Wounded Officer Pulled to Safety in Freeway Shootout

a terrifying scene as a gun battle breaks out on a busy freeway overpass in the middle of rush hour this shootout in California left one officer dead and triggered panic as commuters ran for cover a horrific gun battle erupts on a Southern California freeway overpass during rush hour traffic fooled the madman is armed with an assault rifle police say he's just shot and killed a California Highway Patrol officer responding officers take cover and return fire dramatic footage shows a wounded officer being rushed to the hospital in a patrol car stuns motorists are caught in the hail of bullets this mom says bullets tore through her car window narrowly missing her twin six-year-old boys it hit straight in the middle of my windshield missing my head and my two children that were in the backseat a retired Marine Charles child dress came to her rescue heard the kid screaming the marine took them behind their car's engine block he's my guardian angel here's Jim array investigators are still on the scene behind me the gunman's bullet rental truck is on the freeway overpass police say the shootout started after officer Andre Moy pulled over the suspects vehicle and attempted to impound it the officer was filling out paperwork and the man grabbed a rifle from his truck and opened fire killing the officer after the long firefight police shot and killed the gunman who was identified as Erin Luther who had previously served time in prison for attempted murder the slain officer had been with the California Highway Patrol for three years he leaves behind a wife two other officers were taken to the hospital one in critical condition you [Music]