Worlds Largest Diabetes Camp Teaches Kids to Live to the Fullest

[Applause] back in 1948 Imogene Parker was just a scared 12 world girl but she was first diagnosed with diabetes the only person I knew with diabeetus was an older man and I had heard all my life that Perl thing was dying with diabetes so in my mind I was dying two years later cap sweetie would open their Gainesville Texas with the purpose of helping children with type 1 diabetes learn to manage the disease while teaching them perseverance of faith and courage in fact the doctors did not give my parents hope that I would be grown I pulled a loaded image he was one of their first campers back then instead of the glucose meter where you check your blood sugars or the scanners or the continuous glucose monitors we've all their urine literally bought it and I hated that as a 12 year old we can imagine they have it to tell my friends what I had to do but after I went to camp Sweeney they didn't bother me at 83 she still goes back recently hanging at their end of summer badge the current campers included Myka Harold it's just grandma Imogene she's just wonderful she's so sweet and you can definitely tell that she truly cares about him like to her it's not an afterthought it's truly like diagnosed with diabetes as a child the 13 year old says camp sweetie has helped him manage living with diabetes by putting him together with those who share his common experience he says it's important to be candid about what you're dealing with and the camp has helped them do that just be willing to open up [Music] hold all the emotions in I used to like hold all the men thought since the feeling sad and I would just have to eventually let it go and it would be the worst feeling in the world so I would just say just be as openness both grandma Imogene and mica say they're going to keep returning to the camp as often as they can for as long as they can they like 30,000 others forever bonded by the summer experience they shared at camp Sweeney for Inside Edition calm I'm Stephanie officer