Woman Delivers Baby in Car With 3 Kids in Back Seat

well this isn't going as planned a mom-to-be goes into labor in the front seat of her car while on her way to a checkup mom tries to calm her two daughters in the back seat who are scared and starting to cry dad's at the wheel and their ten-year-old son is recording the whole thing dad's in disbelief now their kids are in full-blown panic sobbing they're minutes from the hospital in Henderson Nevada but baby won't wait and there she is at first mom fears something's wrong turns out baby is just fine she's just calm oblivious to all of that drama I [Music] spoke with the family today there's little Jolie still calm you're trying to keep your eyes on the road you're five to ten minutes from the hospital what's going through your mind all right it's time to man up you know and to me it was it was it was very frightening the baby's due date was June 9th but clearly little Jolie couldn't wait talk about making a first impression [Music] you [Music]