Wu Tang Collection Zodiac Fighters English Version

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] all right we are not living [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] mr. Szyslak she can trick anybody mm-hmm guide so strange you know he's looking at her it's over no don't worry he can cope let's find another right you come with me [Music] stranger [Music] [Applause] mistress what's with him he's going to the garage anyone listen to me mistress whose is it I know it belongs to that guy who beat me huh well that's great now it's all right he won't need it he's gonna die no I'm going to find him and give it back [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] they all say the side of the music [Music] here [Music] just makes me want to cry [Music] [Music] misery mistress mistress mistress mistress where's your cattle but just look at that the poor man died alone in his new miserable cave that treasure mr. Benn his it's the one who died of a broken heart right well the least I can do is to bury his bones and then his spirit can rest in peace [Music] when it is here I guess it's for me you must be a good person because anybody in this cave I'm sure will see only the treasure chest that treasure that I collected over the years of hard work when people see it they'll be delighted that if the a greedy and rushed it attacks you well then they'll spring the trap and they will die immediately and serves them right for their greediness but if they see my post skeleton here and pity me and want to bury me and they do go home to hide these few bones then I will respond to such kindness and give them a much greater treasure the half break sword as a reward now then you go and visit the heartbreak girl tell her I died in misery because my treasure could not win her a smile it all meant nothing to her now you leave right away because this cave will soon collapse hey mister I must bury you don't let it collapse yes god help me yes recipe I'm going [Music] you should agree [Music] define heartbreak girl cross single tree bridge hey let me pass first [Laughter] hey Mona don't move the golden waterfall is now striking directly on your nerve Sanders stay there for two hours and I'll help you yes I know her very well being her servant all these years young lady if you must know we won't go Jenko you may go yes mistress is the girl dead no she's alive but still suffering from her fall but she's lucky do you mean cuz she lay on the stone hmm that jade stone is over a million years old if one lies on it for a couple of hours then any injuries will be completely healed as her mistress you know a lot of things hmm I've learned a lot from bucks but still don't know kung foo all the vital points with which to wake this girl up go foo wake up mister you forget John Buchan so can i oh dear I keep forgetting your knowledge right you press a vital points and wake up huh right well now I thought but you would know because I am heartbreak girl this place here is the cave of the 12 animals we discovered it three years ago when we arrived here there are 12 smaller caves around the center each of the caves represents a different kung fu style there's the mouse ox cat hair [Music] dragon snake horse sheep rooster dad Pete we discovered that 11 people had each learned one of those styles of kungfu but then they destroyed all the drawings and left Oh Billy I know they were being very selfish they meant for no one else to learn that style but still but dragon that cave is still closed and I found this ancient book in which it says the dragon style is the most powerful but if the tagging styles best why didn't they go into Batcave then well now I asked that but still you examine the entrance carefully then you will see the reason why they didn't go in ah I see now the whole entrance is sealed with a slab of rock so they just couldn't get in there well they couldn't but I know one who could get in there who you hey why should I be able because in your possession is a special blade heartbreak sword with that you can go in oh and also because you lay for two hours by the golden waterfall your body can withstand a bit of code but you will find inside the cave there but still but still I don't know but why because don't like killing I agree killings bad but there are some people who are to be killed who really deserve it sorry Owen and I we both wish that we could kill you want to kill someone [Applause] she and I have come here many times hoping that I could find a way to enter the dragon cave and learn how to use a dragon technique then I'd return to my hometown and and kill the traitors who have seized power there my father had destroyed my I'm sorry but don't cry I'll let you have the sword then you can learn cooking food and go and kill those training yeah take it too late I'm too weak now I've been quite seriously ill only you can open up the dragon cave I hope you'll become a champion of justice and go out and fight evil and kill those who deserve to die yes you're refused me [Music] suddenly I feel that I'm important I want to go in the cave please tell me who's the man who harmed you a powerful and cruel man and he's known as tiger shark tiger shark when you've learnt the dragon kungfu i'll tell you more right [Music] [Applause] [Music] well no it was the will of heaven that this girl to come to us perhaps we can eventually strange [Music] it's colder inside really I don't care but still when should I come out again when the maple leaves have turned red again I'll meet you here good good [Music] but I I said I wasn't scared and the cold right I'm not there was I can't learn right I will then I will learn so dark [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] saga mmm look all the maple leaves have turned red yes oh he is passed remember our agreement with that mornig Earl yes but she's doing the king right you go down there and picture here yes Monica Monica please help me to take revenge now oh you can do it [Music] seems you're not too busy being having a good sleep then Silva that's good I was beginning to think everyone in the world was dead it feels so good to actually have some customers again so now tell me your age and birthday don't one by fortune oh but why then the silver advice we're looking for somewhere which place do you want Harvey Gorge huh happy Gorge [Music] the five elements [Music] you were misfits you must go quick Janko are they coming here yes [Music] [Music] Jenko you were a goodness and now you've got we the five elements greet the southern princess I'm not southern princess I'm hot break girl what you want southern princess as the old master has died I come here with tiger sharks orders to come to see you and escort you to the south oh so he's finally taken over the south and killed my father your father died of sickness and tiger shark has not taken the position of master there but only the position of chief justice oh no tiger shark is so vicious my father always knew that he had treacherous ambitions that's why he sent me to live here because he thought I would be safe here but now you men have come to kill me your father was an old man and shortly after you had left the palace he just died tiger shark simply wants you to come back there to take over the southern thrown yet deceive me let me tell you something no but my father is dead I had died too huh now please restrain your grief the Lord tiger shark mentioned no harm and he has no wish to take the throne and all the people down there wish your ally returned to sit on your father's throne southern princess a great future awaits you great future great future will it really be so great of course it will and it's so much better than this place you must leave Oh must I then I guess I will go home now good and we the five elements will escort you on your journey and help you alone where's your mistress I thought you've come to meet me she's waiting in the house now ah what I've learned to come fool right let's go see your mistress gran it's been years since I saw tiger shark therefore I must take him a present to thank him but he's concerned for me he wants no presents just you [Music] this time of year the maple leaves a beautiful red and crimson so nice I will take some as a gift but first and the last why'd she do that jump down into that gorge now she's dead when I see Tiger shock what I say [Music] [Music] yes missus perhaps they found her and maybe they will tell me who are they the men from the south tiger shark Salters ah I see now this man tiger shark loves your mistress hmm all right you go when you beloved I'll try to find her what an awful thing well now if she's been captured I'll rescue her and if they killed her then I'll avenge her sorry Yin come on let's hurry up and go catch these people now wait after you went into the cave mr. started possibly you and she wouldn't meet again so she left this for you twelve rates five one red lutz white what does it mean I don't know because she never explained it to me but it's nothing to do with the cave but my mistress was smart so I'm sure it must be important you think about it now go on right let's go what's wrong come on I don't you I think come on don't be silly I'm sure she she she's done now oh [Applause] sorry n you want to join her well alright I promise you then well over a year since I went into the gorge I guess everything must have changed Jing Fung and Minya my old friends I wonder where they are now are they dead we're still alive [Music] place is deserted no one are they all dead bet somebody's alive well now the fortune teller that's right and I'm still here hey tell me what happened here when I was here it was a busy town well now there's no treasure the cave was collapsed and no hidden beauty no one comes here determined to die so there's no business not for anyone there's no curious spectators no business for funeral parlors hmm the golden days have all gone and now the town is finished all right hey tell me the folks you know why are you waiting huh for you yes my friend you see I'm real smart hmm because everyone who entered the gorge since you did has come out alive again so I knew that somehow you changed everything where everyone else had failed you'd succeeded smart girl and so I knew you'd come out one day hmm well and where's the treasure treasure the treasure left by the wealthy man that everyone went in looking for don't say you didn't see it not treasure oh yes of course I did find it well all right give me half still you see that treasure ah now come on I tell you I know everything in the whole world where the future or past about you as well Oh your left eye is higher than your right one you're fat so if there's anything that you want to know just ask me I know that all he wants is the money but he's a very smart fellow though maybe I could use him perhaps he can explain the riddle but a heartbreak girl left for me right I accept that you're really smart so then if you help me solve the meaning of this riddle I'll split the treasure with you oh and the riddle is 12 you can break 5 well you read meats right 12 breaks 5 when red meats white now then what can it mean ah if I knew that what I asked you does it mean people or articles is it some game ah maybe it's how to find a girl it's none of those mmm sure of that it's a message left to me by the height break girl oh oh I get it she's