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in the heart of Los Angeles this is screen junkies movie fights and he signor today's episode is brought to you by America's best unlimited network don't miss a show with unlimited data from t-mobile hello everybody welcome to another episode of movie fights live I'm so excited to be here with some amazing fighters they's this is gonna be a really fun show and some fun topics today we'll be arguing what's the worst movie of the summer of 2017 everyone online is already saying it's the emoji movie we'll see if anyone here agrees what two actors should star in a face-off reboot oh that's fun I want to know what you guys are gonna who would you pick to faceoff in this day and age and none of our honest trailer which thank you guys for watching and since it is ruining the clown industry forever and that apparently not clowns in the world I'm not happy because no one's hiring birthday clowns now what other occupation should get its own horror movie lots of fun stuff so stay tuned you can follow the conversation live on twitter at hashtag movie fights live let's see who our fighters are today first right next to me he's a fighter he's been on the show a lot so happy to have I think his name is Dan Merle hi okay welcome to show Dan Wow sorry I'm we're never come back yeah and the madman Merle is back here as back starting on the ground up and you excited to try and get that belt back like myself up off the mat let's go this is are you do you feel like you're throwing off a bit being in that chair alright interesting it's good that's the fighters yeah he's on he already is not in his chair like he has like oh yeah alright well next up I'm so happy to have our host of the wrestling podcast tights and fights it's miss Daniel Radford welcome back to yes so happy to have you how you been I've been really really good I have an apartment I have AC I have this new wig everything's great oh you're killing it loving it and you're gonna kill it today and you've got two strong fighters here I hope you're not nervous I'm just gonna tell jokes good okay you can win that way Mike Mike Carlson has made a quite a far movie fights career finally I'm so happy to have writer for comics and for screen mr. Marquez Rico welcome-back martyr to beer it's been a while it has how are you doing good good I saw you guys at Comic Con but I don't remember the last time I was up to here I didn't I've ever fought Marc in a full-on fight yeah we did the very first time maybe I don't remember all right let's pretend like you didn't first time exactly we'll help in since Dan is up here fighting we need a fact checker of the stars mr. lon Harris he's the man who gets all these questions organized so it makes sense that you're here helping to fact-check this good show how long it's gonna be a great show in YouTube they are already saying the emoji movies the worst movie guys why are we even having this fight you're wrong well we will find out soon first up I want to thank two guests on our fan cam Will Robinson Smith and Isaac thanks for coming guys Robinson I bet you haven't heard that yeah where you guys from so my brother Isaac lives here in the LA area and I'm visiting him from Alabama where I'm actually a television reporter out there what's your beat so I'm a morning reporter and I work for the ABC station in Huntsville Alabama so just below the Tennessee Alabama border line awesome dude we're trying to get him fired now well I'm gonna tell your test will you report between segments for us now to report on the right wing with some social media reporting it yeah I want to just cut to will on the con the cam how is that round give me your year reporting sky of the round and you're in your local news station about your experience here you never know shut up should have planned ahead yeah next time all right well I'm happy to have you both thank you for coming there's gonna be a lot of fun you guys know how to play this game listen to your facts creativity your arguments is what's really important here so stay on to on point let's do it awesome live that montage still nice job Harry that was great let's do a round one guys this came in from our Drago sixty six what is the worst movie of the summer of 2017 man there were a lot of them to pick and it's not just the emoji movie let's see if someone did though pick that dan what are you picking yeah I don't think there were as many as there were last year but the immersed movie premise of 2017 then yes we would maybe be talking about the emoji that was not the worst movie this summer there were a few that I juggled with but the one that I settled on was Baywatch it was an early May release and just as far as just walking out of a movie deflated and just disappointed and what I'd seen nothing really top they watched you have the rock who is I mean one of the last few honest-to-god movie stars left and maybe the last one that's gonna be launched for a while you have Zac Efron who's been found this crazy weird second career in comedy and has been in so many good comedies lately you have a cheesy premise something that's right for the picking I mean what is easier to find comedic situations in than Baywatch and this movie just whipped it on every single level I mean it is to painful hours I chuckled maybe once or twice and I just came out of it just it's just so discouraged just like why you had everything going for you it'd almost be hard not to screw up this premise with this cast and yet they somehow managed to do it and for me out of all of the summer movie season is the most deflating was big watch all right let's hear from Danielle who is up next what movie picking out of the worst films of summer 27 um I went with transformers 2 last night um transforms last night is two and a half hours of product placement and explosions which is at least one hour way too long you can be a bad movie you don't get to be a bad movie for three hours that's not fair it's a Transformers movie with barely any Optimus Prime which is what is even the point and the one of the biggest things is that like these transformer movies are kind of paint-by-numbers and unfortunately what that means is that like sometimes it kind of feels like they just don't care they're gonna make their money they know that they're going to make their money and it's okay look I think we've all had plenty of times when we've called it inland and just kind of faded till we made it at work one of the places or sometimes in movie fights and so that's fine you don't get to do that for two and a half hours and for me that's what the length of the amount of time the complete incoherence of the plot how incredibly loud and it's as a Transformers movies of course there's like little these weird jokes that don't land and seem kind of like a little you probably could have made a better choice and so because of that I went with transformers the last night all right mark what are you pickin mine is was hopefully the third in a trilogy of bad reboots of this myth King Arthur then The Legend of the sword I think is its full title what a miserable miserable miserable experience from war go if you thought Charlie Hunnam stunk up Pacific Rim I don't think English is his first language I think he speaks Klingon and he's just doing it phonetically like bola ghosty and Dracula this is the third time we've had a King Arthur movie since first night with Richard Gere and Sean Connery remember that well yeah they were King Arthur and name only then we got Anton fook was mess of a King Arthur movie where Guinevere was like some Tarzan a savage leading a cult and though the disaster and now we have this King Arthur movie that was the first of an ambitious seven movies well you ever read a TV pilot they tell you don't save stuff for the first episode because you don't know if they're going to get beyond the pilot this was saving all the good stuff for later no Merlin did this this table shows up at the end of it Charlie Hunnam is doing Lock Stock and Two Smoking Lance's it's it's totally a mess it's every bad instinct Guy Ritchie has ever had and one talking about epically long movie I think it might be as long as transformers if I had cancer at six months to live I would watch this every day because it would feel like I live to be a hundred at the same time just just utterly you have the great source material of King Arthur has Nolan watched the John Boorman version there's a lot of stuff to do there there's a lot of fresh takes you've been doing this this movie is easily by far maybe the worst movie of the year so far all right guys you got great opening arguments now I've heard listen let me just say this I believe all your movies are horrible why is yours the worst fight it out III disagree first of all there aren't a lot of fresh takes left on King Arthur it's been done so many times but on televisions done in countless numbers of movies miniseries I saw King Arthur and I came out of it going like wow it definitely wasn't good but I was like it's it's it's interesting it's it's it's really weird like it is it is like a it's like a Guy Ritchie kaleidoscope of just like storytelling it's like I came out of it more intrigued than hating it because it's it's guy Richie style married to like epic fantasy storytelling which don't seem like very per year all footage from the Lord of the Rings movies that he just stole apparently it's a failure but this isn't interesting I completely disagree I didn't disagree and you know with you remove these two movies with Baywatch first of all what were you expecting if you're going to McDonald's and it's not good you weren't going to Spago it's a Baywatch movie it's completely firm same thing about 21 Jump Street Oh 21 Jump Street what would you expect out of a 21 Jump Street movie and that movie was great like there been so many good r-rated comedies lately that yes I was expecting a fresh take on this because these takes have been done before and with this cast I was expecting a funny self-referential I'll say with with the rock and Zac Efron I was expecting more because they are