Xiaomi Mi 10 5G Unboxing in English and Price in India




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[Music] hello folks this is I finish our comments before I start comment today be able to talk about of me in 5g so guys let's start with the unboxing for the same inside the box of the meat and 5g the first thing that you get is the same character tool for this one apart from that you get the 3.5 mm to USBC adapter for this smartphone and on the inside you get the documentation warranty card along with the TPU cover which is of a very good quality inside you get the smartphone and you also get to the 30 watt fast charger for the smartphone bundled inside the box along with the USBC cable and this smartphone would be available in Twilight grey and coral green colors in India if we talk about the world-building design in the back has a very glossy finish the overall camera setup look pretty great on the right hand side you get the power button and the volume rocker and it's around eight point nine six millimeters thick at the top there's the speaker grille around with a noise cancellation microphone at the bottom there's the USB C port no 3.5 mm jack but the stereo speaker setup on this one is pretty good it weighs around 208 grams and it's pretty bulky it has a six point six seven inch curved AMOLED h2h display with Corning Gorilla Glass try protection on the front as well as the back what neatly hurts touch sampling rate and ninety Hertz refresh rate it is placed pretty good considering everything and there's a whole bunch notch at the top left on the display for the 20 megapixel selfie camera it also has an in display fingerprint scanner which is good but not really the best in class and overall this smartphone does feel pretty heavy it comes with a snapdragon 865 chipset 8gb of ram 256 or 128gb or fast you first 3.0 storage and it has a four thousand seven hundred eighty million power battery but just pretty huge and makes the smartphone really heavy and there's also me 30 watt wireless charger which you can pre-order for a special price it's a boots 10 watt reverse while is charging as well and comes with am one hundred eight megapixel primary sensor with suppose up to eight a video recording there's also a 13 megapixel ultra-wide lens along with a 2 megapixel macro and a 2 megapixel dip sensor it supports a lot of throw modes and it also comes with log video shooting the camera setup on this one is something which requires a lot of testing before we jump on to any conclusions but the hundred eight MP sensor is definitely good it comes with Wi-Fi six support 5g enable smartphone pricing for the smartphone in India would be 49,999 for the paid GB 128gb version and at such a price it competes against the likes of 1 + 8 etc and what's good for the smartphone is the overall building performance but still there are a lot of people who would definitely choose some of the smart phones over this considering the price so guys this was it for this video you see like this one don't wait to smash the thumbs up button so subscribe to inspire to rise from awesome equity of like this one and guys stay safe during these challenging times and no matter what you do stay inspired to us [Music]