Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Unboxing and Review Death of the Flagship Killer

lights camera action hi I'm Michael Josh still quarantined at home and you're watching gadget match it's a new month it's April and a new phone came in the mail this time it's Shelby's turns this is our shell Mimi 10 Pro unboxing and review the me 10 Pro comes in a nondescript black box I know you want to get on with it but look what it says over here in the fine print with easy access to the Google Apps you use most I don't know about you but I call Shane anyway back to the unboxing let's lift up this lid first up is this box with a SIM card ejector tool I believe it also should contain paperwork a clear jelly case and a USB c2 headphone jack adapter but none of which come in the review sample that Xiaomi send us next up is the me 10 Pro I have the Solstice gray model but it looks more blue than great further inside a USB see two USB a cable and last but not the least not just any charger this is a 65 watt adapter that should deliver enough power to meet the needs of even a laptop computer and now that it's out of the box two quick points before we move on when is good and one is bad let's start with the back the me 10 Pro costs of just under 8,000 euros which is two to three hundred more than what we're used to paying Xiaomi has never shipped headphones with any of its smartphones and that was okay for phones that are priced low this time around and this phone is quite pricey so you've got to call them out on the flip side xiaomi is supported fast charging for a while now but never included the fast charger in the box so it's good to see this finally being addressed okay matt done now we can get on with our review this is the Xiaomi me 10 Pro if it looks familiar that's because its design resembles that of the me note 10 which we reviewed in November in case you need a refresher the me note 10 was the very first smartphone to debut with a 108 megapixel camera months ahead of the Samsung Galaxy SP ultra the new me 10 Pro also has a 108 megapixel sensor although these similarities of Amino 10 and they're the backbone of the me 10 Pro is welcomes new flagship processor the Snapdragon 805 this is important because it unlocks some of them you can pros best features 5g support for Wi-Fi 6 and 8k video recording Norah which we'll get into later the me 10 Pro comes in two colors alpine white and solstice gray both the Alpine white and solstice gray meet 10 Pro have a matte metallic finish it's a good size slightly bigger than the me 9 or the me note 10 as well as the equal way p40 pro and the galaxy s 20 plus which i think are the perfect size but that said it doesn't feel too big or too hefty all the buttons are here on the right but where you should really look is here up top look at these speaker grilles there's another set on the bottom where you'd usually find them I've seen stereo speakers on smartphones before but I don't think I've ever seen this kind of implementation but how does it sound more on that later also on the bottom another set of microphones USB C port and the nano SIM card tray and while we're at it let's start with a question Marcel from Germany asks dual sim I hear the Chinese version is but not the global version as seen here [Music] more questions this time from Giancarlo of the Philippines are the speakers as good as advertised Xiaomi says the dual super linear speaker and the seven magnet speaker design gives the me 10 pro the best smartphone audio speakers and comes with 15 volume levels you can crank the volume up all the way without worrying about sound distortion or it turn it all the way down and still experience a rich and deep sound but don't take their word for it have a listen [Music] the Excel mark says it's got the highest score of any smartphone audio they've tested I'll admit audio isn't my specialty but based on what I use the phone for it's loud full and clear perfect for watching Netflix or following recipes on YouTube while in the kitchen the Excel mark also says that the me 10 Pro is the best phone they've tested when it comes to audio recording this part of the video is shot using the Xiaomi 10 Pro and the audio that you're listening to is also recorded using their built-in microphone so what do you think of the audio and video quality let me know in the comments below Tommy says the display on the me 10 Pro is the best you can find on any Xiaomi phone to date best on a xiaomi phone yes best in the market today nope like a lot of phones that we've reviewed lately it's got an AMOLED display that curves on both sides I can see why will dirt in Peru asks how do you feel about the screen do you think it's better than the 1 + 7 they do look very similar I wouldn't say one is actually better than the other but between the refresh rate and the angle of those curves they are indeed very similar regardless of my preferences palm rejection on the me 10 Pro is actually pretty good I haven't had any issues of accidentally triggering anything on the edges this AMOLED display also has better sensitivity than ever it's birthday 9 2 hurts refresh rate and a 180 Hertz sampling rate the screen feels smoother when reading articles scrolling through Instagram or playing games the meetin pro comes with welcomes top-of-the-line processor snapdragon 865 with a good helping of RAM and storage but with great power comes great responsibility and great kulish the me 10 Pro comes with a large vapor chamber a six stack graphite layer and keep transmitting gel which reduces the CPU temperature by up to ten point five degrees or about 51 Fahrenheit so when you're playing pub G or asphalt nine over X tended periods of time the phone stays cool to the touch the meetin pro sports a 4500 milliamp hour battery during my time with the phone it lasts about a full day and then some on a single charge as you saw in our unboxing the phone comes with a 65 watt charger but the phone maxes out at 50 watts true - Ami's claim it only takes about 45 minutes to fully charge its large battery now the 65 watt adapter is actually powered delivery compatible which means I can also use it to charge my other devices like my Nintendo switch iPad pro or even my macbook air Tommy also sells this vertical 30 watt wireless charger for 199 renminbi and finally it also supports 5 watt reverse wireless charging if you want to top-up another phone a Qi compatible SmartWatch or triplicate head [Music] [Applause] and now to the main event gone are the days where shall me delivered on an impressive spec sheet but not where it mattered most camera performance on its tenth anniversary the me 10 pro Squad cameras are here to compete with what other brands have on offer