both shown really amazing communiques lately but when the rest of the cast I don't know who any of these people are and I wouldn't know of them but they were sitting on that couch right now you have to populate a cast with good comic actors even the movies of Zac Efron's that don't really succeed Mike and Dave need wedding dates and stuff like there's always interesting cast members the rock and obviously the movie Zac Effron and the rock thought they were making because they apparently thought they were making a much better movie than this one and as far as transformers goes definitely what were you expecting how many times you have to get food poisoning before you stop going to the same restaurant this movie at least your movie had Merlin my King Arthur movie takes a risk it might be something that's a new King Arthur is established but for Guy Ritchie to go so far out of his wheelhouse at least he takes a risk and maybe he cares and I would much rather break someone who was taking a risk and who was going outside of what they normally do I want to celebrate that and I want to encourage it especially when we have a summer that was so filled with unnecessary sequels and also unnecessary reboots and again this is a story that we've told before but at least it was something different and he was trying don't know I tried on transformers III competed I mean the guy rich he was actually ever on set for this movie I think he was watching it from his trailer I this movie was rudderless I thought it was just it was there was there was no one captain if he's watching it from his trailer then everyone involved in transformers was watching it from the moon nobody was paying attention to this movie yeah the Transformers like we got this question I was already to like write down with an asterisk transformers the last night like I so was and and looking back on it and I mean all you have to do to trigger me is say age of extinction and I will fly into a blind rage because I hate that movie as much today as I hate it I saw it's the fourth one I saw three years ago the first Mark Wahlberg one and looking back on this Transformers movie I'm like it had all this they've had product placement and had explosions but it's for me it's more forgettable than anything again these are all bad movies so you don't think I'm not gonna sit here and say that it's a good movie but it was an inoffensive transformers movie it was bad it had all the landmarks of being bad but it I didn't come out of it carrying anything that I didn't carry into it with a weird way it almost wasn't as horrible as I thought that it might be which is the best praise I'll ever give a Transformers movie Baywatch is just there's nothing worse than sitting through a comedy that's not working at the very very very least both of your movies have spectacle they have something that can at least engage you if only on a visual level and Baywatch is just two hours in a comedy that's not working feels like four hours in an action movie that's not working and I guess I do open mics enough that I'm used to watching two hours of bad but it's also you can you take the marky-mark of it which is he his character was awful in age of extinction it's awful in this one at least with the rock you have someone who's charming and trying you think so but they not only does he not charming in this movie they take their biggest asset the rock they take him out of the third act of the movie almost completely he only shows up to the end and so it's like you take not only did they waste the assets that they have they took their biggest asset out of the last act of the movie is so you don't even have that one thing but at least your movie had glimmering moments of charm of the rock and remaining to you and glimmering moments of Zac Efron in a speedo I had Jude Law playing a gay stereotype from 1925 Eric Bana being just there like I need a paycheck I have a house payment and Charlie Hunnam doing what he's been done from the past ten movies a minute just stinking the place up the spectacle didn't cover up how lifeless and just flat this movie was it just felt like it was a rehearsal and a rehearsal where everyone took cough syrup before the rehearsal it was a spectacle where everyone was just brain-dead it was just lifeless and there were at least chuck like don't get here on Baywatch is an awful movie too but at least drink Baywatch I laughed two or three times okay can I can I hear the positives in each other's movies you gave me that but Danielle can can you list a bit more positives in King Arthur and Baywatch vs transformers 5 okay well first of all the positives with Baywatch are that I don't know necessarily that the rock has been kind of since that big Jehu spread came out on the rock which was amazing and then Olson became the rock for president I don't know that Baywatch necessarily suffered from a lack of rock I think we've actually reached the tipping point on the rock and I do think that it was positive that they tried to subvert some tropes they didn't necessarily work but again I think that there is something to be said for effort and I do feel like the jokes weren't necessarily funny but I think the people who wrote them kind of cared same with King Arthur not a good movie not a good movie but I do think the Guy Ritchie kind of cared and also bhana for getting a job for you in a big movie being a movie star pan is mortgage that's fantastic congratulations alright Dan positive I would say that for transformers as I said before it does not be most offensive Transformers movie which is a positive for me Anthony Hopkins is doing something in that movie that I found compelling at least I know what the hell is going on that wasn't like phoning it in like like tuturro was in all those movies like he's doing something crazy that's a given I'm like doing this crazy thing so at least like every ten minutes or so cut to another Anthony Hopkins is I'm like okay I don't know what he's doing but I'm gonna watch what he's doing and it was kind of the same thing with King Arthur was I think that that's such a weird the alchemy that it took to somehow get Guy Ritchie and King Arthur on the same page like whatever however they were actually on the same page but however many projects Warner Brothers merged to get them on the same page like Arthur would be doing like they go to these fight scenes it wasn't like in a guy ritchie think i'm like okay i did not expect this from a king arthur movie and then he says this kind of weird sensibility toward action that again it's not a great movie but at least left me going like well this is different this is at least his take it's weird it's nuts I don't know if I like it but I'm compelled to watch it I would watch you know I would leave that movie on on TNT and the middle of the afternoon it's an HBO Saturday you know it's it's but it's mediocre it's mad but it's not the worst movie great for cleaning house cleaner it's a great house stuff I've already gave you my reasons why the Baywatch is at least M is watchable and my reasons for the Transformers will be being watchable is it at least it embraces the King Arthur legend you have Merlin in it there's more identifiable King Arthur I got like an ography in the first 10 minutes of transformers than this movie if this movie wasn't called King Arthur I might have a different take on it but it takes the name of King Arthur it's like I'm going to Pizza Hut and they're giving me sushi that's not what why is this called people is called pizza and I want a goddamn pizza this movie King Arthur it just fails on every conceivable level and the spectacle he's good at it but it feels it feels cutting edge if it was 1996 using his final thoughts quickly round up wrap up sorry to wrap up Danielle final thoughts um so my final thoughts are you did mention that Anthony Hopkins was doing something interesting and the interesting thing he was doing was not reading the script until right before this started shooting even admitted he had no idea what this entire movie was about that's why I was interesting because he was like I don't know why I'm here someone drove me I went into my I went to my trailer I hung out I drank some water I said some stuff and then I left which I guess is interesting that's enough oh my god yes just a day of drinks water movies a search and he didn't he had no idea they even said way in multiple interviews he admitted that he had no idea what this movie was about or why he was there but he definitely knew to show up and say some words all right Dan yeah no Baywatch for me was just it's not even that the jokes were cheap it's that they even screw up the cheap jokes like you know yes a boner joke is cheap but sometimes a cheap boner joke can be funny they even screwed up the boner jokes in this movie like even the gimme jokes that should be easy we're just like overplayed stupid there's one where he falls through a deckchair the geography of it doesn't even work the anatomy of it doesn't even work like they can't even get the cheap jokes right and it's just it's depressing it like a bad comedy can be bad like epic movie is awful to watch but it's even worse if it's like epic movie or a bad comedy starring actors that you actually like because you feel bad for them and I felt bad for every single person that was in that movie cuz it just didn't work alright lon Harris over there on the boards people are I mean obviously emoji movie not even in the top 10 oh yeah they're also calling up the mummy book of Henry a lot of people's from when I spoke of Henry didn't come up valerian snatch Dark Tower and a lot of people asking if we would have found it Netflix's Death Note I feel like we would have if somebody had asked that that's did again every single one of those is better than always I defend that in a way a lot of fans were defending these three movies even transformers we had a lot of comments at defending it and the fans really were expecting a trick question we sort of tricked the fans by not making this a trick question they're not always trick question well I got any report on that for that