WordPresscom vs WordPressorg Understand the Differences

phil eben ER with video school online and in this video i'm explaining the difference between a self-hosted wordpress site and wordpress.com this is a common question I get from beginners who are looking to build a wordpress site but end up on wordpress.com and then wonder about themes and plugins and all of the things that you can do with wordpress.org the key difference is the amount of control you have in what your website looks like wordpress.com is an easy to use free to start web creation platform you can think of it like any other web builder like Wix calm where they have a limited amount of styles and options for building your own website but it's really easy to get up and running and it's free to start we're at pressed org or the WordPress web building platform is a free open source software to create your own website you're in charge of hosting the website yourself installing your own themes installing your own plugins and while you have a lot more control there's also a bit more cost here I am on the wordpress.com website and you can like I said get started for free I'm gonna click on the click see plans option so you do have this free option but when I click the compare plans you can realize that it can actually end up costing a lot to get started if you want to use any sort of premium theme or be able to monetize your website you're going to have to start to pay from wordpress.com and still when you're paying like this you don't have access to all of the thousands of themes and plugins that you can use with a self-hosted WordPress site you have to go up to this business plan to be able to install your own plugins upload themes have Google Analytics remove the wordpress.com branding and all of the stuff that actually all of this is free when you use wordpress.org you just have to host it yourself what's confusing for some people about wordpress.org and self host WordPress sites is that when you go to wordpress.org it's not easy to understand how do you actually get started with building your own website and that's because you actually don't go to wordpress.org to get started you start with your host or you can build a website on your own platform or your own server on your own computer and then upload it but really what you're going to want to do is purchase your hosting and then install the WordPress software onto that host and then you can log into the backend of the WordPress software dashboard to start building it I have other tutorials here on the channel about how to do that or in the full wordpress for beginners course you learn all of that there are many different hosting companies out there the most popular ones are like bluehost.com or hostgator.com and while these are the most popular they also get a lot of complaints from people because the customer service might not be as good but personally I've used Bluehost for the past six or seven years on my own website and I haven't had really any complaints here on the wordpress.org website what you can see are all of the themes and plugins that you have available to you these are all free and you can also find lots of themes that are paid on other websites too that might be good for specific ecommerce or different types of businesses or websites but there's literally thousands of them available to you same with plugins plugins are the extensions that you add to your website to do specific tasks like blocking spam speeding up your website securing your website adding contact forums growing your email list with opt-in forms and all kinds of things like that hopefully by now you understand the differences between wordpress.com and a self-hosted wordpress.org website really quickly I'm just going to run down the differences again with themes which is basically the look and feel of your website you don't have control on wordpress.com there are only a limited amount of themes available to you with wordpress.org there's thousands of frees options or if you pay for a theme that you find online you can upload any WordPress theme to work your wordpress.org website same with plugins there's a very limited amount of plug-ins for WordPress com and you have to pay extra to be able to use those and on wordpress.org there's thousands of free options plus any premium ones you can install it and there's no added cost except for the cost of the plugin if it is a paid plug-in in terms of the expense and cost of getting started you can start for free on a wordpress.com website as we saw but then it quickly adds up if you want to add any bonus features we saw those prices going up to $25 a month for starting your self hosted website there are great beginner plans from Bluehost and hostgator that cost as little as 3 or 4 dollars a month but typically you're going to look at paying 5 to 10 dollars a month for your hosting plan you'll also need to purchase your own domain name on both platforms if you want a custom domain name and that typically cost between 10 and 20 dollars per year in terms of being able to monetize your website with wordpress.com you're not able to monetize with wordpress.org you are in terms of branding with wordpress.com they're going to put ads on it they're gonna put their own branding on it unless you pay them with your own wordpress.org website you have complete control to put whatever branding or remove whatever branding you want extra things you might be interested in with wordpress.com you have very limited analytics with WordPress dot or you can install advanced plugins to see all of your Google Analytics and other analytics for people visiting your site with wordpress.com you can't really create your own membership site or ecommerce store it costs extra to do that and with wordpress.org you can start doing that for free once you have it hosted and up and running using different plugins or themes lastly one of the biggest cons to a self-hosted website is that the maintenance is a little bit more intense you are in charge of updating your themes updating your plugins things that are crucial for the security of your website with wordpress.com all of this is done automatically because you're using a platform that you have control of but they're doing all of that back-end work for you so with a wordpress.org site you have more control but you have more work to do to make sure it's up to date at the end of the day both are viable options for getting up and running but you should make this decision right now before you start building your website it's not easy to convert from one to the other so while I personally recommend a self hosted website in the end I think it's going to cost less even than a wordpress.com site if you're all about free programs and free platforms wordpress.com might be the one for you to get started with if you have any questions about these differences send a comment below and if you're interested in taking your WordPress skills to the next level and a complete course on how to create a website a self hosted WordPress website we're also going to include a link for my WordPress for beginners class below thanks a lot and hope to see you in the class