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Breakfast Club more than everybody is DJ MV Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the Breakfast Club we got a special guest in the building yes indeed thanks for having me bad she was early today yes he wasn't a rap artist time no I would have early early I was early because I'm trying to change the narrative about big women being late lazy people say what's your thing is black men don't cheat okay well fat bitches don't eat then if we tell them lies let's tell them all black men don't cheat we're changing the narrative okay big bitches we don't eat we just got this way because God wants us to be fluffy and lumpy that's a damn lie well so is black men don't the difference between what I'm saying and what's she saying just like you can make a conscious choice to change your lifestyle you can make a conscious choice to change your lifestyle well I make a conscious choice to try that new burger from Popeyes I don't care what that burger is made out of like if they told me it was worse than vaping I would still eat it you understand anything it's very white it might be made out of white people it's so white everyone is white meat the the bread they just got it all right okay chicken is so full of GMO you can look at it and tell ain't no breast posed to be that but you want it good for myself the southern meat is like you talk about New York meat that can't really grow you know because it's doing crack or smoking weed but that's not me you know Jim's out there they live in a best life they got homes mortgages they got a lot of meat on a bag so you think it was good as better in chick-fil-a I think it's absolutely better than Julie yeah and it loves gay people of course it was like hey girl look at my body and see how long I've been eating chick-fil-a says they started in 1773 that's when I started you chick-fil-a I know chick-fil-a that big yamaneika stop I am very curvy and all the right place your big bosoms yes heavy breasts heavy thighs but you know I cannot deny but I have a gut anytime a man has to lift up the hood to get in there you know you a big girl taste the rainbow are you gonna taste in a room behind a lip up the hood what did he do like they actually grabbed your stomach and don't like you ain't bit with no big bitch before you know what to do good come on now you picture me at one time I did one time she laid on the floor and women are more flexible than people think yes I am very flexible but if you didn't have to live up the hood on a big woman that's because she was doing a somersault while he was trying to eat her out and then just fell down no it was a quickie we were trying to do before her father came back on his way back in the day okay yeah I did a weekend in jail and I was just horny she's the car so big big nasty like you know how she used to have an airburst on the front of her Honda real quick and dip off in the big nasty I just spent this weekend what kind of body frame do you like when it comes to guys though do you have a preference um well skinny guys normally like me short guys like me but I don't have a preference when it comes to guys I am dealing with a nice cute little 29 year old right now you know will he make us twos and step out to make sure it's like really a stew and not know I'm trying to kill me you know I won't tag him dad you know what the girls to see who we I'd you know I don't know like you know just in case I don't want to be out there you know I'm saying like mary j blige put my shit out there and then I got to write a song about him because it didn't work out look up here let's see what PA look very cute should I say his no I'm not my later did you tag him like this is my man are you know oh yeah yeah he's cute he's cute no I wish it was will would get my body right you know will this is all about health and Rory I got his back will is great will his great book will has a speech impediment so oh you don't know what the hell he's saying so it's like you wanna give me out or you just watch okay but I love will shout out to Wilson fancy is amazing you'll be the Gramercy DT this Friday right yes I'm gonna be at the Gramercy Theatre I'm doing a brand-new hour hey um well I had a lot of content available people to understand like as you know I've been doing comedy for almost 20 years even though I'm 12 and you know it's just sometimes it's hard to just get the spotlight on you to you know sort of raise up in the business and then people like oh you some brand new comics like no I've been doing this for a long time I have a lot of things to say so when I did the DeGeneres which is out on Netflix that was all my sort of dirt dirty raw material and then I just had my album come out damsel-in-distress which was sort of like you know who yamaneika is and just wanting to be vulnerable and kidnapped and you know I want to be kidnapped because I want to get kidnapped I mean why all the other girls have fun there was somebody to grab you throw you in the back don't you know I do a commentary on this I know that's why I said it cuz being you both into that show I'm so into 90-day fiance but I have to be I have to be real like don't know the other country want me you understand what I'm saying I couldn't do it the other way because I would just get the whole shit together and they ain't got time for that what do you mean no other country wants you they don't want me to come sweeping