dead is she that right and those men killed her that right it's those five men okay yesterday go eastwards [Music] hey why did you kill the girl tell me who are you a professional mourner when I was her friend oh come on oh well in that case you just spend your time mourning for her let's go toilet that girl was my friend and you'll answer for this Alan what is this do you want to die it's you who'll die I can handle this child [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] now hold it you mix with them they'll murder you look we can't stand here I'm not you die listen I did here once of a technique famous in kung-fu fighting and it was called if I recall the mounted three can beat the five on foot yeah that's right huh that's what it was called oh let's try it we haven't much to lose really well you two carry me down it [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it was pants in here a third of the way of getting rid of those he was terrific Thank You pantsing I didn't know you are an expert in martial arts no no no I don't know martial arts I don't know how to fight I just heard of that technique that's all wake up with you mister you've been unconscious for a whole day we were real worried yeah those five men the technique that they use is based on the concept of the five elements wood fire water metal earth I knew you were a really smart man huh what you don't know doesn't count so tell me just how can we break their battle technique yes well now twelve breaks five that's the message the girl left for you twelve must mean I'm sure the 12 animals it's so obvious it's those caves you saw well maybe so where are they they animals or humans but where are they yeah well that's easy out of all the animals the dragon is the king right in that case when you call they have to come you're the boss they know that maybe you're right but just how do we find them where do we look yeah now stalks cat dog sheep horse snake pig hair cock cock [Music] right you do the head will do the cock okay [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] it's there [Music] [Applause] [Music] you'll find it I know it must be here I heard it car [Music] [Music] come on let's search this place [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well he's a big rooster and you're a little hen what do you think he wants hey don't turn your back [Music] [Music] dragon where your other friends oh so you managed to get in that cave that makes you our chief but why do you want the others cuz tiger shark is in rebellion and he's just sees the south and we want you to summon all the other animals to stop him oh is that so right I should go and find the others then but where do we meet in the restaurant three-star Hotel [Music] [Music] in its name there it really deserves them cuz everything's great here eating the sleeping a dreaming is beautiful the whole the wine the rose it's marvelous this place is the best place in town but just now I heard you referring to dreaming now what was that I'll tell you what it means the woman who owns this hotel pains Banting home once you lay your eyes on her then you start to dream wonderful daydreams I'll tell you this one is such a fantastically sexy one I swear when you see her I'll bet you'll start dreaming about all sorts of playing this place stinks that's my view that so now well that's what I think why can't I say so sorry sorry my young friends drunk sorry sorry excuse S&Z I never tasted worse terrible mm-hmm and the line too it's added and the other thing now the mistress here well I think yes what about me [Music] [Applause] [Music] well gone and finish your sentence hmm I think not much please forgive her this young lady's yeah a bit strange she's never been away from home before please excuse her that's all right tell me miss where'd you come from help my god ah heartbreak gorge ah but it must be very interesting there I guess that you must have seen the beautiful girl who's supposed to live there right yes I have and she's prettier than you what I've been here now for more than three years and all my friends say how good the place is and how good I am but your young friend was quite frightened Alleluia is garbage the wine has been watered as for me I'm nothing much many people never speak their minds say things a good one they're not but you friend tell the truth so then I have a great deal more respect for you than the others well come on I shall drink to you all these people here who praise the place I simply can't stand them they really get on my nerves but somebody who will tell the truth I really admire what I don't get is why all those fools don't all get up and go home now ah must meet some friends please excuse me waiter yeah I guess here you make sure they get the finest rooms that we have here yeah [Music] Oh God now look why'd you mention heartbreak gosh why shouldn't I because we're on the main road to the south and so therefore some of tiger sharks men could be in here could have heard you uh huh what could they do after all we're quite able they can't hurt us and that woman there don't trust her she's strange I'll go check hey where you going to summer gig have to go to the toilet it's there thank you hmm you may fit Thank You me thank you miss well that happened you men must send her records to get the southern princess well we did go there and we did find her gone we killed yang li the old guard of hers but the southern princess committed suicide by jumping off a cliff no way that we could stop her and so all that we got was a hand keep that belong to her Hey well maybe now that she's dead tiger shark will forget about her well in that case it's possible that you can become