Woodstock Couple Find 1st Photo Together 50 Years Later

this couple has special reason to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock they met on their way to the historic music festival was that instant romance yeah there was a definite connection oh yeah one issue that's always troubled Judy and Jerry Griffin throughout their long marriage they didn't have one single photo of themselves at Woodstock over the years people say well what was going on did you have any pictures I mean would people ask you always what would they say they would say do you have pictures of Woodstock you had no photos none for 50 years they tried in vain to find images of themselves somewhere among the half-million fans who flocked to Woodstock then they went to see a new documentary marking the anniversary of Woodstock and that's when they saw this ice cream you know there we are yeah that range so couple wrapped in blankets is Judy and Jerry at Woodstock the image they've been looking for all these many decades that's us that was it it was the first time and that the only time that we've ever seen a photograph of us and Woodstock and we've been looking Judy and Jerry were both 22 at the time you look so happy I was yeah they actually asked the projectionists to replay that scene so they could take this photo it feels wonderful to tell people that we were there it was enough for me but now we can prove it yes I said Woodstock [Music] you [Music]