round um well you know a lot of those movies I just gave a hard pass to I think I was the same way yeah there were some gems this summer which you guys talked about last week some of the best movies of the summer but as far as the arguments you know I think marked me in a really good point where you know you go into a King Arthur movie and and you really need you know the the mythos behind it and if you're not gonna get that then why label of a King Arthur movie and you know for all the Guy Ritchie isms that were in there there was a lot yeah to save it but you know all right at the same time you know I think they made some good points about you know you have all the that the rock can bring to a movie and if you're not gonna use it then you know that that's kind of a waste of a gem you know for a sarena a waste of a rock waste of rock um all right thank you good thoughts yeah this one's gently tough cuz you all made fantastic arguments and you all pick terrible movies how you knock the other ones down and I thought mark really did get some good night well yeah well yeah it did I just didn't hear his mate aired Mark's movie down as much as the other ones were able to tear each other down and Mark really laid out I think something that there were some chuckles even you admitted even the awkward weirdness you're talking about anthony hopkins mark sort of pointed out it's kind of interesting no one was able to make anything sound interesting Arthur so I for that points barely market the first point very first round I'm sure they said transformers on the gum yeah they are not backing you on the Internet Twitter had transformers 51% Baywatch 30% King Arthur 19% YouTube has transformers 39% Baywatch 34% King Arthur 26 all I gotta say is we try to rewatch all three of those movies more fun with the other two than king are alright here we go question two this is a fun one none of our face off on his trailer which was random but it's 20 years right one two actors should star in a face-off reboot so if we were to make face-off today who would you put in there whose faces are we facing off Danielle starting with you alright so I chose for this because I think what are these central things about face off is that you have to have actors who are really willing to commit and commit hard and people who we make fun of face off but Nicolas Cage did some acting in that movie and John Travolta was also there and so you do have to have two actors who are willing to push it and who are willing to commit so I chose Ryan Reynolds and the good Hemsworth Chris Wow should showed some shade there sorry but so Miley's gonna have some we're talking to you after this oh she's gonna have some very polite I'm country now I don't fight talking so I pick these two actors because for one thing they obviously like physically you don't have to do a huge leap to believe that they each have each other's bodies underneath they might be the same person we don't know no one's proven that they aren't yet and because we have seen the range of both of these actors you know we've seen the range of both of these actors we know that they can really push it hard and do the comedy because face off genuinely has some very delightful and funny manic moments and both of these men can hit those really funny manic moments but they can also get do the really serious boring John Travolta parts where you're just like a sad dead whose kid is dead so because of that I chose Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth all right I liked it mark who are you picking well I think that's one of the better crazy performances that that Nicolas Cage has given he's given a lot of them and some of the guns on ones are like like the Bad Lieutenant or just unwatchable with some of those like this are actually really great and I went with two really really great actors I went for a ton of the upscale version this time with Tom Hardy and Jake Gyllenhaal Wow I think that both of them you talk about gonna walk that - well you talk about the commitment level of these actors both everything these guys have ever done from since their first performance has been committing to a style and I think that seeing Jake Gyllenhaal do Tom Hardy and seeing Tom Hardy do Jake Gyllenhaal because they're both their physical tics are completely different will be really fascinating and they're both great actors - I mean if you've seen if you saw his Tom Hardy's FX show taboo and you saw a Nightcrawler they both become amazing actors so to get to see and they both in comedy they can both do really great comedy so they would get the lighter moments I think it would be like a master class and acting watching these two flip and it would really elevate the genre alright Dan yeah here's the thing yours sounds very comedic and your sounds very dramatic and I feel like you both lost the core of what face off is face off is a beautiful disaster and I thought who could you swap faces forward that would produce a glorious disaster and that's why I chose the rock and Vin Diesel to swap faces and in a remake of face off there are so many reasons why first of all they apparently hate each other in real life which would just oh I already love it secondly I would love to see The Rock trying to act like Vin Diesel but even more so I need to see Vin Diesel trying to act like the rock because I don't know if he can do it either way because either way it's going to be incredible faceoff is not remembered fondly because it's a great movie it's remembered fondly because it is absolutely insane and these guys doing this would be insane and this is why I have chosen them as the two-face oft actors Wow guys all right fight it out well the biggest problem with yours other than the fact those two actors will never be on the same set ever again is that van is 3 foot tall and the rock is 6 foot 9 exactly you said you'd like to try and see Vin Diesel act we have yet to try and see Vin Diesel actually try and act making my case for me mark that's that that's that might be a beautiful disaster but that's gonna be insufferable after about 15 minutes that's a great that's a great sketch or a great Funny or Die yours is a little lightweight I have yet to see Chris Hemsworth give a performance that he can play himself fully and let alone play someone else and Ryan Reynolds is Ryan Reynolds might is running the risk of becoming Jim Carrey there's a good actor in there but he's got his ticks that are in everything now I never not never don't I'm always watching Bryan Reynolds in mine I think you have the best of both worlds you have actors that can do comedy you have actors that can do drama you're vectors that could physically mimic each other and you can this could this could be like a good remake of a bad movie the way that the way that the Coen Brothers True Grit is a much better movie than the original this could be sort of a depart from the original material make a good solid genre from like a die hard quality genre film sees it I every time you say that I just think of Point Break and Total Recall which are movies that tried to take a corny original and do it in a serious straightforward way I think might be a drama but mine would be there would be fun really cast two of the most dramatic actors that there are really having great community performance as many times Tom what's Tom Hardy's great comedic well I would say sane like the he's a joke and he is great and that this means more movie although the ending with him and Chris Pine this should be them getting together not Reese Witherspoon but he's actually got a deft comic touch and Jake Gyllenhaal has in his whole career has been doing community stuff I just think this would be an interesting good movie yeah I don't want a good face-off no part of me that wants a good version of that movie because I does sound really dramatic but that's a different movie like that's a criterion collection version of face up and I don't know that I want that and with the rock and VIN I just you know how you talked about the last round just feeling bad for the actors I would feel too bad for Vin Diesel because it would just be the rock roasting him the entire movie and Vin Diesel not being able to do anything about it like when you put together like two heavy plates and then like one dude who's just kind of around I mean they both are ethnically ambiguous so that's something that that would have for then but yeah I just don't want to that's yes there that's our improv troupes name actually I one of them diesels most beloved characters only says three words he's not gonna scream scream dude cannot be he's not the best at the the did it it whereas when you get together Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Ryan Reynolds I do agree that Ryan has tics but those sticks are exploitable that's something that happens worth will be able to do and I think he would really throw himself into that kind of comedy I would like to see the slash fiction version of that movie I mean I think the rocks head is actually taller than Vin Diesel so it'll be this little body running around to the face of covering it or they have to explain which again would be amazing like again we're talking about face offices to do it like The Hobbit might even miscarriage with a Gandalf so many great pairing suggested by the Internet Matt Damon Ben Affleck they want to see Tina Fey Kristen Wiig do this there was he Shia LaBeouf miles teller Blanchett Charlize Theron we had a lot and then I really like this one Dylan McDermott and Dermott Mulroney who had to write about it yeah alright look I think I think there were three answers here but there's one I think we do really want to see and I think I will say the internet was pretty overwhelming I think it's not Marx because I do think you took a little dramatic we don't I agree with Danielle it's not the faceoff we want so it came down to but [Applause] we're not giving up there but I could just I just could feel you were with me of like yeah we want to watch the question is should start not will start long with this hand overwhelming agreement with you on YouTube 