the first lady down there hmm but then tiger shark may not believe that she really is dead but there's no way she could live though the cliff was very high well I hope so for tomorrow morning I have to convince him of that huh what tiger shark is coming up here hmm sure he is for his princess and he started out a couple of days after you he's crazy about her and what he saw in her I'll never know I'll go and meet him I'll go and meet him to tell him about the princess tell him I saw her jump and that there's no way she could have lived and after that I should think your future is quite ashore from tomorrow you'll be the first lady of the southern province well if I do get to be first lady I promise you that I won't forget you I'll see it your I promoted to generals [Music] is that the truth every word that's really bad and why haven't the animals shown up here that's right we want some rooms sorry we're completely full we don't have any rooms left you must have rooster said that he wants us all to meet him here well I'm sorry we really have no rooms well mistress they they want to stay tonight well I'm sorry we really don't have any rooms however if you've been traveling love and you really must rest well then I could offer a stable sheep pen hostel and so on what do you think you mean that you really don't mind sleeping outside me Adam of quarters we don't right way to read you can take these guests around the back right [Music] we do get some strange guests here sometimes first we get our horse and sheep now we have dog picking mouse this isn't a zoo you know wait ahead what can we offer there's a pigsty kennel and toilet well I do what do I guess thinking yes take them right it really is very strange so many guests coming oh yeah that's because you're such an attractive thank I sure that that's the reason all those damn feasts they don't get on and they don't usually stay together [Applause] hey I know what [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] mistress well we only met them here they're just just play yeah playing sorry sorry I'm very sorry that day nothing you've gone mad all day where I shall fix them tomorrow wait watch him it's you where the others huh have the first six come sure and the others the others arrived tomorrow mmm they better had or else I'm going to bring you a little rooster neck they'll come they'll be here Hey I don't they'll all be here well I've been drawing up some plans how to use them the right technique how to beat those five men we know that twelve breaks five but not how though yet oh but then well now we must wait till they're all here then when each one takes his own position it'll be pretty obvious then just which strategy we ought to use that's good well now tomorrow it'll all be settled mm-hmm so I think we should all get an early night nice right [Music] [Applause] I'm warning you hey what do you want tell you they bust things up and can't pay for them call the police they're coming listen these are my friends and I can pay for anything they've broken yes and silver yeah I'll go to the temple see the monkey show this hey you keep an eye on the following alright listen this lady is Eastern dragon so listen alright the southern princess is dead tiger sharks men killed her they are rebels just like their leader and he must be stopped good but still there's still some missing monkey tiger and snake oh and and rabbit hey of course that waiter just said he was going to a monkey show I think that it must be them alright let's go and check it out then the rooster can take the rest you got an look for tiger shark right okay let's go [Music] [Applause] you will play well my friends I hope that you're gonna enjoy the show got rabbits and monkeys can I do tricks but before we start we're looking for somebody here we're looking for the big rooster sorry all we got is our hands fully wound is a rooster hey who's got one hey we got roosters at home so you gon get one hey you can start roosters on its way so let's see your act right we start there but don't forget the rooster we don't want your money hey hey all right folks now our monkey friend and a snake what my phone [Applause] [Music] [Music] what we want is a rooster are you Tiger monkey rabbit and snake glad we found you or we things to do let's go now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] it's alright it's alright twelve can break five so everybody in position and form the proper Bible line now right dragon let's stop [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] but master I just heard from some of your men that the southern princess has killed herself so you best forget her and go back to the south again should I bring her you take a look you you're not dead wish I were [Music] because when the young lady jumped down from the cliff haha who do you think was rating I don't know her friends I guess no not her friends it was me down there I went into the gorge myself I suspected my men may have been plotting with you I was right and when she jumped I saved her ha ha I was really lucky well then there's no hope for me the princess will marry me and be the first lady and you I shall put you in charge of the kitchen [Music] right [Music] [Music] [Music] all right we'll watch from here so it was you then who killed my men right when they deserve to die right and so do you a life for a life no chance [Music] [Music] I think you've run out of all your tricks now [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] where it meets right then you're away [Music] [Music] you must stop him he's escaping into the shake [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] he's really dead yeah he's dead [Music]