up date stuff and being like oh I can't do this this whatever you know there in Brazil right now and yeah some girls like living in a chicken coop I'm like I can't do this well she moving the chicken let's get some wall paints here and let's figure this your favorite couple from 90 day fiancé um I like and because he doesn't like the girl Nicole I think isn't a Nicole cuz she's been trying to get her to lose weight let me just say this ladies if you were the man and he's like I can fix you leave that nigga you don't need to be fixed you either like what I got and then pray to God that it gets better or you're just gonna be a healthy if you just said you a date wheel servant because he would get you healthy so what if he was like say I would date him because he would get me healthy I said a benefit of dating him is that I would get healthy I'm doing pretty good on my own is unhealthy my areolas are so big I had a guy try to eat you know suck my titties and it looked like Gary Coleman had come back from the day cuz this is a fullface my knees are like a head shot and you like what nigga is this is could be on power now what about when Beyonce makes a song like upgrade you that's about fixing a man up yeah of course Beyonce upgrade niggas Beyonce I can't upgrade you but I don't talking about things I taking you places you never been before not changing who you are as a person but like you get to go and do things you never do what's wrong what happened listen we all meet people in our lives that help us to grow and help us to evolve what's wrong with it this I don't think there's anything wrong with that but I think you know instead of trying to get with somebody and make it a business proposition you should get with somebody that you can tolerate I've learned in this new relationship like my guys 29 I'm and he plays I'm a gamer so I play GTA all the time he plays yes I'm costly cutting out some seven-year old mission he plays NBA 2k now he plays that non-stop he's someone he got sponsorships now and all the sudden I was like nigga I wish you could do this in real life because we need real money I'd make money when they really start going professional with it well that's what I heard but that's what it when I found out the kid on one three million dollars I kept telling my god was like you gotta stop this and go get a job and then the kid won three million dollars I was like why the fuck you looking for a job let me go be playing this NBA 2k until you can make that work how long y'all been together we've been together three and a half months we've known each other for years we are you know we are a nice little situation he met my momma that's a little past a little situation if you met mama dada well ain't nobody met my I barely met my dad I got this young daddy who's still trying to get like young girls in the club it's like I can't be rocking with you you still trying to make FUBU happen I mean people anyway I mean it's not back like people rocking it but it did come back it's not in style but there are new FUBU products of their like that's what you know your thing is really doing bad when it's on Amazon Prime for $7.99 basis but there's a difference between helping somebody because you should learn from whoever your partner is and somebody trying to change who you are right I think that's the difference I of course we should grow up be with somebody we can grow with somebody we could learn with but not somebody that's like okay you need to change this about yourself right if you did this you'll be a better parent I understand the difference cuz I mean you'll go to a life coach and a life coach to tell you what you voluntarily doing something cuz life coaches like that therapist psychiatrist they tell you into therapists I see a nice old Jewish man we're changing each other I'm hava nagila x' now he doing a lot of yes girls when he sees me living our life one of the things I like about the relationship that I'm in now is number one once you get into a relationship or here come all the dink all the guys I do let me hit you up you got a glow you got it whatever I'm like I just not a glow he's coming on my face a lot thank you it's very beautiful but what we are learning in this relationship is there things about me like I'm very much alike I'm an independent black woman you ain't gonna tell me nothing life is hard as it is and what I want goes and he's teaching me now to just kind of be like yo chill it don't have to be all that we really in our argument I'm like no wearing a full argument he's like nah we not in the argument we having a little moment right now but I'm totally chill so I'm like well I guess I got to chill if this nigga chillin I got this yell too we chilling together that's good by the way that's part of change whether you want to admit it or not that's part of change that's part of growth that's part of evolution I'm changing now you agree with you if a person is telling you hey you need to change I don't like X Y Z about you that's different man but if y'all are actually having these conversations and learning from example and changing that's great well my life is all about like getting better especially as I get older like the last time I was here we talked about me being booed on Apollo and so many first ones wanna say thank you to everybody that reached out to me and told me their stories don't you boo me but it was it was very cute people were sharing about