Will this be Anderson Silvas last fight


Chael Sonnen


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anytime Anderson Silva fights and this has been true for a meaningful period of time but there's something special there there's something that you don't want to miss I do feel as though that's getting even stronger okay this guy's my mortal enemy is that to me a word clay we should probably reason this guy's my mortal enemy but it doesn't mean I don't appreciate the hell out of what he does my goodness and there's also something very nostalgic every time I understand fights it could be his last fight he has said that himself and he has many times said I want my last fight to be in Brazil well this fight happens to be in Brazil and it happens to be a tough fight and so many people think with a loss he's going to go out guys he's just as likely to go out with a win I do not predict for you this is his last fight I'm just sharing for you my own feeling of you can't miss that because it could be and one of these times it will be and it might be this time I will tell you two things about this fight though there is no part of me that is on the bandwagon of Anderson Silva needs to stop Anderson Silva clock has ticked and time has expired I don't know where that comes from if I go back and look at his most recent fight it happened to be with the greatest talent currently in the sport Israel out of Sanya two of the three judges gave Anderson one of the three rounds so of three rounds with the greatest to have done it who happens to be a reigning world champion Anderson won one of those rounds I also saw it the same way those other two judges did the second round watch that fight I was there live in Australia and I go Anderson won that round so to then make believe that he's somewhere at the end of the rope when he's winning rounds against the world champion man I don't know what I don't know where that narrative comes from also need to look at his fight Jarrod cannoneer I know GRE cannoneer because I was in Madison Square Garden November 3rd of last year I believe was the night that DC fought Derek Lewis to use another reference for you guys Whiteman fot Jacque right but cannoneer got put on that card to go in there against David branch on no notice I'm I want to say he 10 days 12 days definitely less than two weeks David branch absolute hammer cannoneer goes out there okay he gets to the weigh-ins he takes his shirt off welcome I got this this guy's not in shape this guy wasn't ready he'll be kidding me this guy looks like a Greek god so he's carved out of clique goes out their fights David branch toe-to-toe on their feet knocks out branch in the stand-up big upset big her upset when you understand one it's the garden and two he wasn't supposed to be there so this guy's not playing around and I offer you guys that because so many times fighters will go into an atmosphere where when they take on a guy who has a lesser name it is perceived to be a lesser fight therefore if Anderson is to stub his toe and lose this contest it will add to the false narrative that never should have been created in the first place that his time is done I will tell you as a guy who had his first fight in 1997 I believe I am the longest standing veteran of this sport that still competes at a meaningful level I believe that I am I don't know of anybody that's been around since 1997 that is a false narrative generally the top 10 guys will fight fellow top 10 guys generally the champions will fight number one contender's generally but that doesn't mean guys 11 12 13 and 14 and 15 in the rankings can't be the guy on any given night you were talking about a game of millimeters millimeters these guys are separated one guy doesn't get a proper night's sleep the night before he could lose his spot yes it is that sensitive one guy warms up in the wrong way one guy gets his hand wraps put on the wrong way it could cost him his position that's how close it is I share that with you because so many people have said this is a lose-lose situation for Anderson should he lose to cannoneer he's now lost to a guy who is not perceived to be on his level should he beat Jarrod he's now beaten a guy who he was supposed to be I would not resist the phenomenon of that narrative that is how it works that is accurate I would not resist that I would just question how that ever came along in the first place I see great competitors go down all the time I see the best teams in the way you use the NBA we got playoffs going on right now I see the best team in the world that will win the NBA championships throughout the course of the season lose 20 games and some of the were two bombs that didn't even make the playoffs on any given night anything can happen and when Anderson is out there doing heavy lifting and I look the other side of the coin much as I'm telling you Jarrod's a worthy opponent he's a great and tough guy no he is not Israel out of Sanya no he is not so it is true that this is a lesser fight than some of the opponents that Anderson has been in there wit that is true Betty Anderson has said he wants to fight at home he said he wants to fight somebody a little lower in the rankings I don't need number one contender fights every time I don't need world title fights every single time let me go at home let me show my skills let me have a little bit of fun there is no gimmies in this business there is no gimmies in this sport it's just not done that way Coker doesn't do the things that way Dana doesn't do things that way it just isn't done that way in this sport but I think that Anderson deserves a lot of credit and I think that you guys are like me I think that you are going to take this in and appreciate it knowing sooner or later and we're closer to later than we are sooner it's going to be the last time