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[Music] hello and welcome to world today the only place to get your news on major global events rolled up in this half-hour her focus this week is none other than the epidemic that has been declared a pandemic the corona virus October 19 will also draw your attention to voices of women from Pakistan highlighting their fight for women's rights the V gone by when the world celebrated Women's Day but first up the headlines as coronavirus care grips people across the globe the World Health Organization declares covert 19th as pandemic the powerful and the who's who of the world have not been spared by the and an International Women's Day women in Pakistan marched onto the streets to raise voices on equality now let's begin with our explainer this week World Health Organization has declared covert 19 as a pandemic a word that is not used lightly or carelessly there are important parameters to define an epidemic as pandemic which certainly does not mean that it affects every person on the planet so what does it mean pandemic is derived from Greek fan meaning all and their most meaning people waho uses the term when a new infectious illness or an epidemic occurs worldwide affecting a large number of people rapidly over a very wide area crossing international boundaries but not everywhere scribing the situation as a pandemic does not change WHS assessment of the threat posed by the virus it doesn't change what WH er is doing and it doesn't change what countries should do we have never been before seen a pandemic spark it by a corona virus this is the first pandemic caused by a corona virus although there isn't a strict definition of the term pandemic one of the reasons why it is being called so is because the number of new cases reported out of China has increased 13 fold in the past two weeks this new strain of virus has made everybody vulnerable Karuna viruses are a large family of viruses named for their shape protruding spikes that look like a crown or a corona sauce and mores are part of the same family including influenza viruses which cause even common cold now let's take a look at the chronology of this pandemic a pneumonia of unknown cause detected in Wuhan was first reported to the w-h-o country office in China on the 31st December 2019 the outbreak was declared a public health emergency of international concern by w-h-o on 30th January 2020 on 11th feb 20 2013 9 coronavirus as covert 19th On February 27th 2020 w-h-o flagged it as a pandemic potential on 11th March the same year director-general of wh ER doctor Ted Ross announced for with 19 as a pandemic we have rang the alarm bell loud and clear of the 118 cases reported globally in 114 countries more than 90 percent of cases are in just four countries and two of those China and the Republic of Korea have significantly declining epidemics 81 countries have not reported any cases and 57 countries have reported 10 cases or less the pandemic does not necessarily imply high mortality it basically means it is more widespread for example in 2009 w-h-o declared h1n1 or swine flu as a pandemic which had a mortality rate of point zero two percent while an Ebola which had a mortality rate of close to 90 percent and 11,000 cases was not a pandemic why because swine flu was more widespread while Ebola was confined mainly to West African countries now the rule of the game is never give up so what is the global preparedness for Co vat19 all countries must aim to stop transmission and prevent the spread of corona virus whether they face no cases sporadic cases clusters of community transmission w-h-o has a pandemic preparedness plan which asked countries to fully mobilize healthcare make equipment available widely and distribute supplies when necessary no one-size-fits-all in order to manage cases and outbreaks each country is doing what it can by implementing necessary measures to reduce both go with 19 transmission and its economic public and social impacts [Music] it has been decided to make provision for testing primarily for students and compassionate cases in Italy and collect samples for testing our medical team is being sent there from India these both crystal negatives will be allowed to travel and will be quarantine on arrival in India for 14 days the challenge is growing by the day in Europe and we will respond accordingly so what our country is doing to start with sealing the borders to contain spread of the disease many countries have started restricting inbound travel from affected countries it started with China locking down the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province ground zero for this virus India has suspended all visas for foreign nationals barring a few categories such as diplomatic business etc the US has imposed a travel ban for foreign nationals from Europe in Europe Italy has been the worst affected with a whole country now under a lockdown as of many other countries that are sealing their borders through restrictions and suspension of visa now there are still about 80 countries that have not reported cases of Kove at 19 and w-h-o has advised them to seal their borders countries are ensuring that there is strict screening at airports while there is a lot of awareness campaigns around coronavirus many have now also started highlighting the problem of hoarding and how making things like sanitizers masks unavailable to patients and others acts as a huge to service the fattest case is in Italy where difficult choices are being made on prioritizing patients who should be treated first since medical care has become a scarce resource with over 10,000 cases of coronavirus