Woman Kicks Alleged Attacker After She’s Thrown to Ground

this woman is in the fight of her life it happened as she headed home a crazed man pulls her to the ground right outside her apartment building you can see the female concierge in the lobby reacting instantly calling 905 it amidst the bad guy away and crawls into the lobby now she and the concierge are in a tug of war with the attacker they yanked the front door shut as the assailant uses all his might to try to get inside finally the heavy door closes the automatic lock clicks the man continues screaming threats look at the woman collapsing in relief behind the concierge desk I spoke to the brave woman today her name is Penny's Kassar Ian as she was injured in the attack she says that when she encountered the man outside her building in San Francisco he seemed to be on drugs many times I thought that this was it for me and I had to fight with all of my strengths everything that I had in me to fight this man off cops arrested the alleged attacker 25-year old Austin James Vincent who's believed to be homeless the charges are serious battery false imprisonment second degree robbery but get this after all that violence and terror he allegedly inflicted the judge released him over the objections of the district attorney's office now he's walking the streets of San Francisco the victim is outraged she even tweeted video of her attack to Governor Gavin Newsom the judge believes that this man is not a danger to our community please save our city what would you say to the woman who helped save you I would tell her you know thank you so much for helping to save my life because without her I wouldn't have survived [Music] you [Music]