like their pain and how they been hurt and like and things that they have gone through and how that has been an example for them just to keep going so my life and my comedy is all about just like you know let's talk about the shit that's going on in life I'm in a new experience with this guy had anything this series of this committee we're talking about it now we're talking about all the insecurities that we have but to also know that even though we're talking about insecurity than things that are rough talking about it and living it and not putting so much pressure on life is the best thing you can do because when you try to like you know I'm trying to tailor my relationships to my girlfriends and how beautiful I think that are you know those things are and then when you really look at our relationship you go they don't have they shit together either so while you're really trying to make my situation look like there's I can be with this guy and we can make our own I don't trust people who can't be vulnerable I don't trust you who try to put off this image of perfection all the time nothing is ever wrong I see the right thing do the right thing like that's not reality like you're bullshitting me well it's the pressure is to always be put your best foot forward especially now in this culture that we live in where everybody canceling everybody and people gonna oh this is corny you can't do this how dare you do that and I was a product of that when I was growing up and I didn't want people to laugh at me I didn't want people to think I was corny or think certain things and then I realized like as long as I keep trying to do things to make people think I ain't something then I'm never gonna be who are you oh yeah fuck them and what they got and what they think because I can make my own world and I can make the things that I like fabulous and that's why I'm still ticking and clicking here now years and years later I saw this roast battle that you had done please let's talk about that oh my god Chuck this talk let's do it who's Rosa better with you I can't remember this Jamar neighbor yeah he tried well first of all I've done rose petal shoutout to Comedy Central and Jeff Ross who really that's their thing the roast battles and I've been battling for a long time that I got into battling and I was very shy with the roasting and because I don't want to say anything that hurt anybody's feelings you hurt feeling but just a new thing the car that takes over and you go this in my life it's nothing that I want to say that I'm scared of doing right like I just have a phobia of flying so I would have to take loud to drink and like you know medicate myself so I wouldn't know that I was in the air and was a problem and so I said no I got a conquer this I just got to be sober for flight pray to God if I believe in him he got me if he got me if it's my time it's my time I mean I hope this would be the time he choose because I'm too fast this way like Aretha Franklin with like Louie batons on in a wig I like I want to be 90 years old in the casket on a damn world tour getting costume changes in the middle of my funeral they don't want diet coach no you don't want to die coach I mean thousands so that your body start mingling with is their first thing about the Rose battle is we did get a little flack for that because it was a lot of nigga this nigga that we was going hard and I think was the first time that like his black Twitter and black Facebook really came for us and I think was the first time they was like well why is it these black people up here going hard at each other really battling each other this way better in front of white judges and what they did I understand this cuz we got called Coons and all kinds of stuff and I'm like first of all if you look I have a podcast called random Remo yamaneika if you ever listen to that podcast you know I can't be no damn cool I grew up in Aberdeen Maryland I went to school in Dublin Maryland I was one of a few kids of color I don't dealt with white people in this shit I keep them to task at all points in time and that's the reason why my career the way it is cuz I tell white people what's up all the time now the niggas that you see out there really making it some of them niggas is adjusting and cooling befooling but not this bitch that keeps it real and keeps her weave up and a hair up and gonad tried I've been Erykah Badu one day I could be you know Whitney came the next day I just keep it all for the culture and they saw that and I understood that they looked at and they were like well why are you saying this nigga in black listen cuz it was one thing I said he didn't it was so ugly when his daddy came he screamed beetlejuice and shit like that I'm like my mama black as hell I'm black as hell and prior to that I cuz they talked about us calling each other the n-word so much and I was like yeah but I battle for white guys prior to this and I call all the niggas like we really have to sit down and research the things that we get upset about because sometimes it's just we mix everything together and we throwing people out there and the cool category that ain't necessarily in the cool category you know the corn is the corn is somebody who reinforces the negative stereotypes of black people that is the pure for five minutes because I was reinforcing it just a little bit but I came out as Beyonce at Coachella with my little outfit on I was fed on say