Woman Behind Hustlers Film Inspiration Wants Money For Using Her Story


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[Music] the report the breakfast club well Amanda sills was out Eddie trying to go to a black enemy's party that she was invited to by Jesse Williams and when she got to the door they told her that she was not on the list now the problem that she really has is that this was a black Emmie's party and it was a white woman at the door named Kiara who was telling her that she could not get in listen to what she had to say on her story this is just to remind y'all that like it really doesn't matter like how hard you work or how good of a person you are like you just gonna be instable like the fact that it like I literally was humiliated just now because four security guards were asked to come and remove me from a party that it's supposed to honor black people at the Emmys and it was a white woman named Kiara who made it her business to do this it's just I got so many questions oh why didn't seals just text Jesse wanted to say I'm outside I want it why she didn't hit Jesse and say I'm in the party but they give me problems I also want to know what did Jesse's party because if it wasn't Jesse's party than Jesse shouldn't be inviting people to other folks party and my final question is white women named Kiara yeah that was your final question Wow and you know what it's yes she I don't know what happened but she did eventually get into the party so I see she got him but then they security came and removed her from the party Oh was it Jesse's party I don't know if it was his party it's a black Emmie's party yeah cuz if it's not just these parties Hollywood Emmys party he shouldn't be inviting people to other folk party that's not always a recipe but she did say that other people were walking up and getting in and weren't on the list nobody and everything you go to those parties somebody that I'm sure a lot of people were walking up like oh what's the problem what's going on and like you are you good in a situation like that you hit the person who invited you to the party though she did it maybe he didn't respond who knows that's the worst by the way I met the door my god and then they just stopped responding lord have mercy not talking you to mom block any number all right now let's go something that happened with Miley Cyrus at the I heart festival engage in war stuff happen well this is know and this is something y'all might have not have known a man got arrested because he had been stalking her and he was sending all kinds of crazy tweets to her pride the week before that I heart festival saying that he was gonna meet up with her in Vegas he wanted to impregnate her now apparently Miley Cyrus security team actually gave out pictures of the guy all over before she performed what did God look like David Rumsey is his name and actually they did find him and arrest him we're in Vegas at the aisle yes backstage I don't know if he was backstage no he was in the audience Oh God but they did give out his picture because they didn't know if he was gonna manage to you know somehow get in somewhere that's what I was doing that's the case in Power Man in July does because our manager said his security didn't clear the hallway damage do remember that well no they're saying that what they did was the security team gave out pictures so everybody could be on watch for this man and then they did actually find him and they did actually arrest him and he was in the audience resembles you gentlemen yeah white guy with a beard resembles me all right to have somebody stalking you trust me I'm sure we all know about that all right now I just thought clearing the sidewalk when you walk down sidewalk his name you pull a bunch of cars all right now let's talk about the woman who inspired the movie hustlers Jennifer Lopez's character in that movie and now she is really going hard because I've been hearing about this for quite some time but now Samantha barbash has just had her legal team fire off a letter to the studio behind the movie hustlers which is a hit and she wants them to pay for the use of her likeness her personality her biography and her identity in connection with the promotion of the film they said that she rejected all offers to be included in the film and there was a flagrant violation of her rights she said the studio low-balled her never made a deal with her while the movie was in production and they wanted her to sign away her rights she declined to do that so now she wants some money did he just stole her story I guess so yikes here's what she said you never heard from JLo not JLo producer hit on my lawyer okay but it was a joke I don't to embarrass them of what they thought put it this way I have permission I haven't seen how's Lucia did she actually play that woman is her name it's inspired by that woman so I don't know I haven't seen it yet either which I'm very mad at I need to make some time if it don't say that anywhere in the movie and they don't use our name or anything I mean I don't see how she can prove that did they say that movie they say like inspired by it says inspired by a true story but I don't know if they say it's her true story gotcha so it is inspired by a true story and you know they say it's these real women that were hustling these Wall Street men yeah I don't know how she proves that but I mean you know if you can get your money get some money all right now let's talk about Bob Iger Disney's a CEO he has a new memoir at the ride of a lifetime and he talks about why they were going to buy Twitter and then decided not to he said the troubles were greater than I wanted to take on greater than I thought it was responsible for us to take on he goes on to say that he said I like looking at my Twitter newsfeed because I want to file a 15 20 different subjects then you turn and look at your notifications and you're immediately saying why am i doing this why do I endure this pain he goes on to say that the nastiness is extraordinary on Twitter so he just didn't think it would be responsible of them he said like a lot of these platforms they have a lot the ability to do a lot of good in our world they also have an ability to do a lot of bad I didn't want to take that on we're all in verbally abusive relationships with our smartphones in social media I haven't looked at my Twitter comments and months and I feel so good about that all right now let's talk about New Jack city there is a reboot of works no fun on this idea please please get my fort ready ass gasps and that is going to be done with snow falls Malcolm m-may writing so that's who was planning to do that and they're saying that the original movie you know was back in when was that movie it took place in the eighties that movie came out and that made an estimated you know how much I made eight million dollars back in the day but now it's a gross close to 48 million by the way I know it's made for 8 million and then it's gross gross 48 million classic classic movie but fart on the idea of a reboot don't know man first of all is so many I hate to say this but there's so many new drug stories you could do I guess so many different kingpins across the world in the country that you could do especially in the inner cities like another story to be told they don't have a director yet but they are going to be using the film's original producer Doug McHenry and they're also using Bill Gerber who did a star is born what does eistein what these Knights think about this everything don't need a reboot you know what I'm saying like like New Jack city is a classic as is and plus for the time that whole new jack swing era with the music and everything like nah no Jack City alone alright we shall see could be dope no leave that alone alright I'm Angela Yee and that is your rumour report I'm excited to see a joker that comes out it comes out this week in the next weekend I want to see Joe I do want to see the joke I'm not big on DC but I've always liked to joke a character I'm like I'm looking forward I got invited to screening at it really yes all right well let's get when we come back front pages will be talked about you well talking about there remember we were talking yesterday you gave I think yesterday was a donkey of the day you did write about the six-year-old who was arrested for your name yes alright well we'll give you an update on what happened to that school resource officer all right we'll get into that next keep it lockedthis the breakfast club good morning [Music]