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Breakfast Club morning everybody is dej envy Angela Yee Charlamagne tha God We Are The Breakfast Club we got a special guest in the building yes indeed yo yo she's no stranger to radio dog used to be I mean still you do Sirius XM novel she's doing Katie yep yep Katie I did power 106 what was your shift there overnight God you got 94 amazing voice - yes radio [Applause] shift that Katie Katie I started when Katie was rebuilding so I did every shift mm-hmm got you you name it I did morning shows everything now Thunder ad yeah no ad does before 8480 yeah before 80k matey likes to take the credit buddies before us is festival right I had to slide away cuz that everybody was running up on her asking for pictures I'm always happy to see you you always solo like me just really in and out definitely walking around by myself why are you doing love in hip-hop why not cuz the first thing I put I put I typed in yo yo lover hip-hop and I see 90 drop of yo yo beat up a girl from Love & Hip Hop to pista dr. right in your mouth nothing happened that's all lies I don't have fights no I mean no I mean I liked it because they said I - peace - she didn't - peace me feel good my mom called me she's what the hell they said I'm my daughter goes mom you made the tablet relax so you didn't sue peace any my no fights for yo-yo no she's a mentor on the show I mean yeah okay so that's what you doing understood that okay now it makes more sense well I mean it's what I do anyway I mean you know ready pretty much it's just diving into this new generation of what's taking place rebranded myself reestablishing myself in the industry we hope create absolu bringing the real hip-hop The Love & Hip Hop I'm just I'm just bringing and entertainment - an entertainment show and hip hop is is the base of it so I get a chance for the world to see what yo-yos doing what I've been doing and in the middle of it I'm breaking up some shit back up right right stuff like that is the people who don't know your history won't learn it from loving hip-hop and you know what and it's ok but if I never dive in they'll never know anyway true because the best the best part of me is not being too big for anything I mean I had to let go my ego a long time ago in order to survive in this industry because ego has no place here I mean you have to rebrand yourself and rebrand and I have to forget who I was I mean you have respect for Who I am I mean you understand because guess what I'm after everybody want to you about to have loving hip-hop little Kim in New York you're about to have no I'm only joking myself in the beginning for people who don't know no rapping from the west coast that came up under ice cube start America's Most Wanted yeah talk about how you got into the game for people that don't know how you started rapping how you met Ice Cube if y'all was still cool I was the best on the West there was no one else that did it like me cube was leaving NWA looking for female artists and T Bone who became a member of the lynch mob told him about me cube didn't live too far from the school like I graduated from Washington Prep he came over and and wanted to speak to me we were friends from the beginning dope took me that took me to New York to meet miss Sylvia Rhone it's been 30 years since I've been singing the same old song you can't play with my cube what happened with the cube situation like meaning like as far as like you know when you came out with him he was hope he was kind of you know take me wing and didn't well you know what yeah well because industry happened record labels happened I mean cube had a deal with Sylvia Rhone outside of me which was the lynch mob they had a falling out and I cube left Dillon with Sylvia at that time and I stayed and it kind of messed up the relationship Owen what Tupac come on I know what happened why didn't you seek to like do more remixes like you did the brandi giant which was hard yeah why did you do more stuff like that to like keep your name out they around you you know what it it got to a point for me the industry got to I'm a major baby so meaning I was raised by the industry I got to a place where at some point I didn't really know if hip-hop was even gonna last once I got to a certain age I started feeling like dag it could all fall I started feeling like a bird I could just fall out the sky any day and everything within and I felt like I had nothing I for me I felt like I wanted to stop doing music at the same time music was changing little Kim Foxy Brown was coming into the game I mean you know I tried to rap like that just wouldn't come out no you try to do like the whole right Kelly gave your daughter his number yes yes our Kelly's having it so hard right now I know yeah yeah how did you feel about that well I felt like he wouldn't engage Snoop started hurting his number I felt like he wouldn't gave cube darter his number so I felt like it was because I was a woman again that he tried to play me out I don't know about that though because that's like like you don't have no shame in his game this was very close to and he was I mean but and in all due respect I went there because I I didn't even judge him I didn't have any judgment I didn't even I didn't even know all of the history of everything that was going on I never dove in it when I went to Chicago we'd go because of Syleena Johnson and just different people I knew so I didn't really didn't dive in and when he came out and they said oh he was gonna be at the studio not far from where we were recording I said oh yeah let's stop by I did think about me having my daughter with me I did think about my daughter was sponge what Tiffany's 23 at the time 22 23 um I did think about having my daughter with me but I was just thinking like ah you know he wouldn't I mean you know I'm just easing enough in trouble why not try some stuff like that you know it's a yes exactly and that's what it that's what it told me so when we got home I mean we had a great he played music I was just sitting there thinking like damn this guy's a