Yo no noto nada S2 E1 CLIP 2 SKAM España




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[THURSDAY - 11:29 PM] [♪ Where my girls at by Crystal Baby] Do you feel high? Because I don't. No, nothing! For real! It's hot, just that. Same. Right? But so much. Hello! Hi! I'm gonna go smoke. -No, no, no! -Yes! Oh, sorry! Hello. Hi. I'm Joana. From Literature class. Uh, yes, the new girl. The new girl, yes. I'm Cris. Yes, I know. You can have some of mine if you want. Thanks. And how is it that you came when the school-year already started? It's weird, isn't it? Shit. Girl, this song. It's THE song. You didn't see "Blue Is The Warmest Color"? No. You haven't seen "Blue Is The Warmest Color"? I don't know what that is. Well, it's a movie from a couple years ago. Maybe you were too young and your parents didn't let you watch it. Well you have to see it, okay? For real. Okay. Fuck girl, look. [♪ I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li] Doesn't it happen to you that there are songs... that move you on the inside? Well... I'm not the only one. Your heart is racing. *intense gay staring* Cris! I was looking for your brother, but... I'll settle with you. Hey, do you have another cig? I ran out. Uh, well, it's Joana's. No worries. Sharing is caring, right? Give it to him. Thanks. Lighter? Sure. Shit, it's a little cold, right? Well, you can go inside if you want. We're good, aren't we? Cris. Quick. Girl, come. Come! It's important. Dude, it's serious, damn it! Look what's going on. But what happened? It's about the pills dude. What about them? They're that guy's, not your brother's. (Where the fuck are the pills?) Find them! Okay, fuck, okay! Where the fuck are they? Please, Cris. Girl they're not in here. -How can that be? They were in here, but they're not. They're not! What do we do? Let's go. Let's go! [♪ What's Goin' On by Vigiland] You, fucking brat! Where the fuck are my pills? Where the fuck are they, huh? Where the fuck are they? What pills? Don't play dumb. Where are my pills? They saw you take them, ok?! I don't have anything. Tell me where the fuck my pills are at! Shit, don't fuck with me! Calm down dude, calm down. She said she doesn't have them. Then who the fuck has them, huh? Who has them? She doesn't have them! You sure? And who has them brother? Calm down! Calm down! Who has them? I'm not calming down! I took them but I don't have them. Don't push me! And where the fuck are they? I said don't push me! Where the fuck are they bro? Fuck, calm down. Okay, okay, enough. Calm down! Calm down, calm down. God! We don't have them. Dude, calm down. Easy dude. Calm down. The pills bro.