Would You Rather In Real Life Choose Your Fate

that was a test everybody this is what I do hello everybody welcome back to team match today we're doing the would you rather challenge or pretty much the point of this video is to see us suffer so essentially we are playing the game would you rather where somebody asks a question would you rather do this or would you rather do that and both of them are gonna be painful both of them are gonna be disgusting and it's gonna make us vomit guys say hi to Chris put in the comments hello Chris yes that's Chris Chris who else worst so I decided with Brian my boy is making that defy contacted you rather a lemon with the skin or choose a mystery box um organic absolutely non-gmo it was grass-fed I can't do this I can't no lemon he looks rough what is that a rubber lemon how old is that lemon this is that a fresh lemon oh there we go there he goes yeah yeah in that sour dough this skin is so bad Chris who goes next alright next is Joey would you rather bathe in Gatorade or have your feet spray-painted I don't want to have to wash my feet that is a horrible choice yeah stuff off my foot yeah all right it's my turn be shot by ten things out of the t-shirt cannon or we shot five times by the paintball gun all right I'll take the two yes cool we got some cheeto puffs and mail Bobby weirdest combo I've ever taste right three two one Oh three two one Oh what is that sauerkraut and vinegar the coffee grounds cactus and nerds oh I need to get closer to you oh yes can't walk up like that oh it's my boob is so heavy Brian would you rather do the chubby buddy or would you rather have a spoonful you said chubby buggy question to that give me the ginger I I would gag it's literally Bug poop in your mouth did a one-year-old pour that spoon boy one-year-old pour that spoon have you ever seen a one-year-old child I know it looks like that ha ha ha ha Brian you have to attempt to swallow it if you can't let still okay I got for you Joey do you rather have a shock pen jabbed into your side for 10 seconds or get hit with a ping-pong ball sting pong style Oh ping pong balls sure why am I doing this it's not a sustainable lifestyle bro be quiet and just take your shirt off like a man no dude that's nice little mark don't try this at home kids right there ow oh you are gonna get it now yo nothing compared to that this one's interesting your options are getting both mystery boxes or both punishments we why either you have to take both mystery boxes or on your next turn you have to do both of the challenges you don't get to pick okay you know what I'm gonna be a baller today do both those mystery box baller is no gift wrapping what does this mean so that you wear for the rest of the game oh it's like looking out the side I thought we were a family channel do I have to do anything with us yeah he's got to wear it I get me take this home yes you just have to wear the ball of cloth we get barbecue all over here's the thing barbecue sauce is gonna dry and this thing's gonna be glued my forehead Wow would you rather we slap some 25 times right now oh well five times a day for the next five days oh not just between us anybody in the office can come slapping I will go with getting slapped 25 times right now come on in everybody [Music] no no wipe that off your hand you told me I didn't slot very hard last time I was hard rough too yeah oh this is so weird Luke wants this [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] Brian Duque get up on here how's your face feeling how's your face feeling Brian okay boss Scott's been waiting for this all of his life all right Jordan step right up this is almost over you got two slaps left Oh [Music] now what stung the mouths out of all that was a test and everybody bailed Joey would you rather eat a bowl of lawn clippings or roll around on the lawn with no shirt then get sprayed with vinegar oh man one I can't eat this yeah I'm taking my shirt off and rolling around ever now you get a rub there you go there we go come Bobby go all losers and Bobby would you rather get dragged on carpet or get rolled up in carpet for five minutes I will get rolled up in the carpet stay there for five minutes because there's no tickling no junk she looks like a hand roll I'm so tightly packed in okay oh hey Joe Hey [Music] [Laughter] Bobby you Skinner lettuce you're making it worse all right get him out this is what I do for a living would you rather shave half your body head to toe Oh [Music] would you rather wear a mask with a ginger powder in it for two minutes or have a mouthful of garlic that's easy kid your powder are you serious I don't have to breathe you're not gonna breathe for two minutes all right timer starts when it touches your face and go don't puff to the ranch isn't even taking a breath yet I even breathing you have to be breathing Wow all right Bobby oh they smile when they read it would you rather be tickled in a straitjacket oh I'm a straight jacket with crickets oh come on five wait but they haven't eat anything [Music] give me a second yes we're gonna put you over here that in front of the camera I'd rather do a minute I'm tickling yeah I think I might rather do a minute ago I'd rather tickling can we do it can we please do check if I if they're in my regular t-shirt I probably be okay but since I'm in a straitjacket roll-on it would crush them against myself yeah not whole Helen defeats the purpose no here's to [Music] waking up oh my gosh what is joking I saw him dude we had a bazooka protocol why not sit down cuz I just need to I just feel like I'm free if I'm or I feel like and free the more likely we will do it I would God please do tickling coaster tickling you're the best employee ever Bobby you want us to take you down I felt good about that one Oh beats cricket alright guys that was a hoot make sure you go watch our last would you rather challenge where Bobby freaked out a good solid what was it half an hour or 15 minutes like trying to put his hand in the box of something 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