Womens Lacrosse Team Gives Opponents New Cleats

hugging and gifts not usually the same after one team beats another in any sport but these two women's lacrosse teams representing Israel and Kenya change that you shall not be put off with slipping and sliding you should have the same a gift from the Israeli team new cleats for every member of the Kenyan team pleasant surprise after a difficult loss on soaking wet turf they was pulling and losing possession of the ball saying is maybe like them without sensing them not playing at the 100 percent because of the rain because of something they put in control a meet bursty in place for the Israeli team it says that this man is the dad of one of her teammates so it was his idea to just pump them out if he was immediately trying to solve the situation and by the next day already but then defeat now underneath we also have to be like as soon as they told us then we're gonna keep them the fates the whole team was just we were playing our game on the other field next to them and we were just waiting for them to come over because we weren't really excited to get those McQuaid's it was so fun it says the less it here far more important than winning is the ability to start out on an even playing field that just everywhere it's so important to let everyone have the same chance for Inside Edition com I'm Stephanie officer