genius oh my god I just love them I'm just serious you know listen to his music he was just we were sitting next to each other he's playing the music and afterwards um we got home we left I mean we didn't stay long we left and my daughter said mom can I tell you something when she's gonna be mad Mike tell me she's like are kellys the guy with our Kelly gave me are Kelly's number and I said he did what I said how do you know that's our Kelly's number and she says because when are Kelly hugged me he said call me Wow I had to be a part of you I was like I knew that yeah well you know what when my my we took all took up no I didn't call him are you gonna call him what and I thought about it but you know what my daughter asked me you know and that's how I when I watched the show afterwards with all the girls surviving our Kelly I thought about that because I didn't call them and so so meme you know my daughter asked me Mom please don't say nothing I you know I'm not gonna call him here's the number you know I'm thinking like dag I can only imagine I mean had she called him and kept it from me I mean because Fame that attraction to fame is something and you think about all the people on that documentary people are like oh what kind of parenting why would they have but you like you said I didn't really think but people said I mean my friends joke like alright you take it you're taught her you know because we took a picture like okay alright you know making jokes on my post and I'm thinking and after they surviving are Kelly my daughter reposes the pitchman and I survived but you know I'm not making fun of them because in all honesty it is an illness and I'm not I don't want to test them why did you um why didn't you do more acting after like after you was hot from that appearance on Martin and stuff like that well I did I did a lot of different movies I mean I went away to school I wanted to I was too green and a lot of I had I auditioned for a lot of different roles I just didn't get him I mean everything you've pretty much seen that was a black film I I auditioned I just wasn't getting it so I moved to New York while New Jersey and I went to Lee Strasberg to work on my acting and that took two and a half years out of my life I went back to school got my associate well worked on my associates degree out here in Bergen County met a professor dr. Yasin who kind of mentored me because I was hip-hop since I was 17 I didn't even know which demographic was playing my music I didn't even know how powerful music was you know what I mean I was so pretentious I was just full of lies did you know you were yo yo I I didn't know how big I really was until until I was more famous than I was financially stable especially during that time I'm sure people thought they saw you on TV hear the song yeah everybody's assuming you got money yeah well and it was it was a hard act to follow I mean and I would try to keep up there were certain places I just didn't go there were certain cars I just wouldn't ride in I mean I went to Lee Strasberg to learn how to act and I learned how to be real I did I just you know I was so used to camouflaging my lifestyle remember people ask me well how much what do you do with your money and I would listen to cube say he has CDs and he would do this and I said oh yeah my money's in CDs and but when I did this acting class I mean we you know the the curriculum was like three months out so this one time it was this cold shower exercise we did and I'm telling you go home you do the cold shower you come back you create it since early in the class so I would just come back in I mean I would leave I wasn't doing the coffee cup thing the cold shower so I was just going there and just faking it every one day he said you know what yo yo he tapped me on the shoulder it's like three months in the class he says one day you're gonna do the exercise I ain't gonna be good you know and it just that I mean just the exercises period everything just really changed my life to really if you're gonna do it really do it and it just made me think of like how fake have I really been to people how many people knew when I wasn't telling the truth but never said anything to me you know so I mean it it raised me up I mean you remember the first time you felt embarrassed like after after I guess things kind of slowed down you remember the first time you really felt embarrassed out in the publicly yes at a grocery store when I told my daughter we couldn't know much I don't know ask me for nothing she said it's only $20 no I've been I've been I haven't really been too embarrassed you know even in my darkest times of my career I always knew that there was gonna be a way out which way out I didn't know because you know being an in the industry from 17 fresh out of high school it's the only thing in attained and I didn't even know how to represent myself because of major baby everybody represented for me yeah so it was their money right as far as the contracts and the deals that you were doing and the shows I mean well you know it wasn't always right I mean I've learned a great lesson from from all of that I think we all have everyone even those people who are our social I was associated with you know even cubes camp he's learned things and you know because we were young we were young in the industry where we had to be grown and it was a kind of a newer industry still and it was very new and it was it was not artists against label it was lawyers against artists so it was a cahoots against them to us well you angry at people were you angry at like you the label the industry in general no I mean sometimes I would wake up and say you know where is my writing trying to figure out life but not really you know because Cuba and I have always maintained a great brother and sister relationship and you know we've we've talked about the industry we've talked about what was going on so he put me on early to let me know hey this is what it is you know but he has my back in it and it's always a did a lot of guys used to try to test you back then try to hit on you and