Woman in Spinning Helicopter ‘Thought She Was Going to Die’

we're now learning the identity of the woman trapped in that spinning stretcher and she says she thought she was going to die oh my gosh that's not good strapped into the stretcher is 74 year-old Katie Metro her husband George is now revealing what really happened and it turns out it was much more serious than authorities had led the public to believe he says he was shocked when he first saw her in the hospital I just couldn't believe her her eyes were all black and her face was all black and blue her hands and feet were blue George Metro spoke to KTAR radio personality Mack Watson because it was so serious this man was helpless watching his wife spin for over a minute and a half a revolution of about oh about a hundred times he couldn't do a thing and she suffered some major injuries because of it I think what happened she didn't look like this when should we put her in the gurney and the nurse said well the blood went all the way to her head and broke the small vessels in her face even after two days George says his wife remains hospitalized he's so dizzy and nauseous he hasn't been able to get up out of bed so right now I haven't shown her a picture of what her face looks like and she hasn't seen any videos across America people who have seen the video expressed amazement but also mockery welcomed the rescued hiker everybody [Applause] [Music] even though we made fun or people would make fun or people would laugh now that we know the true story and the whole story of course we were apologetic George Metro has this to say I know there's a lot of jokes going around but it's understandable I suppose the rescue chopper was called after Katy Metro broke her nose when she fell during a hike with her husband the couple is retired and hike 15 miles a week to stay in shape that I thought I was going to die [Music] you [Music]