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you can draw this and procreate all you have to do is follow my easy video tutorial in which I will guide you through every single step watching and following a video tutorial like this one is the perfect way to learn how to use procreate because in this video we will be using lots of tools like layer clipping mask helpful lock motion blur and a lot more we will only be using the brushes that are already in the app so you're ready to go be sure to watch this video all the way to the end and then of course share your result on Instagram tag me in the image so I will be able to find it and perhaps you will see your artwork in the next you can draw this video let's get started drawing this fun little camping scene first of all our canvas is 2500 by 2500 pixels and the first step will take is filling the background and we'll do that with this dark blue color of course you can download this color palette for free through the link in the description we'll use this dark blue color and drag the color onto our canvas to fill it then we'll make a new layer above this layer that we just filled and this is a very important step so be sure to click the plus and make a new layer on which we will draw a circle and we'll use this blue color for that and we'll go to the brushes and go to the calligraphy set and use the mono line brush and we can make the brush a bit bigger let's say 20% but it doesn't really matter and then just loosely draw a circle if you hold your pen in place it'll snap to a nice looking shape and if you hold one finger on your screen it'll turn into a perfect circle and you can go to edit shape on top and move it around a bit until it's right where you want it to be and then you can drag into color too fill this circle let me move it just a little bit more to the center you can do that by going to this arrow and then you can just move it around with your pen or your finger and we can't place it a bit more in the middle now it's time to start drawing our scene in this circle and to make sure that we stay within this shape within this circle we will use layer clipping mask just click the plus then click that new layer and select clipping mask now this new layer is clipped to the layer below and whatever we paint on it it will only show up on that circle shape perfect now we'll keep using that mono line brush under calligraphy and we'll pick this color right here the third color in the color palette first let's start just about here and make a horizontal line if you have one finger on your screen it'll be perfectly horizontal and then on top let's make a bit more of a wobbly shape just a little bit then we have to make sure that we close the shape on both sides and then you can drag in the color to fill it next we'll make a new layer underneath this one so we'll go back to that circle layer layer 2 click the plus and it'll make a layer between the one we just made and the circle layer and automatically it is clipped and I will pick this dark brown color and let's go to the selection tool that's that s-shaped ribbon and go to rectangle and we'll make a little rectangle that just sticks out on that underside of our dirt layer and we can drag in the colour into that selection to make that shape and I want to place it a bit higher so we can go to the move to and drag it up just a little bit next let's add some mountains in our background and since it's the background of course we need to go below this foreground layer so again click that circle layer then click the plus and we automatically will get a layer that's clipped to that circle and we'll pick this blue color right here now let's start about here and make some wobbly lines for our mountains go back up again and of course we do need to close that shape so we can drag the color in and fill it and now that we have our mountains let's start adding some trees and we'll add the trees on a new layer all the way on top and we won't use clipping masks here let's start with some trees in the foreground we'll use this light green for that now let's just zoom in a little bit let's add a tree here and these trees do they are pretty abstract they aren't realistic looking trees we're making something more stylized just place some random trees with these wobbly lines you know on this side as well and keep some space between these live trees and one here and then we'll fill all these trees with our green but just dragging in that circle into those shapes like that and now we are going to pick a darker green the one right next to it and make a layer below these trees so we can draw some trees that are behind these light trees and of course these trees can overlap each other so we can draw one that's a bit behind that tree here and since we are not using clipping masks some trees can stick out of the circle a little bit but I like that playful effect and the little tree here you know let's draw one here as well but of course you can decide for yourself where you want to place your trees now let's fill them all drag in the color again like that and then we'll go even darker grab this color right here and again we'll make a layer below these trees so we can draw trees that are even more in the background and it'll be a bit harder to see because well they are a bit a shadow just make sure that every time you make a tree that you close that shape otherwise the color will leak out when you try to fill those shapes you can also make them a little bit smaller than the other trees that you just made now let's draw a tree here that's sticking out on the side and well maybe one more here all right let's fill these as well hoping