Yoel Romero said Paulo Costa was in the hot seat with USADA but


Chael Sonnen


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Yoel Romero and Paul Acosta Yoel Romero is out doing media on Monday and that's a fight that they've been talking about making for a while now six or seven months and when you're Wells doing media talking about it's going to be him and Jacquerie goes yeah you know the reason I'm not fighting Kosta is because he's in a jam with asada and then yo well explains there's a new rule with you sada which is if a guy ends up on their radar they don't come out and tell the public they give the guy his due process to see which side of the fence it's going to fall on and then they release the result which which could be you never release anything because the guy's fine okay so ul Romero tells that story he clarifies this USADA ruling goes yeah he's in the hot seat that's why they're not making that fight okay great Koster comes down he goes whoa whoa whoa I just heard what ul said I don't know why they're not making the fight between us I don't know anything about that but I am NOT in the crosshairs of USADA so yo well calls back in to whatever show he was on or sends an email but he reaches out to him and he says uh hey by the way I wasn't really expecting that to gain traction I I do not know I was just kind of talking some trash and we got we got out of line there I have no information that Kosta is in any hot water with rusada now the reason I'm bringing you guys a story is because I live in the space everywhere I have gone for each day since that's come out somebody has told me that Kosta has failed the drug test that is not true I am merely coming to you guys to add and contribute in whatever way I can that not only was yo L just talking Kosta came in and said it's not true and then ul came on the back of that and goes hey he's right I have no information just came out of my mouth like to take that one back