off my lawn. *laughter* Elon: Would be great. Justin: That would be really good. Elon: *old man voice* GET OFF MA LAWNN! Justin: Okay yeah, that, that, okay yeah I'll bump it up another number cuz that's a good--so I give it a 6. Elon: haha Get off my lawn. Justin: Madagascar and gas car. Justin: Oh, I see. So you love, you love Madagascar because it's just a such a heartwarming, wonderful film. But then gas car. You're like, "What?" I've actually never seen this movie. So... Elon: You've never seen-- Justin: No no no. Elon: There's a lotta lemurs. Justin: I refuse to watch any movie with the word gas car in it. Elon: hahaha Elon: It's not bad. I-uhh-6. *Justin speaks over Elon and it becomes unintelligible* Elon: Everything is 6. Justin: How? How do you-- Elon: ha ha haa. Justin: But how do you feel about--is that trippy? Like, for real it--does a meme of--with you in it? Justin: Are you sort of like what the hell? Elon: Yeah. Justin: Or have you gotten over that, and you're just like yeah? Elon: Well, I mean This past uhh couple years have been--particularly last year, it was uhh meme city. Justin: meme city. Elon: Yeah meme city. *unintelligible* Elon: So I've seen a lot of memes. Okay. Now this is this is a proper quandary *laughter* Justin: Okay, okay Elon: Would you step on Stuart Little for 18 billion dollars? Justin: uh uhh *Elon laughs* Justin: I love how poorly Photoshopped *wheeze* *Elon laughs* Justin: It's like it's like it's like they just they got a gray color and just erased whatever the hell--like, and then just put him in. Yeah, you keep the only sen-tee-ent mouse or is it senti*sh*ent or sen-tee-ent? Elon: Senti*sh*ent? Justin: Is it sen-tee-ent? Justin: Se--I've always said sen-tee-ent. Elon: I've said sen-tee-ent. Off-camera guy: Sen-tee-ent. Justin: Sen-tee-ent Proper pronunciation: sen-tee-ent or senshent. Elon: hahahaha Justin: Okay. What is this? Stop sending me this shh--. Elon: hahahahaha Justin: Wait. Th--hahaha Justin: That's not Justin: That's not Post at all. Justin: Who is that guy? Elon: That's me. Elon: That's me. Justin: Oh my god, is that a weird combination of you and Post? Elon: Yes. Justin: And this is a real--this--is this a real tweet? Elon: No Justin: Oh okay, okay, okay. Elon: hahahahaha Justin: Man, dude. Nothing--You can't believe anything-- Elon: That's pretty good, though. Justin: err-Yeah. *laughter* Elon: This is where I'm facemashed with uhh Post Malone. Justin: That's a funny meme. Elon: That's a funny one. Justin: You could apply it not only to you but to other celebrities-- Elon: Yes. Justin:---and people so yeah, yeah. I think that's a funny meme. Elon: I'd, I'd, I'd give it an 8-- Justin: Cuz it could be, it could be just like a dumb drawing It could be any-- Elon: Yeah. Justin: It could be so many wonderful things. Elon: I give this, I say 8. Justin: 8, yeah 8. Elon: 8-ish. Justin: Yeah, it's a solid 8. Justin: Oh. Elon: Woah. Justin: This is-- Elon: This is so meta. Me laughing at the idea of me laughing at me *Justin laughs* Justin: Jesus Christ. Elon: Yeah, most people don't realize that the origin of the word meme is the, I believe, 1976 book by Richard Dawkins. "The Selfish Gene," in which he coined the phra--the word meme, but ideas propagated like ge--genes Elon: uuh, based on sort of like a Survival of the fittest paradigm. Only the strongest memes survive. Justin: My wife left her purse on a chair and now it won't stop telling me to bring it Han Solo. Elon: Damn Justin: It looks a little bit like Jabba the Hutt Elon: And I can't stop-- I actually--first I thought it was like a crab *laughter* Justin: And then I realized it was a purse! Elon: And then I realized it was a purse. Elon: It's kinda nutty how much that looks like Jabba the Hutt Justin: Yeah, I wonder if the purse company knew what they were doing Justin: You know what I mean? They're like we know what we're doing, you know Lucasfilm and Disney is gonna have a-- --case on their hands with this purse. Elon: Ja-Jabba the Hutt is the protagonist. Justin: Yeah Elon: From his point of view. Why? uhhh He was owed money. Justin: Yeah who were all these characters fucking with him? Leave it--leave the guy alone. Elon: He was just trying to collect on some debts. Yeah, you know this, this, this purse probably thinks that it's right Justin: All right, I give it, I give it, I give this one a 3. Elon: 3 sure Elon: This is pretty great. Justin: Ha yeah, this, this is the Queen. Elon: Have you seen this one? Justin: I saw it earlier today Elon: Oh you did? Okay. Justin: Be aware. She can move in any direction. Elon: The queen is very powerful. Justin: I like that she's standing perfectly in that black square. Elon: Yeah Justin: And I--it makes you think she's gonna just only step in--step... in the squares. Like almost like Qbert. Elon: She's with a bishop. Justin: Oh She's with a bishop. Elon: Yes, and the bishop--- Justin: So this is like a game of chess. Elon: Yes, essentially. Justin: And notice, he's also on a black square. Elon: Yes a queen and a bishop *laughter* Justin: And she can-- Elon: On a chess board. Justin: And she can move in any direction, okay, yeah, okay. Elon: It's pretty good. Justin: Oh man I feel so dumb that I didn't even-- Elon: I give this one a nine uuWOWWW *laughter* Justin: Oh my god, dude. //Ooh, that's a yikes.// Justin: It's a fking dead *Elon laughs* Elon: Jesus Justin: It's a fuckin-- Elon: Wait, is that a real picture? Justin: I think that's a f--real photo of a deer that probably jumped into a pool and then just fkin thrashed around and drowned So that. Elon: Jee-hee-heez, is that true? Justin: That's delightful Justin: umm. Elon: wha? *wheeze* What? Is that? That actually happened? Justin: Of course it happened! I think I think this is a reflection of how like, just-- Elon: Oh my GOD! Justin: --dark we've become. Elon: OHHH *wheeze* haha Oh my god. Justin: Lotta, lot of weird forces at odds with the-- Elon: ooo--Why my doph-dolphin not working? lol Elon and Justin: Skip it. Skip. Justin: Oh, oh, here's a good one. Here's a good one. Look. Elon: The cat ate the melon. Justin: Yeah, and now look. Elon: The cat, the cat ate a watermelon-- Justin: Look at that cat. Elon: --and now it looks like a watermelon Justin: Now the cat looks like a fkin watermelon, are you kidding me? Good luck with all this footage (thank you elon, very epically cool)