WrestleMania 35 Needs THIS To Be Perfect

[Applause] from the moment Charlotte Flair snapped on Ronda Rousey in the main event of Survivor Series 2018 after she replaced an injured Becky Lynch her inclusion in the WrestleMania 35 conversation was clearly on the agenda Charlotte's destroying of Ronda in a post match beatdown was a perfect echo back to Becky Lynch is beating that she gave the baddest one on the planet just six nights earlier on Monday in a row when Smackdown invaded the red brand bought two perhaps more notably it echoed that faithful night in Brooklyn last August where Becky had finally had enough and decided to decimate her best friend Charlotte in the aftermath of their triple threat match with carmella at SummerSlam now as he could imagine Ronda Rousey wasn't exactly gonna take that one lying down she did manage to get a modicum of revenge at TLC where she cost the jewel in their triple threat TLC match with Oscar for the Derby degree Smackdown Women's Championship and subsequently gave the title to the Empress so now heading into WrestleMania season W we have three red-hot stars all with equal attention split between them all deserving of a big spotlight as of recording however Ronda Rousey is the current raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch is set the tick on Oscar in a rematch for the SmackDown Women's Championship and Charlotte Flair is undoubtedly going to be in the Royal Rumble match so how do we get to this amazing triple threat match I hear you ask well to be honest that's not my main question there's a whole number of ways we can get there and obviously using the Royal Rumble as a vehicle that can easily be achieved the bigger question here and probably more concern that we should all be asking ourselves is should we actually get there how do we hype the match heading into WrestleMania 35 maintaining its momentum and everything like that without actually losing anything on the way because all we've seen so far is these three beat the living hell out of each other and that's happened for a significant period of this storyline so how do we change that well the answer is simple you force them to stop on Smackdown live in 2019 Becky Lynch's aura is now such that she draws comparisons with Stone Cold Steve Austin not to mention the fact he already has the black t-shirt with the white impact phone but to be honest right now there's never been a more relevant time for those comparisons and in Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch has found the rock to her Stone Cold Steve Austin a dynamic performer who is simply too good to ignore and much like the man deserves a spot at the top and the top and this particular kiss just so happens to be WrestleMania 35 well the rock on Austin's famous feud feels like a fit in comparison here perhaps it's another rattlesnake rivalry that is beckoning the man especially if she's planning on making it to that main event at WrestleMania 35 my Becky Lynch was inadvertently taken away from the dhobi TV audience courtesy of an errand right fist from nya Jax I'm not saying it was as devastating as when Owen Hart botched the tombstone on Stone Cold Steve Austin but when the news broke that Becky was going to spend time on the sidelines it impacted the modern fans just as much now Lynch is relatively quick comeback men I've allowed much time for there to be an absence not as any complaints here but it didn't take much for the heart of WV fans to be motivated to grow fonder of the man as an interesting comparison then the period went Dubi Dubi we lost the rattlesnake for the longest actually immediately resulted in them heading towards previously unseen prosperity and Empire was rebuilt on his shoulders but his neck was literally incapable of holding the weight after all his years of service and while many thought that stone cold would be a huge missed during the infamous hit and run storyline the truth of the matter is it was kind of the opposite he brought such a stark quality back to the industry and in that time it had rubbed off on the likes of the rock and as it just saw happened the rock was even better at giving the rub than Stone Cold Steve Austin was and one of the immediate and biggest beneficiaries of said rub just so happened to be a young man by the name of triple hitch now in his own right Triple H was actually slowly but surely becoming one of the best wrestlers in the world during that time period genuinely go back and watch him again he was as he would repeatedly tell you that damn good but much like Charlotte did at Survivor Series when she stole the spotlight in Becky Lynch's absence the year 2000 was all about the game however just as the man came round again after her injury the Bionic redneck had returned he was repaired and he was ready to rumble after the eventual conclusion of the hit-and-run storyline arrived Rikishi's role in a narrative cam and then swiftly left and all we were left with was some very very pissed-off Stone Cold Steve Austin and a Triple H who had been revealed to be the mastermind of it all the pair were all over each other at the 2001 Royal Rumble could not be separated but the Speight his best efforts Triple H could not stop stone cold from winning and booking his place in the main event of Wrestlemania for a WWE title shot the sheer fury between the two of them meant that this was not gonna end until they had a match that was fitting of their rivalry so Vince McMahon booked the two of them in a three stages of Hell match but not only that he knew this wasn't gonna be enough because the two were absolutely inseparable so until they shared you a match at No Way Out it was decided that neither competitor could touch the other