67% I want to see the rocket Vin Diesel mix it up Hardy Gyllenhaal was in second place with 21% only 11% want to see Reynolds and M's burger on Twitter the 39% went rocky diesel 34% won Hardy and Jonah was close 27% went Reynolds Hemsworth alright great well here we go round 3 this one comes in from the 14 kid in honor of Schwarzenegger upcoming film by your friend Taryn yeah Gunther killing Ellington hair out in October I've seen about 30 minutes honey there's something really funny um the stuff I've seen Arnold has not been that relaxed in the movies we're gonna talk about here on screen he was a butter delight it's really really a fun movie I'm excited let's get him on a judge that's getting the judge a movie film in the comedy round that'd be amazing here we go but mark your first the question is best swartz Nagar comedy of all time I actually watched a couple of these in preparation we got the question and unless you had a good time didn't you yeah I did actually there's there's actually a lot of these aged really well couple really don't and one of them we'll talk about in a minute Tommy I was surprised to find that the one that I had the most fun watching was Kindergarten Cop because if you put that in context when that came out Schwarzenegger had just that was right right after Terminator 2 I believe right or was it before right before he was known as this big action guy and to show him exercise comic muscles and they say you know but WC Fields famously said you don't wanna work with kids or animals he works so well with these kids I'm surprised he didn't take that Eddie Murphy route and try and make himself a full-fledged family star because he's so he's so delightful with these kids because his broken English and he's five-year-old kids who don't have a bachelor Cabul Ares they're kind of on the same playing field vocabulary wise and it's just a delightful film and it's a film that when he action happens they don't try and soften the action and the action is if you actually have stakes to it so it's a it's a fun family film when the bad guys show up Arnold's really protecting these little kids and you care about them and it's got a you know it's one of his classic lines it's not a tumor it's from that man that scene still makes you laugh when the little kid says it ham it's just a really charming movie do I think it's a great movie it's gonna save lives no but it's a really fun way to spend 90 minutes Arnold Schwarzenegger and see him exercising muscles that we should see him to exercise more of Dan what are you pickin my movie was the movie that I suspect Mark was alluding to but we'll see okay I actually picked last action hero this was this movie I think is remembered differently because of what happened as it came out it was his first movie after Terminator 2 it was the Burger King movie had the Burger King tie-in had the action figures very hype it was very very hyped and people were expecting a Schwarzenegger action movie like that's what it was sold as and it wasn't that that combined the fact that it opened the week after Jurassic Park and which ate up all of the money it's kind of remembered as this misfire bad bomb and it's really not that I think that when people went in expecting an action movie and got this kind of meta-commentary on action movies they they were a little didn't quite know what to make of it and I think time has actually treated this movie a lot better because it's in a weird way it's kind of a progenitor of things like honest trailers and that it's stepping out of the Convention and it's commenting on all of these things the sergeant the fact that everyone has followed there's only if there's only a 6 million people in LA how come everyone has a phone number that starts with five five five the idea of like you know the the stars are are invincible and the co-stars aren't I think that that stuff has gotten better and it looks like you know in the age of Deadpool and things when moviegoers are used to being pulled out of the action and kind of forced to look at what they're watching and commenting on it I think that it has improved with time and it's able to do you know Shane Black data passing the SEC 10 is done a lot of writing on superhero movies wrote this helped write the script it's the kind of movie that can have a running gag about a henchman with a glass eyeball and an Ingmar Bergman 7th Seagal joke into the same movie it's really just kind of weird and unique and I just think it was released in a bad it was a different tone than what people were looking for but I think it's gotten better with time so that's why I chose last action here Danielle what are you pickin um I went with one of my favorite movies of all time I'm choosing true lies I loved True Lies it is a fantastic movie the action is fantastic it makes you not hate mr. Roseanne Barr which I think this is the only movie where you actually don't really hate that dude it's summer whatever his name is um sexy it's funny the action again the action is also very very very very well done the comedy moments are impeccable the timing on that from you know there's that moment of the sexy stripping and then the moment where the gun falls down the stairs there are fantastic moments to this movie and it's one of those movies where everyone I knew liked it which made me initially be like oh it's not really something I'm gonna be into because you know and when you watch it you go like this is better than everyone said it was and it actually feels better than it has any right to a movie about a dude who's a spy who lies to his wife who hangs out with Tom Arnold all day and then she finds out and she becomes a semi it sounds exhausting but every single beat of this movie it's kind of impeccable and bulletproof it's incredibly it's funny you believe the spy stuff you believe the moments where it's like oh he's a spy but he's also just like the spy world is weird and kind of bureaucratic and it gave her - war - nigger a great chance to to be funny and to be awesome but also the chemistry between those two characters was fantastic and I don't when you think about swartz nigger sexy isn't the word that you use but in True Lies Schwarzenegger was sexy he was real sexy sorry I might let's take the fight out I see mark about Raiders yeah musician this was one of the movies tried to re-watch and I would say the two of these three visors realized two of these three movies are very much aged very beautifully True Lies watch it now that scene with Jamie Lee Curtis is so misogynist and rapey and doesn't hold up in today's day and age Arnold is Arnold's very good in it Tom Marvel is very good in it but the movie is really really everything you think badly about James Cameron's treatment of women in one movie and kind of racist the terrorists senator right out of like the worst kind of you know Nazis sort of like this is what people of color are like if they don't even trying they're not even interesting they're just cardboard characters that felt like they were out of a movie from the 30s and I remember loving True Lies as a kid when I saw it and the action sequences still hold up but the undertone of the relationship between him and Jamie Lee Curtis is so weirdly mentally abusive that I made it through about 45 minutes of the movie I was like I'm really this movie makes me really uncomfortable I think the last action hero isn't really a comedy I think my action hero is an action comedy I think and the problem with last action hero which I would to argue with a lot of movies that are ahead of their time is that the audience just didn't get it it was meta before meta even was a term that existed I think it's a really ambitious movie but I think it's comedy with a lower case of C naught and then it's an action movie first I just think that of the three that this is the one that even if it might be slight source material is the one that is the most enjoyable and the one that given the three choices the one I put on to watch yeah I mean I think laughs laughs and I think that last action hero is a funny a movie as Kindergarten Cop is my case with with True Lies is number one I I'll agree with mark to a point the the Gimli cursed scene for me to kind of creeped me out now it just it's it's wrong it's just which it's weird particularly just in the context of just with time I just don't know how I don't think that scene ages very well even if at all but it's really hemming it's a joke but it's like does it seem like she doesn't know what to do it just feels it does feedback that scene does stick out to me and also I've always thought that there are some great things in True Lies but I've talked about fourth act like True Lies is way too long like true lights ends and then goes on for another 30 minutes and that's always been something that to me is just like it's just it's just it's to me it's too long it takes a simple premise and just extends it way past its viewing point Kindergarten Cop I agree has some funny moments but I think people talking about Kindergarten Cop the movie they talk about the 30 minutes at near the beginning where he's meeting the kids and it's not a to move and all that part but there's like the last half of it is like there's them there's a fair and there's a crisp Crispin there's something there's like there's a really bad criminal supply that's like that the ending is kind of lackluster and and like the first half of kindergarten cop is better than the second half whereas I think last section hero if you look at it as a whole it is an action movie it does have a lot of laughs it isn't better you have Arnold playing Arnold and kind of playing with his own image a lot but also I think it's the more complete movie it's a really fun movie but it is kind of like the TV Tropes calm the movie was before Joe because it was before most calms and the problem with True Lies for me watching that movie I think the point of it is that he's such a bad husband and it's so misogynistic though so much of that movie is about Jamie Lee Curtis getting agency and if you watch that movie her that's not Cameron or the screen but it