come on to you or were they scared of ice Cuban nope you told me early on cube told me early on you're not having that don't don't watch this industry it's none of that but anyway you mean I was never hanging out afterwards you know and then yeah it was never none of that cube sent someone home from tour my friend Nick knack no you man no a girl Oh send her home so she didn't loose yeah and he put her on the bus Wow send her back home the daughters want to get the music industry you know what my oldest daughter wants to do PR rep she wants to do management behind the scenes that's the the one who just meet me at Grandma yay and thank you and my youngest one lower case why she hates that name now but we call it Loki's why she named herself that she's an MC she's young and a young artist but now she does it because you know she just wants to be fly now mmm what's a rep me Laura case why are they gonna be on loving hip hop they are okay yes my kitchen up my mother's on love in hip hop you got everybody on there so now it's love and hip hop so does that mean there's some love on there too for you no no love no love for yo yo not now I can't I can't walk and chew bubblegum at the same time right only one thing work let me not you know I was recently married so of course you know that didn't work the long-distance relationship and it's easier for me to just stay focus and get what I need to get done mm-hmm because this industry I mean you know I'm growing in it and I had to make some you have to make some decisions it's industry you know what y'all's a couple couple of late well I mean we grew up together yeah we were a couple we we were uh we became brothers and sisters I mean I'm great friends with his family and I mean to this day mm-hmm related ashtray to park and I yeah I started dating someone else oh you was it a rapper pack was young and growing I mean he was he was just young and growing Park was making some crazy decisions at that time and we were just wild and free oh he wasn't pop park yet he was like early park lady he was early park yeah mm-hmm yeah people used to talk about his life we used to talk about I mean you know by the time Park went to prison for the second time we were just great friends I mean he would call me you know and we would talk on the phone he told me all of his moves that he were made he was making so we were we were great friends did you give him any game like Pocky means yes do not sign that deal do not go over there with deaf roles well was already problems I mean you know it was a West Coast grouping you know it was already a lot of intimidation going on in that camp already I'm like wow he was like he got if he can handle it well well tell us a pox toy people love pox doors they loved him so much tell us a pock story that he might not have heard that you were around and did you seen a park story then we heard you left pop for a basketball player for Bo ball oh really [Music] Oh googled it mm my kid's father let's see a park story oh goodness let's see a good Park story I don't know Park just we would always battle I mean you know we were just we were just always battle each other he say you know call him uncle Park and all kind of stuff you know he was just you know you and he would always try to write raps for me you know he's try to he wanted to write a rap about I'm in love with my best friend's man and I said no I would never be a controversy because yeah yeah yeah pop was just you know he was just he was just who he was I mean he would love to take long walks you know he loved to talk about his history he loved to talk about his plans he was a visionary he was a dreamer you know he was just somebody who had always you know he was um he was a soldier and he was a gangster you know he had that type of mentality but he was you know real you know did you have a problem taking lyrics from me back then in the beginning I didn't because I felt like you know cube was so popular for writing for NWA that it was just it was like wow he's about to put me on yeah yeah so it was almost like you know why not I mean but it did get to a point where I was like wait you know you can't write it all hey but we we co-wrote a lot of our songs together I mean it was easy until I started wanting to write for myself that's when it became a little bit of a struggle well I could do the challenging for you or just because it was like no well well I think I I didn't know this then but he was probably thinking we've already created a system for you yes a system for you to operate within that work that what yeah and it works stick with it but once I became famous and I started seeing how going to these communities and how powerful hip-hop was and Here I am doing an interview afterwards saying oh we're not role models it's not up to us to raise your kids you have to be but then I'm seeing the influence and it was almost like I was like shit I have to write my own lyrics I need to say something about you know the hip-hop or you know women I need something that was you know education is important to you also yep and what's this school at the hip high school the yo-yo School of hip-hop yep I was working at Kate a and parents used to call me up and ask how could they get their kids into music programs and I was thinking okay we have you know dance programs but there was no place for music and I was doing a lot of different works everywhere else and I said do you think if you woulda branched off from cube earlier you might have been bigger you know if I think if I would have I think if I would have been more free as a woman I think I would have probably been better and we would have a lot of people who had bigger ideas for me outside of just because you know a group of guys creating for a woman is not always the best for the woman because I think I couldn't really be my authentic self so much you know yeah that's one perspective exactly so I think I mean you know I mean look at me now I've been on my own all this time in 30 years in the game and guess who's back yeah West Coast Diva a rap easy for you to forgive and