Working a Crime Scene Underwater

there's a crime detectives follow the clues they get close but then they reach the water so they call in the underwater criminal and investigator that's Mike Barry hold on this is Mike Barry I dive in very strange places looking for very strange things mike has been an underwater criminal investigator for 35 years how easy is it to get rid of a murder weapon all it is is a flick of the wrist and someone's mind that murder weapon is forever gone they have no idea there are people like me crazy enough to go down here search law enforcement depends on guys like Mike to preserve and recover evidence your three cores in underwater Criminal Investigation is body recovery vehicle recovery and evidence recovery I get called about twice a week sometimes more sometimes less and when a call comes in chances are Mike's in for a challenge some of these locations are absolutely disgusting our typical dive site is dark it's deep it's cold it's full of obstructions it's contaminated the danger is there when you get in the water you know I've had murders tell me you know you'll never find it I said well we'll see there's nothing like finding the target when your hand hits it and you feel it and you realize you've got it for a public safety diver there's no greater thing and when he's out there searching for a body I look at it as an honor because you realize the importance of what you're asked to do there's a family and there's no closure until you bring them up you know not every diver can do this not everybody has it in their DNA it's what I was meant to do I couldn't think of anything better to do with my life truth is I can't wait for the next call to help someone in some way either to bring closure or to bring a conviction [Music]