still in there she's in the she's the actor in there and performance has to count it might not be the script for not arguing best script we're arguing best movie and her performance is definitely part of the movie when I watch that movie again I felt bad for her well no and then I greet like you do feel bad for her in the beginning like he is awful he's a terrible husband the weird thing where he's like show up and I'm gonna rub a rose on your lips and like pretend like she's gonna bang some dude she doesn't know that is terrible but throughout that movie you do watch her become stronger she confronts him and it by the end of it she has complete agency she decides to stay with him which I don't know I don't know that I would have done that complete addiction well that is complete agency because that's a decision that you make if you're gonna be you know I'm all about choose your choice and that character decided that her choice was going to be that like being a spy is really fun and exciting and so I'm gonna stay with my dude and we're gonna be spies together that story is the story of her character blossoming from a woman who is mousy and being emotionally abused in a lot of respects to someone who's super badass and suddenly a spider and stays with her abuser voluntarily who can you say over the course of the movie do worse and worse things for it to her it's and I guess I loved that movie when I saw in the theater that movie is just so hard to watch now it's like the James Cameron's gone with the wind you're like wait whoa what's happening in this movie and I would argue that I think last action here has a lot of admirable pieces but where you say the first half of Kindergarten Cop is good and it's kind of it doesn't fall it falls apart in the second half I would argue that this is like a jello mold that never sets there's just so many floating pieces that it's like 12 or 13 different movies and there's always lots of them are really interesting but it never feels like a full movie to me it feels like they filmed the treatment and they didn't know what sort of tone they were going to commit to and then tonally of the three I think this one this one is the slightest of the three I'll admit that but what wasn't what's the most important comedy he ever made I think this one if you showed it to three people that had memories you shouldn't the people have all three of these this is the one that's gonna get the most lash and people are gonna like the most of you the most happy with so jingle all the way the Internet is displeased also a lot of people twins came up but a junior came up a few times you revealed a lot of people Batman and Robin also a comic he's like community figure once you've taken if you'd known it was allowed maybe I don't know I'd have to think about it Batman or Robin is one of my favorite movements at that time and I have gone I have talked about this just open yourself up to a whole thing we got this correct but Richard Tyson plays Colin crisp senior Richard Tyson from the famous sherilyn fenn softcore porn movie - moon Joan correct watched a lot in the summers and then I would add also just a little trivia factoy the glass-eyed villain in last actually or not a lot of people never Stan's Tywin Lannister dance played that happy face in contact exactly they go yeah this was a little easier for me at least sick look it came down to mark I think mark so let's load up to me because I while you were like out True Lies does go why on too long all these movies have great parts to be fair and especially when you watch them in the day they were fantastic movies but the half a good movie for kindergarten cop was a little bit of a stretch for me and then when you said mark that uh it's so that last section there's a lot of pieces and never full movie you just really sort of spoke to me clearly because I do remember the ferret attacking the guy and like there is a sort of an exciting scene at the end where he's got to save the kid and Chris shows up at the school like it's room it's memorable they're gonna cops famous ferret attacks I was shocked how much I laughed during kindergarten but then I'm less action ear I've seen them both about the same time ago it's I do have trouble remembering the full movie like yes great parts but when you're you made that argument if it's a fuller movie I think that coupled with the fact that realize whatever has some it does have some issues of does it hold up at the same but is it the best comedy best action of these three hands down but I think Kindergarten Cop wins for best comedy market on YouTube they agree with you pretty strongly 55 percent win Kindergarten Cop 27 percent Last Action Hero 16% realize a lot of people calling us out they didn't necessarily think true lies with this financial movie but on Twitter or more though why would the comedy you didn't even mention Bill Paxton he's so much better than material but that's a Twitter true lies actually one 39% for true lies 35% Kindergarten Cop only 26% for last action shocker I agree the bum rap can you watch that now Last Action Hero absolutely contemporary last section here because movies got a lot more meta in the time since then yes I don't think you're in directed that right yeah I don't think he got it feels like overwhelmed by what was going on after drastic park back then it didn't work that way we know it'll cost too much money to move the date and idiots the movie bombs cuz it just got soirée question for this came in from Batman xenomorph in honor of Labor Day this weekend coming up what movie character has the best job alright Dan we're back to you you're up first what movie character has the best job I went with dr. Henry Jones chair Indiana Jones most people say like oh he's an explorer that's his job no that's that is not technically his profession he is an archaeologist more specifically he's an archaeology professor and if you track him throughout all of the movies he works at a college called Marshall College and this is the cushiest gig ever he can leave literally at a moment's notice no advance warning for as long as he wants comes back still has a job it's a state school the school has a museum that subsidizes his adventures he can bring back things that the school museum will then buy from him to give him extra money in in Crystal Skull communist show up they chased him around the campus his son drives a motorcycle into the campus library the FBI raids his office and the worst thing that happens to them is he gets indefinite leave with pay and then gets his job back this is the best job so that's why I chose Indiana Jones alright Danielle speaking of best jobs in the world which people can just walk away from I went with God and Bruce Almighty he was obviously trying to teach this man a very important lesson he also gets to go on vacation so you're picking away Morgan Freeman or Morgan's God no no not Jim Carrey because Morgan Freeman also was God gets to mess with people yeah you just get to mess with folks all day because you're like guy and you they obviously like it's very much that movies version of God but to be able to step away from your work and just be like you know what I'm going on vacation you learn a lesson you go ahead and be me for we know however long and then I'll step back you know and and reclaim it that's amazing especially being able to have the powers of being omniscient and then coming back in and because part of it is yes he is teaching very valuable lessons because that's kind of God's deal but also like come on it's really fun to mess with that dude right waking is having them but like he's having a really really really good time messing with Bruce and I like this kind of teacher trickster version of God who also apparently gifts like 14 vacation days all right mark who you pickin I picked as a pet owner I picked dr. Dolittle and no no no not the Eddie Murphy one the original one the Rex Harrison one because what would be more awesome than being able to talk to animals animals are cooler than most people it's a great job you know can you imagine anybody that a pet would love to know what their animal was thinking I would love to have the conversation with someone that loves you unconditionally like that I think it's a great job you'd be helping people you'd be helping animals I think we would treat animals better I think it would make the world a better place I went a little kind of serious with this question because I was like you know I love my dog so much I was like I want to talk to my dog I want to know what he's thinking I think that would be a great power and I think will be an awesome power and I think it would actually help if their power exists and you could actually help save species you could say to people no pigs actually can't think we shouldn't meet them anymore and we would have it would enlighten us on May and elevate the society in the world so that's kind of big broad glamorous strokes but that's how I felt about this question all right fight it out I know this could get very interesting let's talk to dr. Doc's God but you know what God got his an absentee boss he gives his job for two weeks - Jim fucking Kerry wasn't sitting back and also paying attention Oh nonsense he's on vacation and he still has to pay attention yes so that's utterly irresponsible he doesn't get a chance to pay attention there God you pay attention to everything right back I know y'all I know y'all I was with y'all at Comic Con we were on vacation but we were also working you can mess with anyone at comic-con and just like that's my entire career oh my god and with with yours you know you're very funny because the direction you went with him being a teacher and you know that would be if I was like a conservative Republican I'd say that's why teachers unions are bad because he should have been fired but you also said remember in a crystal skull and be having the great pluses of being a professor like that and having to be in crystal skull that negates all the good things about that job miss the best part of the argument which is that his son Rex the campus library