forget like how the career turned out a little bit oh you know what I'm not that's what keeps me strong but giving and I mean empathy I empathize with a lot of people and I think that's what keeps me regular that's what keeps me working on love and hip hop that's what keeps me paid you know III empathize with people got rid of my ego I'm happy with who I am what made them come to you for loving hip-hop how did that even happen that conversation it just gave me a call like but was there something that went on a relationship with somebody that they were like oh we need to bring her in because she's connected to this person cuz normally on Love & hip-hop there's connections nope I mean I Ray J and I are good friends but no connections of love just love but just relations they just gave me a calm - I've been everywhere you're never there female MCS now I love them I mean I think you love what who are your favorites right well I'm loving new um I'm loving Rhapsody I'm loving rap sees the best No Oh Pharrell Oh yep I love Rhapsody I'm loving who else in my loving real last to give it non-stop city girls I mean you know I love I just love that female artist I don't get a chance to listen to a lot of it some of it is just way too much for my ears because it's just you know oh it's wonder about that dog with you the little Kim foxy arrow was just as raunchy I know and I mean the Raji is okay I mean I'm good with it I just liked the balance there's no more balance when we came up there was a balance so I'm I mean I'm happy to have all of the women get this shot but I think there are some who's not getting enough shine like I think you know somebody's getting what you know 2 to 2 million spins you know it's just not enough what's it going lines drawn back then cuz I think about the remix of Brandi was you MC lighting Queen Latifah that's a certain tribe of female rappers but then you had the Kim's in the foxy still was there like about was there battle lines drawn back then no just between them alright yeah I've never had any battle information I've always been about the brand I've always been an entertainer it's always been about entertainment for me I mean you know I really never had any beef with anybody that I can think of and in 94 did you testified as Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about ya go mr. required reading labels right yeah the parental guidance thing yep what was the verdict in it well we have a stickers if they don't censor they didn't since they're hip-hop and you know a little bit of me feels like we should have policed a little bit of our music I just think right now it's just a little bit what do you think I think it's hard because there's a balance between some people feel like we should all have the license to say whatever it is that we want to say right and like you said some people feel like we're not role models that's something that should come from your home and it's just entertainment and you see things in movies and in video games and it's just a meant but I also feel like certain artists are gonna feel like I do have a responsibility and I think if it's who you are who you are is somebody that is a role model and somebody that it's like I don't want to say these things because it's not me and that's not your reality so I think that when people can do things based on their reality if you're telling a story and it's coming from somewhere that's an experience that you really had and you can paint that as art then I can understand it and I can relate or at least you can relate to it but if it's something that you're just making up and saying things cuz it's popular I think that's why that's the problem niggas is lying you have these record labels promoting their book right yeah that's right you use and you ain't never used no job do the same thing in the movies though it's all alive but that's why I like this do you know it's a big veto but these kids shouldn't they should know that but but they don't and that's the person that's that's that's that's what I say about how the kids are watching they really are not look how many kids are doing drugs because they think kids are doing drugs in hip-hop a lot of mothers are doing jobs oh that's it that explains coming from reality that's kind of what the definition of what hip-hop is supposed to be when it was created yes I mean I'm happy that it's come this far I didn't think hip-hop would come this far I was hoping it would but I never knew for sure you excuse us now we do we are just trying to get some of our songs license and some movies oh really and our streaming services right yeah well you know streaming wise we are working on that because we come from the old school so that wasn't a part of our deal so now we have to go back he and I and sit down and have a conversation about that as well we need that ya know right what problems do you think the industry faces now what's the biggest problems you think oh I have no idea I'm just getting back in it we're just from the outside looking in um just a perception I just think I mean I think the industry is doing great hmm I think the industry is growing to be totally honest I think it's the biggest entity that there is right now I mean you know I mean if you wanted to go in a certain direction you can go there but I mean I have no idea the problems I only look at the brighter side whenever I see robbers from that area your era I say to myself damn he survived right listen I just did a show last night careless one who s right broad-base onyx kool Moe Dee right I mean yeah it's it's not easy for artists you know it's not it's not easy I love it I'm with the new school now check me out on Love & Hip Hop on Mondays vh1 I'm not old I'm with the new school yeah yeah well we appreciate you joining us thank you thank you for coming thank you so much it's yes it's The Breakfast Club good you do anything crazy on lemon how about we are gonna at you and text you and be like we're you know snow snow dragging her body here say did not say all right all right none of that none of that thank you [Music]