I have three we're not a family yamaneika stop saying well if you ask a white guy I'm sad now you ask a brother I'm pleasantly plump or curvy he's like get the fuck out of my store but the reality is depending on the culture I am what I am you know and I'm proud of it and there's nothing wrong with it should I lose a couple of lbs I don't know my doctor said I'm fine you know but if I want to start doing tricks and turns on this niggas dick then I got to get rid of a couple of things okay you know I didn't realize they had that much controversy I did I was just watching it cuz I think you're funny I told you I saw you for Donnell you had to get early because you had to leave and go somewhere else yes sure I love y'all be giving him such a hard time open up for me he is gracious enough to have me come on when he goes to Carolina things that shout-out to 40 as well they're really nice and the thing I like about Darnell is that in this business to be a black woman a woman in general and be funny sometimes niggas try to douse that down they don't want to be in your space they scared of you they scared of following you and I ain't never had a problem he like bitch if you don't go there and be the funniest that I've ever seen you when I saw you and I want that he's always reinforcing that so I can never say anything disrespectful about him notorious well no no no he's never stole nothing from me and I notorious video but I Nelson your video like two days ago and it was just a picture caesar with big pointy he took me to juniors we could you stop i was walked in the back to the restaurant it was like I want to see y'all make some more shit I know you got some off-menu shit every time you go to a restaurant ask me but they off menu shit they love this shit that's the caveman diet right yeah best of all the meat I mean it's more than that it's more than that but is that okay it's part of that but I don't like the way you just have vegetables in me it's a whole like vegetables like you can't really have spinach or naca spinach is too much Oh God you know maybe iceberg lettuce it's more than that do not I want to get a house from you whenever I can afford I want you to flip some shit also houses but what have you flip like that are you doing it you do a drill you're working in fix them and I read them out help you I'm not a real time trying to encourage people to buy homes in the hell yes people to buy homes and to invest in themselves so they can always have properties that continue to rent okay sir these people know how to do with the right way without getting got but they gotta you got the young boy now you just shoot your club well I hope so but you know the club's getting too close I want to have kids but I gotta have them because now cuz you know when you get your 40 they start saying well you better hurry up and have a baby before the baby and I don't care the baby's handicapped because I people my family are handicapped I would love that handicap baby plus is gonna come with a sticker we can park where we want so that maybe I need that baby cuz I like to park up front Costco so they can go ahead and get the baby out take this fat with it I want the baby to grab some fat on the way out how that works if you have to have a c-section yeah how does it work see how deep they gotta cut though I mean aren't you a particular excavation is what letting be doing it's like a renovation [Music] tell you something I am one of the funniest people in terms of stand-up I work on the craft I've done it for a long time I'm serious about it and when I have people come to shows they like well how come I see you know how come is the first time I've ever met you because there are sometimes some people that kind of fall through the cracks right so we all wait for that one big thing that's gonna push us to the forefront which is why I have to again come back here and say thank you because you guys have had people on like miss Pat a lot of people understand and know about and then you present us to a world it's like yo I like y'all my numbers went up on Instagram people were like y'all I'm so glad I saw you so we can't not be appreciative of the people that also help push us forward but it is hard in this day and age where people think comedy is so accessible you understand what I'm saying and you can watch somebody make you laugh for a minute or two but then when we talk about stand-up it's like I'm gonna be at the Gramercy doing an hour for you I have presented specials and I have given material and that is not something that you can just take lightly like anybody's like anybody can do comedy no and then sometimes there's people that are really good doing a minute video not to shit on them or they get on something and they're able to present themselves in a funny way and then you come out and you see them do stand-up and you're like oh this is garbage stand-ups gone it's trash it's like no that's not a stand-up comedian that somebody was able to make you laugh for a minute or two and you can respect them for that but when you come out to see my show I got material for you that I have written I've thought about I'm vulnerable I'm giving you my thoughts and how I feel and all of this stuff and I want us to come together and really have like you know a great time because I have a lot of people who are on my fan base who are going through stuff who are going through depression who are going through insecurities