and he didn't get fired yes but he still have to be in the movie Indiana Jones in the Crystal Skull aliens it's not so bad for Nina jill's is bad for us it was bad for him he got to go on a crazy-ass day God has seen aliens and when he's not that he's not the teachers lounge making coffee and giving his powers to some crazy person like Jim Carrey yeah he's a great boss he's a great thing you both picked both big regressions that come as an enormous amount of pressure God is literally in charge of everything but he can't because like it leads they can't just leave cuz he's like you said he's omniscient he can't go sit on a beach cuz he's still aware there are no burlier no noise cancelling headphones when you're gone and then imagine if you did ignore the silent the pleas of every human voice yeah you're right dr. Doolittle I mean my god it's just non-stop every animal man I'm sorry you're sorry Hannibal that's hornier in pain it was not psychic they have to talk to him it's not like he's gone on mission hearing all the voices he's not gonna hear about her ex he's not gonna hear about dogs having sex any more than you hear about your neighbors having sex unless you leave you know unless you're nearby or you're the windows are open so that's not the apartment mark okay I just think that Indiana Jones I think if you pitched his job as a professor I think that's the great job all that other stuff he has to do you say there's no pressure Indy the American government want you to fight Nazis and fight the arca that find the Ark of the Covenant in the midst of the desert oh that sounds like a great job I don't need to tell my boss and I can be gone as long as I need to he does have two jobs he does come with two jobs yeah he is like every lyft driver around here like yes they drive forklift but they also have a secondary job where they like write scripts or whatever like people have two jobs you can't both of them he actually can sell the artifacts back to the school he works for that's like poaching that's cultural appropriation and stolen artifacts just busted we just busted a dive was it the Walton family or some other family happy not me the Hobby Lobby family for buying trafficking in stolen artifacts that's an international crime first of all so he's a bad teacher international criminal and not really good at a second job he's a great teacher his students love him well that girl does in that movie that movie we're never gonna say exactly I'm just saying he's a great teacher he seems to have a very popular class it's always full of students again he can go and do his adventures whenever he wants it it's kinda to have a job here classes for students it's always an honor it's a the worst case scenario of indiana jones' job is someone gets to cover in my class and I get to go have an adventure and then the worst case sister once our job is the world dies the worst case scenario of yurikawa is i have to listen to every duck this is what animals are gonna say it's like four things I'm hungry I'm horny pick me up or let me go outside we'll just make a new one doesn't answer god I don't think he cares if you believe in him or not because he's on vacation he's gonna go on a beach and he's gonna come back what does God need suntan that makes no Sun what was that that God doesn't need a suntan I'm sorry no I just the pressure that comes with being God is not worth the perks if the only parties that's trying to mess around with people it's not worth being responsible to the livelihood of billions and billions of it's very responsible and yeah dr. Doolittle again like is it is it you can talk to the animals okay like fine you still have to be a vet like you still have to do the work it's just do you have to talk to the patients you still have to be a surgeon and save children Oh God I'm just saying like there's enough satisfaction to save the lives of animals either way I don't want to hear them say ouch when I give them their rabies shots it's be nice to just save they probably don't own a pet at the moment do you I am an adoptive father to two cats abundantly clear what every hour you were a dog owner they know I know exactly where I stand with being a dog owner around dr. do it like that dr. Google around dogs would be the worst because doctor one to a dog park yeah dogs are like a media icon for animals as soon as you walk up to any dog or any animal especially once they know that you can talk to them I do feel like literally all they're gonna say all day long is like oh my god help me oh my god help me oh my god help me there's the other there's the triste because you said oh my god help me we said it was the best job nothing he was good at it but he's not doing it he's terrible just ignore your job who you think you're talking to you that that's good that was pretty great but that's not the God they're talking to you wow this is I need help on this one lunch well the Internet has a lot of particularly upset a lot of people feel like both God and Dolittle are those powers or jobs like Jones in a way has powers too because he gets going he's missions like if you had dr. Dolittle's job would you be able to just hear the animals or is this job just treating the animals so a lot of debate goes in the home doctor around those also a lot of people tried to choose picks that are unemployed people like Jay Gatsby or the tube-like they think they're being all clever like I'm gonna pick you guy with no job that would be the best job others that came up James Bond Willy Wonka a lot of people saying they thought Dan was gonna pick Captain Kirk again the pressure yeah it's a lot hard to be a starship captain and then I was shocked more than one person said captain Phillips which is every time I think of that moment with Tom Hanks afterwards on the boat I think the best acting he's ever done it's amazing whatever that scene is yeah my understanding is she's an actual EMT so she just came in and did the job she was doing for someone that was acting like he was god it was easy to write him already so oh my god so good I mean anyway I just I think about that blonde I need help on this okay well yeah we thought from the from from the gang there well I think they they did a good job of knocking down God it just seems like a lot of thought so too but let me challenge you guys she did make a point to cure some he's an ass is he really is that version really responsible that version of his job yes just sort of leave and he's always happy and doesn't be once true but then so does Cindy you know just you know drop his responsibilities I'm assuming someone artifacts but I guess you who cares that being a jerk it doesn't count she's right though the dogs would bug you all the damn time saying feed me help me but then they bug God too but this guy doesn't care but there's not doing his job character go ahead lon final hi yeah I actually thought I mean I thought everybody made an intriguing point it was sort of hard to figure out you know like who - silent but I did feel like we heard a lot better arguments against both God and Dolittle I didn't really hear a lot of very negative in the points that survived right and all the stuff that was negative it just more he's a jerk or driving things wrong so I'm sure your argument even when he destroys the library they they believe that's a pretty damn good job all right Dan gets the point but very close that was a yeah the internet strongly felt they went they lean very much towards Indiana Jones 74% on YouTube 22% for God 2% right now I'm gonna reload cuz that's probably not right on Twitter it's 54% Indy 34% God 12% doula that's because none of them have seen it I think they probably just assumed you met the Eddie Murphy 7% for Doolittle there you go all right let's do this question 5 after it ruins clowns forever which is gonna do because a lot of clowns are upset but that was their birthday that was the news story is that birthday clown bookings have dropped dramatically before so they would cuz even the parents are like no thanks I don't want that here what other occupation should get its own horror movie Danielle you're up first um I am choosing Vice Principals because I think I think everyone the Vice Principals assistant managers anyone who is not at the top of the list they always have that little bit of like a dark spot they have a grudge they're trying to make it and so wow the principal gets to be your pal the Vice Principal is usually the one who ends up getting up in that ass and so I think that they they have this sense of authority they are someone that children trust which is the same as like a clown or anything else they've got that trustworthiness or at least the appearance where you should find them to be trustworthy but there's something dark inside every vice principal there's something dark and lonely and way too ambitious and I think that if you do something that feels like you're gonna mess up the vice principal's chances to become a principal or to ascend they will murder the crap out of you all right that's why I'm going with Vice Principal I am fascinated Marc this is a I'm going with politicians I think actually making them just Devils from hell is just the next logical step because they control so much of our lives already and they make decisions they obviously much like your god don't care about us [Music] not the God she believed about foods here I just think the politicians the next logical step because we're living in a scary world right now the politicians and if they all took off their skin suits and turned out to be demons from how I'd be like Oh duh yeah I think I think and Vice Principals I went with again that I think horror comes in the to everyday things and so I went with carnival ride operators sometimes referred to as carnies I don't know if that's offensive or not so I'm just gonna say carnival right off the carnies apologies the carnies if that is a derogatory term I think that there's like you know it's kind of like clowns it's like 98% of them are just good-natured people looking to get by on their jobs but every once in a while I'll see a carnival