countries are also ensuring that medical supplies are sufficient governments are not only stocking up but also helping each other out India has had requests from various countries like Iran Bhutan Maldives China and Italy for items such as masks and other supplies which India is looking into and prioritizing well it has been declared a pandemic coronaviruses impacting our daily lives in ways that we never imagined before in the wake of the spread of corona virus there have been major cases of hoarding of buying and keeping in case your city's next and guess what has ran out of stock apart from medicines sanitizers and mosques toilet paper yes you heard me right it's the toilet paper that is causing many a battle here's a report [Music] mas were the first to go followed by hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes and then came the turn of the humble toilet paper coronavirus crisis a sparked panic bind of the toilet paper with people buying toilet rolls more quickly than they can be restocked I have just come out from a very shopping malls I'm still in the car park and I had I do realize that the biggest and the most favorite item for people to take away at this point is the toilet roll huge numbers after no toilet rolls I could find in a huge huge even the biggest shopping centers as well store shelves are being stripped bare in Singapore supermarkets in the UK have started rationing items so have the retailers in the US and Canada grocery stores in Australia have hired security guards to patrol customers after several brawls were reported an Australian newspaper even printed eight blank pages to be used as emergency toilet paper in Hong Kong a group of men stole hundreds of toilet paper rolls at knifepoint just came to get some toilet rolls and soaps as well I can't get any I never thought is gonna be that hard to get some taller crows themselves so why the sudden rush for the supermarket the covert 19 scare speaker because it's new and spreading rapidly blacks are being quarantined across the world so it's natural for people to stop by the essentials lack of clarity from the authorities has added further confusion and as as human behavior panic mine tends to provoke more panic bind so if your neighbors are stockpiling what do you do you stockpile - I think it's going go in their mind that if they're kind of a lockdown situation came up so they should have something at their homes because they won't be able to go for the shopping so toilet roll is good and for the hygienic point of view as well so all of these things which they can they think that they can stop oh hold on they're just putting it at their houses as the world responds to coronavirus with apocalyptic light response health officials and governments have now come out and called the panic buying unnecessary hoping it will help deal with the virus anxiety a pandemic that has spread far and wide and spared none on its way here are some of the world leaders and celebrities who you didn't think would be affected by covert 90 but they are take a look Karuna virus outbreak is wrecking havoc across the world the latest high-profile personality to be affected his Canadian Prime Minister's wife Sophie Trudeau the First Lady of Canada had returned from a speaking engagement in Britain and had mild flu-like symptoms including a low fever justin trudeau who has been self isolating at home with his wife is however currently showing no symptoms and is expected to resume work soon more high-profile politicians from across the globe have been infected by the virus 62 year old Nadine Doris UK's minister of health became the first British Member of Parliament to test positive for coronavirus foreign policy adviser to Iran's supreme leader Ali Akbar Velayati has also been infected and is currently in quarantine in France five parliamentarians have been confirmed to have the disease so far Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson shared a selfie from Australia where they are both in isolation after testing positive for Karuna virus the sports world too has been hit by the Karuna virus crisis England Football Club Arsenal's manager Mikel Arteta has tested positive for the virus the club has closed their training ground and the players are in self-isolation meanwhile the NBA has announced that all matches will be suspended until further notice after Jazz Utah player Rudy Gobert tested positive welcome back to world today now Pakistan has been witnessing a new wave this past week or at March raising the voice against patriarchy and speaking up for women's rights with hundreds of posters that have come up Meera just Mary mercy my body my choice has become the main slogan of arith March sparking debates discussions even controversies here is what we have for you from ground zero [Music] [Music] women in Pakistan took the street seeking equality and to fight patriarchy on International Women's Day but even a beautiful message such as freedom was marred with violence from conservative and radical forces of Pakistan from pelting stones shoes and sticks to creating a ruckus during the peaceful march dozens of men and women from red mas brigade consisting of several local militant troops staged a rival rally just across from the women's March venue just to create the structure the violation Johanna marketer of said we had gotten the violation has taken place from blame aside they were supposed to leave before 3:00 but they stayed back till 5:00 this is illegal and action will be taken against them the administration was able to control the situation in 10 to 15 minutes to facilitate the other group but and they were supposed to leave before