Woman Gets Back Wedding Dress 30 Years Later

29 years ago this woman stored her wedding dress in a box for all those years the gown laid there until the day Christine Besso opened it up when I picked the dress up I was like this is not my dress it was my dress was all lace and this was a different fabric it was another woman's bridal gown I was so upset I was like I had a pit in my stomach a social media campaign was launched hashtag find Christine's dress when Lisa Donnelly Denton saw the posting she went hmm and decided to check out her wedding dress when I opened it up I knew immediately it was like it's not my dress and then when I told her it was all lace we both just had a feeling and I took a picture and sent it to her we both start screaming on the phone why we have each other's dresses how's this for a coincidence Lisa and Christine were each other's bridesmaids somehow the boxes got switched I'm actually very excited I still it's still all surreal to me I still can't believe I'm getting my dress back now the moment of truth seeing her dress brought Christine right back to 1990 she felt like a bride all over again it still fits I can't stop smiling my heart smiling the emotions from their weddings came flooding back now they're both relieved the dresses are back with their rightful owners we got our dresses back [Music] you [Music]