ride operator now look in his eyes and I'll just see something man I don't know what it is but it's like they're pulling that lever to send me into the dark and I'm not sure if I'm gonna come back out of the other side and again it's it's finding a like Jaws it's finding the fear in an everyday situation that's gonna make you scared of something that you enjoy and so I think it might be fun to have like a horror movie of like you know they run like the tunnel of death but it's the actual tunnel of death you know one of those old carnival rides you can get a crazy Walder Frey looking dude to play the guy yeah I think so you go alright alright guys we think well I think I think that carnies are scary from the very beginning I don't who's ever been like a sympathetic romantic trail of carnies on film I think they're always ruined those are the people that I would be afraid of offending by calling them carnies and you said something about you know the you're usually pals with your principal and not close with your vice-principal what school did you go to um one where I was I went one where I let her didn't drama and in choir oh so you were so we would have been friends but we wouldn't have known the principal very well yeah I mean I I just don't think Vice Principals I think Vice Principals are the opposite of scary I think they're powerless people who have hit a ceiling in their ambition are just kind of sad I don't think I'm never gonna be running in terror from a serial to a serial killer of icebergs you see what that's how they get you because they have that like congenial like that veneer of like continuum then ji-hyo veneer of like I'm a business person doing business things and I'm just here to help the kids just like a clown does and then you turn around and all the sudden the next thing you know staff staff staff steps to have your vice-principal has died for Vice Principals believed they had anemia or radiation poisoning they didn't look at their the energy but these are for children anyway and carnies carnies are also like they're they're creepy but I'm not really scared of them because they all weigh like 12 pounds and smoke like pall malls and at the cigarettes well they all look like they probably have a lung Stage four lung cancer politicians can actually do things they have access to nuclear weapons they have access to controlling our lives and if they they would actually make the tunnel of hell ride they would turn the world into the tunnel of hell and are they close to doing that I was just going for like an everyday kind of terror the person that goes into the thing in front of you just hear screaming and then it's just this this thing that looks in your face it just like tear - that's the voting the ballot box you don't have to get these people we'll see I think that like when it comes to carnies um sorry yes it comes to carnival workers man I've known we used to have people who would work at our carnivals back when I lived on base my sister wasn't one of them they are too lazy to try to figure out how to kill kids like maybe somebody who actually like built the rides might build a ride that was like spooky and can kill you but your average carnie is just trying to like find a place where he can go vape except for old Joe but he's just he pull his mask off when he's not he's lying to the Scooby kids he's not actually really a scary monster yeah you just trying to get money money buy a beer and Govinda scares the shit out of them though hey guess mark guys they don't need to they don't need to like actually murder murder you like decisions bad decisions can murder us all that's what's scary they're so black they're so blase about it they don't actually even they're even actually the balls to actually stab people to death which you know up close who wants them stabbing look at these look at the how many times can I do stabbed I mean I just made these politicians that have been scary in movies you have Damien in the final conflict is the American ambassador he actually is the son of the devil doesn't get scared that you have the dead zone you have Martin Sheen playing Greg Stillson who's absolutely terrifying what you said that they're not actually directly killing us that scares me more ablaze a faceless killer kills me scares me more than if I'm fighting you direct because I think something like a house of cards but that's Lake Lake you know uh crazy like plotting and like behind the scenes stuff I want my killers to straight-up draw some blood and I think once again you come in for that parent-teacher conference and you're like you know what you were being unfair to my kids I'm going to report you to the school board oh my god my head is gone I can to a political horror movie because I mean [Laughter] come ask you question if miss Cameron gave you a cookie would you eat it again she's very nice and that is how you would have hella died cuz miss Cameron could have poisoned all your cookies because that is how they get you rights principles are not to be trusted alright well I heard enough lots of suggest a great suggestion to the Internet magicians mailmen uber driver came up a lot a lot by the tattoo artist was a really interesting idea you know because a lot of people live in that Horror Story everyday and then a porn star came up a whole bunch if you want to see the points are also a lot of fans of a little film 2003's the janitor which introduced us to yes No Deal horror and then a lot of people said the dentist too but that is already a giggles right I know geometric suggested tax collectors and even came up with a tagline he's not just coming for your money tax collector crows okay I got good thoughts yeah mark I think we're already in that movie I think we all don't want to see more of that movie right now so it came down to vice principals and carnies for me sorry horrible licensed professionals I was looking for your rebuttal against Vice Principals but when Danielle dropped out they're just too lazy to kill kids they're just leave your place find a place to vape it was hard to a hard to beat that one and I want to see them drop blood so I got to give Danielle that point two point for you the lion killer Juggalos yeah they do say fans of Sam Twitter a very very close between the top two on Twitter 41% when politicians 38% went carnival experts and the 21% said Vice Principals over on YouTube 41% went for masters of the carnival arts for politicians and 25% for me let's do a series called masters of carnage president I yeah that's right yeah you did fantastic laughs like crazy thank you for doing that no that's like last minute they were like you want to be on with mark and a nose like you came in strong now you get to help me decide the winner here okay so pay attention to help me with these arguments and that please keep some notes I'm gonna come to you to get your thoughts cuz I'll need help lawn and well on the couch Isaac pay attention here we go well I'm sorry speed round you know how this works I'm gonna give you five more questions five more points you guys are now tied so this should be interesting any questions before we begin there's no trick question in this round is there yeah it's too hard in honor of the 40th anniversary of Close Encounters what is the best movie about making contact with aliens et a rival alright a rival versus et we heard you first mark so whenever you ready ET is a classic that is that has earned its reputation as being a classic it's a movie about acceptance it's a movie about finding someone we connect with it's this little boy who doesn't have a father and a split home and he finds a connection with a foreign life-form it's about it's about celebrating it's almost a Roddenberry look at the future and looking at alien races it's not they're coming to destroy us they're coming to steal us they're coming to eat our brains it's a hopeful movie it takes dam 18th grade but it's very personal story it's about one boys encounter with an alien arrival and in its own way was I think it's ordinarily hopeful because it was hopeful for not just a future of humanity but the future of intergalactic life it was this the most realistic thing like it's not just a cute alien it's like if aliens came down how would you communicate it's so fascinating to just watch how do you develop a language and make linguistics interesting the arrival is a great movie up until the final act where it suddenly becomes goes from a Stanley Kubrick movie to trying to be a Steven Spielberg movie and the arrival takes tropes that we've seen before in multiple movies the obelisks the quiet aliens but what are they saying I think et made the chirps I think arrival transcends the tropes and it actually shows what would it be like to actually meet aliens it's not a fanciful thing about this boy you're not watching this kid you're putting yourselves in that shoes to storm out humanity not just one kid thoughts damn why and you both hit on hope which was amazing God and you both kind of hit on that like Roddenberry like that you know the idea of like how do we communicate what we do et is a very personal story with aliens which is why people love it so much arrival is way more about humanity I'm always gonna go with the personal story I think that it was a great point that you made but I think that actually wound up helping him because I feel like when you when you're dealing with something as abstract as the idea of other life in the universe you need someone that you can that can be your viewpoint when you're unraveling all of this so I like to mark the point for you - okay lon couch top does that really like both yeah really great rebuttals really even like cuz it is the contact of aliens he did sort of give us a good yeah yeah I you know I'm tempted to say just because I thought that the point about you know sort of its shifting tones towards the end sort of turning Kubrick at the last second I feel like maybe I could give a slight edge to ET Draco do you guys agree yeah all right there you go markets the first point but that thing about linguistics is a great I was probably in there