Witness Hears Screams After 14YearOld Hit by Falling Rocks

this is the debris left in the middle of the road after a deadly rockslide along a road in Montana's Glacier National Park a 14-year old girl was killed I could clearly hear a woman crying frantically screaming you know please help her someone please just help her the teen who has not yet been publicly identified was riding with her family from Utah in the car if there had been more cars probably closer together I do think it could have been worse they were on the famous going-to-the-sun road it's the only way to cross Glacier National Park from east to west treating visitors to one of the greatest sights of the Rocky Mountains whether it's rain weather the wind you know all of those things can cause Rock in the fall but Rock fall of this magnitude is very unusual the roads last Rock fall death was more than two decades ago for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Alicia [Music]