and low self-esteem all the things I have suffered from and that's the goal is just to continue to reach people because a lot of people are suffering a lot of people are losing their own individuality because we are in a world now that's all about do we know this one hot thing do we all agree on this one hot thing and then people are like tapping in the shit they really don't even believe in just because they want to be seen absolutely and it's like you can still be seen by being your damn self and then guess what if you gonna be here to give you a family and a damn low rent mortgage home you name three-peat you name two other people in the thing that's all I have in comment both you item is Pat y'all are naturally funny yes and y'all have great stories tragic stories but great story that y'all have turned that pain in the laughter absolutely yeah and you don't need to have tragedy to be a comedian but one of the things I think that connects all of us is that we are able to talk about things that you would think you would never be able to overcome and then still find the funny in it so as long as we can find the funny in it and we can be out here talking about things and and giving people a good laugh that's all that matter y'all smartest shit I was I saw the tweet that you put out when you talked about um you know Trump's administration denying green cards for immigrants public benefits and you were basically saying like you know these people the reason they want people to come here looking for a better life is because that's what they did and they rape stole and murdered for yeah rape stole I talked a lot about like even with the me to and you know a lot of the stuff that was going on with that people are like oh you know this thing that is happening at me too and how it's so detrimental and I'm like this country was started on me too you understand like they were raping our our slave women you know our ancestors our mothers and I thinking nothing about and all of a sudden now it's like oh this me too thing just happened no we started on me too and we have to keep it real you know it was a lot of stuff going on a Hollywood are your skin is so soft thank you you don't have one in a Popeye's Chicken cuz I feel the chicken sandwich with with the v2 and this is serious thing because a lot of people on Hollywood of talking about me to you know they saw oh this person had me too and I'm like I'm taking meetings ain't nobody me to me you know I'm say I'm hashtag why not me you know me to you absolutely not and all these I'm here oh she had to suck dick for twenty million dollar movie I'm like I suck tip for burrito I have been to Hunger Games I mean just I don't understand it you suck dick for 20 min 20 min dollar oh honey I was sucked the entire family's dick I put a dick on the grandmother it sucked that for 20 million dollars let me think who's the most trash ass man you know like look wise like somebody you wouldn't touch with somebody you know I look at people through the vision of God and I'm somebody like I here's the weirdest thing about me I have I used to have a crush on Smokey Robinson and Danny DeVito I still have a crush on Danny DeVito we've been trying to get him to give me a kiss on my cheek for the longest but I think he thinks it's a game um oh you have you fucked Danny DeVito you for coffee wine well of course I mean first of all Rhea Perlman who's his wife would probably have a problem with that but Danny DeVito I think is so hard I can really look at a man's spirit mm-hmm so I don't know about these trash ass men or unattractive men but I think if I had to pick out a trash nigger what about trunk that's a good question Donald Trump offers you 20 million dollars because he get his after he got the White House he got a Netflix deal he offers you 20 million dollars he's doing it they give him head and pee on him like the Russian frosty he's doing it I could tell Casey not because I don't dick there you know I'm charged by the dick you know I'm saying the length of the dick so like he's seem like it's something you do like one little quick little lick and on the head and blow and he's there because you know what you do on this little dance they come in right away so it's like 20 million dollars for like 20 seconds worth of work yeah so you fucked Trump between million dollars see you keep trying to put that narrative out is I'm sucking his dick or is our fuck you sucking if you would you suck Trump's dick between $9 I mean let's keep it coming they wouldn't do this for 20 they that's the problem we shoulda said 20 million dollars we should have said a smaller number million yeah would you do it for a million okay would you do it for a hundred thousand 50 thousand fifty yes you gotta get a cut cuz she done did the deal my my agents got to get a cut my manager rate got to get a cut it's like I think about the cuts okay so not 250 not fifty one but like uh like you know just you know I could bring something home to mama sixty all right well she I grab a seat either yeah I'm gonna give me a grand the toys okay I'm tired of coming here spelling my name you niggas go sit in the title you better get with it get right come to Grandma see theater my young nigga gonna be there I'ma be there proposition Donald Trump to suck his dick for $75,000 now me to grab be a great name for a special I suck Trump's dick to 20 million Saunders is The Breakfast Club good morning [Music]