toward Stan but I think it is the best we've got contact with aliens yeah okay here we go number two look out 10th time here it's not over which franchise is in better shape currently which franchise is in better shape I'm gonna list two so get ready transformers or pirates pirates Transformers Pirates will be up first when you're ready mark go ahead pirates does have a growing tiresome performance by Johnny Depp but pirates always has a visual world that's new and exciting and expands the world the Transformers movies are more of the same it's meatloaf again movie after movie after movie with less interesting actors and less interest and the same mediocre director the Pirates movies are entertainment and disposable but at least they're ambitious on the level that they are and the production design role for that all five of those movies is spectacular damn Johnny Depp was phoning this franchise end to movies ago he's not engaging anymore he's not fun anymore they're not even featuring him in the movie plus Pirates ended with a nod to the fact they're gonna go back to Davy Jones I'm gonna go back to Bill Nye he was gonna be complete retread which the last week already was transformers is actually setting up new things or setting up Cybertron Michael Bay says he's leaving you're gonna have a new director you actually have a chance to have an infusion of fresh talent into this franchise the first tala with how many times do we see cars transform and fight each other in a city and be unrecognizable and then we're getting a bumblebee movie about it just feels like running on empty there at least there are least stories in the Pirates universe that I would be interested in seeing further but pirates is going back to the same stories you've already seen they made that abundantly clear this last one was a retread of every plot point from the last four movies transformers if only is keeping the plot moving by bringing in more elements from the cartoons and there's more to go Hulu on go to you this time first actually dan won that won pretty handily really really like the point yeah how it sort of ends with the promise of we're gonna bring in a lot of new stuff yeah do you agree I agree I agree for all of those reasons that it's being the same as like there is they are constantly explaining the Pirates universe but now with the idea that like we're gonna bring in a new director maybe some nothing else maybe that gives it a shot in the arm but it might need yeah Bravo all right do you got it dan can I pull it back yes gonna disagree all right number three in honor of Vince Vaughn's total makeover for bra and the cell block 99 what's the best movie best movie featuring Vince Vaughn's lost world it's a low hanging fruit that's Vince Vaughn people dodgeball Wow all right we got the posture of your first in since you spoke first mark well you sit over stuff you said this is a movie with Vince Vaughn not a Vince Vaughn movie lost world is not a great sequel but there are moments in it that are classic the thing over the cliff there's all the great stuff with the dinosaurs running through San Diego bringing the lost world into the real world there are moments in that movie that are deeply entertaining and there's buried there's not enough Vince Vaughn to ruin it which he does with all he missed it nonsense and every smug thing he does in every other movie so he's a supporting character in this you have the lost world also known as Steven Spielberg presents people looking placidly at dinosaurs the lost world took every bit of magic away from Jurassic Park and turned into a run of the mill sequel that San Diego thing was terrible it was the most uninspired piece of anti Godzilla filmmaking ever dodgeball is one of the most underrated comedies of its era it's not spoken of in the same words as old school and wedding crashes and all those other ones by the way Vince Vaughn also in those two good choices spike I think you just put the bullet in your own mouth thereby citing two other movies that are eminently more watchable and more driven by Vince Vaughn and the question here was what is the the best movie with Vince Vaughn not what is the best Vince Vaughn movie and for me less is more with Vince Vaughn dodgeball was the clever side of those three that's what I said it wasn't spoken with those but it should be lost world is uninspired it didn't get people excited about that franchise dodge ball has hilarious performances from not just Vince Vaughn but Ben Stiller from alan tudyk Danielle or up to you that is tough wow that's really really tough really it was easy for me I think I think I gotta go with dodgeball yeah that's what that's right was that two memorable parts mark listed weren't as memorable for me were they memorable for you no well I do appreciate that you almost won what the anti-choice are saying I'm gonna pick something where he's super not in it um this was it wasn't Vince Vaughn vehicle it is a probably miss best movie his best comedy wedding crashers is pretty fun don't do as much for me as and I am that might be the Alec to mix of it maybe swingers and made swingers and managers but out of the two choices that were picked I think dodgeball clearly took it I hate that San Diego thing in Los world as soon as Marty mentioned that I was like I'm askin I did - all right number four here we go what movie would be improved if you added the Muppets are we getting choices or no just no oh the Silence of the Lambs the fate of the Furious okay I love both these things okay whenever you're ready mark Kermit as dr. Lecter Miss Piggy is clarice starling gonzo as Buffalo Bill I apologize if you don't have a time delay really Suarez I didn't know that was you just wipe the slate clean I can't wait for the gifs for this one I just think it's ridiculous that we have Miss Piggy fighting with Michelle Rodriguez again I might get a little more interested in those movies if you added the Muppets the first the Furious movie is already a Muppet movie those aren't real actors those are suggestions of actors and I firmly believe that there are people with their hands up them making them speak this movie would be a really weird dark comedy like meet the Feebles or something like crazy part there's no scenario or what you just posited and proves the Silence of the Lambs it's an amazing movie you've ruined it and you can't make best if your is any more ridiculous by adding the Muppets they may have been there I just didn't notice Wow there we go Danielle one of chimed in holy crap I have a butt ha ha I have to go send the limbs if only if only for the line of fast-fading the Furious they may already be pups they're not actors they're the impression anyway that's only for the table I would go like animals Buffalo Bill not John's oh wow I mean it's hard because it's like a obviously comic pitch versus actually answering the question but it is movie fight so I think you gotta go with actually answering the question so fate of the Furious I answered the question seriously do you the question was what movie would be improved if you've had it tomorrow I think it would be insane it would be insane would be insane I don't know if it'll improve it though I would watch it but I think Dan's right he would ruin a classic film I gotta give Dan the final point that puts him over the end it's over Danny one [Applause] the sentence felt like you were getting a little worried that was a movie in a few ways their mark and Draco you came and played anything you'd like to plug all right no fantastic job love is love Brazil going to Brazil in December for the Brazil version of it the German versions coming out in September I believe the Spanish version is coming out in November and October 4th I'm co-writing with Paul Dini the creator of Harley Quinn we're doing Harley Harley Quinn in poison ivy meet Betty and Veronica that's great Congrats love it Danny Adam Yale Radford thank you so much for coming back you were hilarious as always you're welcome anytime you want anything you'd like to plug um yes I've got my podcast tights insights that comes out every Thursday where I talk about wrestling also on Wednesdays I do a live streaming show on Wednesday nights on hyper RPG it's a twist show where we it's in Cannon superhero role-playing show it's in the valiant universe my character might be in a comic book which is real weird it's just a bunch of comedians and the voice of lucio from from overwatch and it's super fun and that is on Pacific Standard Time seven o'clock Wednesday's love it killing it good work and thank you for coming and finally Dan Morelle you did it your back is fun it was just like fight yow again you're gonna have to keep doing this cuz you got to earn that fight back with Spencer great I'm ready and willing anytime anywhere next week's gonna be a great fight we have mr. Sunday movies flying in all the way from Down Under to come fight here I don't know if we're gonna see his face usually only see but stay tuned I'm excited to have them back I have him here for the first time live in studio that's gonna be crazy he's flying up yeah I mean I think most up to you but that's weird to have mean we're big fans and that'll be a lot of fun law and Harris Bravo over there thank you anything to just tad follow me on Twitter at L ons that one's will and Isaac thank you guys for coming to have fun oh we had a great time any final report there first on the show how would you how would you sum it up if we were on your network oh well it got a little r-rated toward the end of the show so he might have lost the family viewership yeah but overall really entertaining and a lot of fun to watch in person yeah some of it well some glad you guys had fun thank you for the support and coming I'm glad we could have you here and thank you all for watching at home it's always a blast a nice ignore on Twitter and we'll see you next week mr. so many movies and some other fun guests have a great one bye-bye bye thanks again to t-mobile for sponsoring today's episode check out what makes them America's best unlimited network at t-mobile comm slash coverage [Music] you