YFN Lucci Claims He Slept With Young Thugs Girl

morning everybody is de j MV Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club let's get to the rule mrs. toad on I'm sad that song came to an end cuz dramas who works in here it was grooving just now he was harmonizing drama sound look sexy with somebody he got no hat on today you don't know who drama is he's the guy with the beard who hates Beyonce that runs our board he was all into that Drake song but anyway like crazy here let's get to the rumors talk Larry King [Applause] the breakfast club so Larry King has filed for divorce this is his seventh marriage how old was Larry King old enough to have been married seven times seven yes and you know he's been having she's gonna be like 93 is some right they said the last time he was in the hospital doctors had told him he might only have three days to live and his estate planning lawyer told him he should update his documents and all of that so basically now he's about to be single again back on the block what's the point of divorce and Larry King we file for divorce I guess you want to die along yeah or maybe he's just not happy according to reports he hasn't been happy for quite some time at 85 baby said he had three days that's his seventh wife okay was he ever really happy in the marriage it might not be him it might not be them it might be him you think cuz he marry one of his wives twice by the way this will be his eighth divorce just so you know no congratulations to Larry King alright now let's talk about why offend Lucci now we told you about the beef that's been ongoing between him and young Doug and young thug's longtime girlfriend Erica somehow got dragged into the middle of this beef well why offend Lucci says that he has had relations with Jericho clearly he's doing this upset young Doug I saw them say you slept with his girl is that what it's about I was in the bed with a couple times wait she said that's a lie man we gonna talk on that oh all right so she responded on social media imagine someone speaking on your name that you never EFT imagine being harassed year by year by em where that has no comeback so he taunts a female then she said this you lame-ass better bear with who alright so somehow she got dragged into the middle of this she shouldn't be in the middle of all this drama now young thug as you know has been taunting wife and Lucy on social media we told you the other day that he posted why offend if I Ain't like what you do for your mother and kids I would have been killed you so y'all do know why offend Luce and thug have real Street be free yes we do so I don't understand why why offend Lucia's continuing to play with Doug in that manner I don't understand it I don't get it like it comes to a point in time where you should just cease all action because I don't think none of this is worth for anybody getting too far I think this restarted again because wife unless you broke a past album and if you listen to young thug's album he references something that happened in the mall at Lenox Mall and I guess they had a situation at Lennox Moss somebody's mama house got shot up it's never going it now see I don't know anything about Anita's yes it's a first song on the album where he talks about allegedly well he does talk about on the album he just says mama no he talks about Lennox law and that's I guess why wife and Lucci said Kat bass album and then it just escalated all over again now young Doug just bought a brand new chain and that chain cost him two hundred and fifty thousand dollars it's a two-headed snake chain made of 18 karat rose gold and it has over 90 carats of diamonds and it says it weighs more than two pounds what's the point of buying real jewelry I can understand why I just don't buy costume jewelry like you're already a rapper people know you got money nobody's gonna question it was should this go up in value and be that type of jewelry no sound exactly sometimes jewelry does go up in value right like you could always melt it down make it into something depends what you buy like it sometimes those Cuban Linx if you buy it when the market is low and you get a great deal on a Cuban link it's it's pure gold so you make your money or certain watches then up recent value most of it we won't meet them I definitely bought me a fake human link chain I remember when to get a real one and I was like for what me and my god Pete Davis and drop on a clue bother Pete Davison I told Pete I said Pete what's the point of buying real jury we're us nobody's gonna question it nobody questioned hmm well it's custom dreamin do it all the time every young thug by the way he also was angry his 28th birthday and the release of his new album so maybe it was a celebration gift to himself also I guess if you have lots and lots of money if you feel like doing that you could do whichever really turned green from a fig tree why let's eat it yes sometimes you see I can't Google image me a person who's Negri don't even hear ya it turns me and if you see people I was gonna say I can't wear earrings necessarily the unless just for like one day but I can't really wear earrings that aren't real gold because it will get my air on like turning colors and stuff costume jewelry that's the wave all right now and that is your report now I have no money in you and costume jury you just pretended but if you have money in your wearing costume jewelry you just being frugal I don't see the problem all right well who you giving that donkey to today hey man let's talk about cutting our penises off this morning all right I think before you put that turkey sausage in your mouth for after the hour let's discuss what you say yeah all right all right we'll get it to that next keep it like this to Breakfast Club good morning [Music]