it topped the exo marks charts for a few months and was only recently bumped down by the Huawei P 40 pro as you know these are different times so you won't get my usual travel photos instead here are some photos I shot around my tiny apartment on my roof deck and on a quick trip to their supermarket these photos speak for themselves the me 10 pro took excellent photos both during the day and at night but how does it fare versus other top flagships that was the question most of you had Pierre Olivier in Seoul asks will it be able to compete with Huawei's flagship in terms of photo quality while Farhan in India asks is it equivalent to the s20 ultra if you take a look at these side by side photos you'll notice all three phones shot great photos which one is better depends on your personal preferences the photos from the s20 for example tend to be more saturated on purpose and not that most people shoot in full res mode but for the sake of comparing here are two full 108 megapixel photos from the xiaomi and the samsung phone you'll see the me Tennant pro actually did better than the s20 ultra when zoomed in all the way finally I did a couple of low-light tests the first photo from my dimly lit kitchen turned out great across all three phones but it wasn't till I turned off all the lights where the Huawei P 40 Pro still showed it was the low-light champ but maybe it needed more life I said so I use an extra phone as a single light source and here are the results not a bad job for the me 10 Pro lookouts the s 20 ultra just struggled to focus mr. nice 117 asks is the 12 megapixel portrait lens really necessary that's a really good question so one of the cameras on the me 10 Pro is a 12 megapixel portrait lens which is also used when you select 2x zoom it's supposedly comparable to a 50 millimeter portrait lens which is one of my favorites actually it's a great focal length when it comes to photos from the waist up as it's very flattering for the face and the results kind of agree sans any beauty effect it's the lens that gives the skin its naturally soft look without going overboard where Xiaomi is most proud of however is its video capture capabilities these Snapdragon a 6'5 chipset found on the phone can capture 8k video with the new spectra 480 so if you're the type who likes to vlog or experiment with cinematic video on your phone the me 10 Pro is perfect for that it comes with 8 classic movie filters and can shoot in to 35 to 1 aspect ratio again I don't have any travel videos to share but instead here's an attempt at a cinematic and washing video shot the meet 10 Pro you [Music] [Music] [Music] so is the Xiaomi me 10 Pro your gadget match that's a tough one Xiaomi used to represent the best value for money phones that you could buy for many years it made its name selling great phones with top-of-the-line specs for several hundred dollars less than its competitors that's just not the case in 2020 in China the me 10 Pro starts at just under 5,000 won converted that's a roughly 715 us last year's me 9 cost nearly half that price and when it launches in Europe later this month it's actually going to be just as expensive as every other flagship smartphone Leo in Germany asks is it worth the price a great question and I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could properly answer it by merit alone the Xiaomi me 10 Pro has earned its stripes it's good enough to be compared to the Huawei P 40 Pro and the Galaxy S 20 old truck but speaking of phones that cost more than $1000 part of what you're paying for is the prestige that's associated with a particular brand name when I asked what phone do you own you can say it's an apple it's a Samsung I don't think Xiaomi has the same ring to it just yet if you ask me this phone should have retailed for 849 euros that way it would have been easier for reviewers like me to recommend it to say go out and buy this phone it offers the best for less last year of someone from Xiaomi asked me what would it take what would our next phone need to be for it to become your daily driver my answer for a space in my pocket it has to have an excellent camera this year shall be delivered and now that it's camera is able to truly go head-to-head with the best of the best it's really the first time that it's impressive back resume matches real-world experience but I guess it still doesn't answer the question is it your gadget match well let me address Xiaomi fans first those who are thinking of upgrading from the eight or nine this one is a worthy upgrade but considering how much you paid for your old phone you need to ask yourself does your brand loyalty mean enough for you to dig deeper into your pockets to get this one or if you're at least considering it if you're willing to spend a thousand dollars on a phone would you still buy a shammy phone or would you consider a phone that has a more prestigious brand name that if for anything else will upper street cred if not come with a higher resale value these are questions I can't answer for you for everyone else looking for an alternative to the Galaxy S 20 which by reputation is the world's best Android phone this is definitely a contender an equal maybe and in some respects maybe even better it's got top-of-the-line specs good battery life super fast charging great audio and camera performance you name it the biggest differentiator for me is Xiaomi's feature-rich UI 11 you'll either love it or hate it and if you're on the side that loves it but I think we have a winner here last question is from Gant from Malaysia he says I'm more curious about the regular v10 which one is worthy on paper than me 10 and me 10 Pro are actually very similar both have the same powerful internals and the same 90 Hertz AMOLED display but they defer greatly in terms of camera hardware which is exactly what we like about this phone now I haven't used the me 10 personally so I can't say for certain but it does seem that that 200 euros more for a better camera might be worth it the pro model also charges faster but I'd argue both will still get you to a full charge and dureena and that was our shall meet me 10 Pro unboxing and review a video that really was supposed to come to you as early as February where the phone was supposed to launch at MWC 2020 of course things happened and I hope wherever it is that you are you are healthy and safe for more videos like this one make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel hit that Bell icon so that you get notified as soon as we post a new video follow us on social media for all the behind the scenes fun stuff and as always make gadget matcom your daily habit until the next video i'm michael josh thanks for dropping by you [Applause]