we start but they stayed here and there threw stones at the people gathered here [Applause] but the undeterred voices crying for equal rights marched on women and men joined the event in islamabad the largest such rally in the country for what is known in Pakistan as the oriT march a woman in Pakistan are demanding justice and they say if they have to now come out on the streets and demand Russians raise their own rights against harassment against the will of their own body to be used and to top their skills to be emitted yeah you t'lie x' the way they want it to be they say that this is high time that they are going to come out on the streets and they are going to protest against what they say is an ongoing consistent harassment forced conversions and also assault against women's in Pakistan this is Sam Zamir for well today in the Samba before we go to our Trump tracker this week let's take a look at some other stories in world at a glance the US House of Representatives has approved a War Powers Resolution to limit President Donald Trump from waging a war against Iran this resolution was the result of trumps ordered to kill Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in January which has created tensions between the two countries Trump however has threatened to veto it a ceasefire has been announced by Turkey and Russia and Syria Syria's it Lib for the countries will jointly patrol the security zone the decision was taken after a six hour long meeting between Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and russia's President Vladimir Putin [Music] to royal family members have been detained over an alleged coup plot against the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman masked guards detained Prince Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz a younger brother of King Salman and Prince Mohammed bin Nayef the Kings nephew and a former Crown Prince [Music] amid political uncertainty of gone president Ashraf Ghani and his rival of the lob Goliath separate swearing-in ceremonies Abdullah Abdullah called ghani's bin as invalid Ghani swearing-in was attended by US Special Envoy Salma halal sod and by the US and NATO forces commanders meanwhile Ghani swearing-in was disrupted by the sound of rocket [Music] accorded sentence Howie Weinstein 223 years of prison for rape and sexual assault Feinstein was found guilty in a trial last month those lawyers had urged for leniency prosecutors said he should be given maximum possible sentence for his actions while the entire world continues to struggle with covert 19 and with death toll reaching a new high every minute US President Donald Trump refuses to give up his art of creating alternative reality Trump has been trying to downplay the corona virus outbreak in his own bizarre way take a look at a special segment Trump tracker [Music] [Laughter] coronavirus the word that is giving nightmare to governments around the world a pandemic that has taken thousands of lives but Donald Trump is determined to create an alternative reality around outbreak downplaying the severity of the pandemic he compared the covert 19 outbreak to a flu wash your hands stay clean you don't have to necessarily grab every handrail unless you have to you know you do certain things that you do when you have the flu I mean view this the same as the flu Trump's dismissive attitude does not stop there he said that he hasn't tested positive for the virus as he feels great I don't feel that any reason I feel extremely good I feel very good but I guess it's not a big deal to get tested and something I would do next in the list of trumps bizarre coronavirus remarks was his announcement of ban on trade and not just ban on travel from Europe he however walked back on his own statement in a tweet we will be suspending all travel from Europe to the United States for the next 30 days and these prohibitions will not only apply to the tremendous amount of Trade and cargo but various other things as we get approval Donald Trump also claimed that he has supernatural ability to contain the outbreak which comes to him from his genius uncle was a great super genius dr. John Trump I like this stuff I really get people as the price as I understand every one of these actors that have you know so much about this maybe I have a natural ability maybe I should have done that instead of running for president while the doctors around the world continue to struggle with the virus Donald Trump has cured it he has cured coronavirus with therapies yes you heard it right Trump's solution to coronavirus is the therapies we're moving at a maximum speed to develop the therapies not only the vaccines but the therapies therapies is sort of another word for cure and after the POTUS finally declared the corona virus outbreak a national emergency on March 14th we can only say it's better late than never [Music] Bureau report India today India recorded its first death this week due to coronavirus schools are shutting down across the globe over reactions sometimes is better than no reaction at all twice and modern his fear plagues have swept across the world killing an estimated 15 percent of the population in a few decades this pandemic certainly cannot be taken lightly that's all in this episode of world today before I go I leave you with a strong message this week social distancing is the mantra and namaste has gone global [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] hi everyone three two or three here hope you like this video for latest news and analysis like and subscribe to the India Today YouTube channel and don't forget to press the bell icon to stay updated thank you for watching