if Stone Cold Steve Austin laid one finger on Triple H he would use his WrestleMania title shot and of Triple H laid one finger on Stone Cold Steve Austin he would be suspended for six months and as you can imagine this led to otter chaos ahead of the war to finally settle the score the physical and psychological main games went into overdrive because the pair couldn't hit one another we found ourselves with Stone Cold Steve Austin giving a stunner to Stephanie McMahon and then as a receipt for that one Triple H was assaulting and abusing Stone calls best friend Jim Ross by the time the two finally came to blows in their encounter the heat and the hype for this match had reached WrestleMania level proportions just one month before the shore of shores the anticipation to see this three stages of helmets was absolutely through the roof it was a truly inspired angle of one that doesn't seem to have been redone very well ever since however could now be the time to bring it back you've got Becky Lynch you've got Ronda Rousey you've got Charlotte Flair three people who absolutely want a minute of each other who have all this tension that's built up from various people costing each other title opportunities and beating each other down surely now is the time to bring that back dumi debris you could argue or in a much more advantageous position now than they were back in 2001 you'd have Ronda who'd be divided by brand anywhere she could be over on Raw an out of the picture to certain extent and then you'd have Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch who would be doing their best to stay out of each other's way after spending the majority of 2018 absolutely annihilating one another but what about Ronda Rousey I hear you ask isn't she just gonna be a third wheel marooned over on Raw well technically yes I guess she is but logically isn't that where she's meant to be why would she go out a smackdown if she can't beat up Becky in Charlotte that completely defeats the point a very even be in there so she could stay on Raw she could stay out of the picture let them to do all the damage to each other and let's be honest Ronda Rousey is the last remaining babyface in this whole thing so what kind of make sense I mean think about it logically the last time that Ronda Rousey went running headfirst to try and get some revenge what happened to her she got her ass handed to her by Becky Lynch in a steel chair so that probably isn't exactly what she wants to do again in this specific feud too short some development for Rhonda's character why not have my be wiser why not have here be smarter and leave those two to fight it out amongst themselves and try their best not to tear each other apart and she can just watch from the background maybe even throwing insults and trying to incite a bit of violence how good would that be most importantly however and this absolutely applied during the storm called Steve Austin and Triple H feud this stipulation could help to preserve every inch of a match that absolutely needs to be a final battle between these three women in the modern era Dubi Dubi so often suffers from accidental overkill I mean let's be honest look at AJ Styles versus Shinsegae Nakamura these WrestleMania moments these dream matches these once in our lifetimes they often end up getting undone because of repetitive rematches and tepid restarts and make no mistake about it this is and very much needs to be an iconic moment you've got three of the biggest superstars in lwy right now regardless of gender who have earned their spot in the main event whose paths have interjected organically up until this point and who are perfectly poised to become the first-ever women to finally headline WrestleMania yeah what culture my name is Simon Mannering today I have an announcement so big so huge it's gonna shatter the very foundations of your life to the point you may need to phone up a friend and say I don't even know who I am anymore I have just heard the news have you heard the news they'll probably say no I haven't heard the news but you're already on the phone to them you've already connected with them so I would appreciate it if you either tell them the news or send them to this video Thanks so what is the news well it's nice and simple I've heard you out there I've seen you've been commenting I've read your tweets and I can now officially let you know that you do enjoy raw ups and downs if you do enjoy Smackdown ups and downs that now you'll be able to set your watches to them you'll be able to make notes in your calendars because we're gonna have enough fish time for when they're gonna go live I know massive so ups and downs for raw we'll go live at 2:00 p.m. GMT that's bridge time every Tuesday and they will go live at 2:00 p.m. GMT every Wednesday for smack this you don't have to be aimlessly walking around anymore go what do I do I want to know what going up and what got down what Seth Rollins did or what AJ Styles is up to now you know 2 p.m. GMT Tuesday 2:00 p.m. GMT Wednesday's ups and downs coming at ya in the face I realize what I just said retract that keep moving on and I hope to see you there soon and I hope that we build an audience so big if I ever wanted a March an army anywhere in the world I could and we'd call it the ups and downs army because I haven't come up with a bad name so yes just to reiterate more ups and downs 2:00 p.m. GMT Tuesday Smackdown ups and downs 2:00 p.m. GMT Wednesday I cannot wait to bring this brand new era in and unlike other brand new eras I've already let you know exactly what you can expect to see come on 2019 Kenny and Mego don't know where he's going but you do know you can always rely on ups and downs [Music] [Music]