that all our shapes are closed yes now finally we'll add some even darker trees those will be pretty hard to spot let's again make a new layer under the other trees and I'll just zoom in a little bit so I can see my trees not even sure if they show up on camera I hope so just some darker trees perhaps one here and one there and we'll fill these with our dark green color where's the last one oh there now these trees they can't just float around of course they need some trunks so we'll go back to the layers first we'll go for the light layer light trees and pick this green this green this brown of course that tree trunks are brown and we'll add some simple looking tree trunks just a line up and some branches try to vary the shapes a little bit making some really playful trees and we use the same brown for the trees that are behind these trees let's make some more playful trunks there now we'll move to those darker trees and we can use this darker brown for that because of course these trees are more in the shadow so those tree trunks will appear to be darker as well and this one right here and that will move to the darkest trees which I can really barely see in this light what kind of have to guess oh yeah there it is we have one here and on this side we have two more trees next let's add a tint and we'll make a new layer for that and that should be above our tree layers because of course it'll be in front of the trees you know to make everything a bit more organized we could just group our tree layers if you swipe to the right on these layers and select group and now we have a nice little group for our trees let's make a new layer on top of that to start drawing our tent I'll pick this light color for that light brown and we will still use the mono line brush I do want to make it a little bit smaller I'll go ten percent to draw our tents we will start with a triangle let's draw it just about here near the water's edge and if you hold your pen in place it'll snap to a perfect triangle you can go to edit shape right here and you can drag these handles around a bit to adjust your triangle if you like and drag in the color to fill your shape to make it look like a tent we also need a triangle no.8 rectangle so click the plus for a new layer grab this darker brown and now we will draw a rectangle right next to that triangle you can go to edit shape and drag these handles a bit to adjust that shape what's it do them there I don't know a bit like that and let's drag in the color to fill that shape and it already looks a bit like a tent but to make it look even more like a tent we need some slaps on the front of our tent and we'll do that by using clipping mask again so we'll click the plus first you need to select that triangle layer click the plus for a new layer and then select clipping mask again and then we'll still use the mono line brush and let's make a yellow triangle first we'll make a smaller triangle and that will be well the entry point of the tent and some light is leaking out of that tent like that and then you can just drag in the color to fill it and then for the flaps we'll create a new layer above and let's pick this Orange I'll make the brush a little bit smaller six percent let's zoom in a little bit more and let's draw these flaps and drag the car in now I want to add some shadow behind those flaps and we'll do it on a layer between that triangle and the brown well the yellow triangle and the brown triangle so click the plus and we will set this layer to multiply so click that end and scroll up to multiply now whatever we paint on this it'll appear darker so if you paint with the base color of that tent on top of it it'll look darker now let's go to airbrushing and use the soft brush and let's just pick that base color of that tent and we will set our brush to 2% and the opacity to 50% and now just add a little shadow to the tent because I've flapped I will make a little shout out there next our campfire let's pick this dark brown color for that will make the wood first and let's make a new layer for a campfire so we'll go all the way to the top click the plus for a new layer let's go back to the calligraphy brushes and use the mana lime rush let's make two logs like this and one that's crossing it looks a bit like a well like an axe step marks the spot where the treasure is let's fill it with brown it also looks a bit like a band-aid all right we got a base for our campfire now let's add the fire we'll do that on a new layer again click the plus and use this orange right here let's make the brush a bit smaller again let's go to three percent and let's draw a simple looking flame just something like that and then on a new layer or you could do it on the same layer but if you use a new layer you get far more control we'll pick this yellow color here we will make a smaller flame shape something like that and fill it that doesn't really look like fire yet right looks a bit well not like fire so let's add a layer on top of this and we'll set this layer to add so that everything will appear brighter let's go to airbrushing again and use the soft brush and we'll keep our brush at this yellow color and we'll set the size of our brush to about 8% and we will lower the opacity to about 30% and now let's add a glow around our fire really gently slowly building that up let's also add these little sparks flying in the air we'll have to make our brush a bit smaller for that let's just go to 1% we can make the opacity a bit higher let's say 60% now let's add these tiny little dots like sparks these little cinders flying in the air that looks nice now I want to add some shadow to the surroundings like that holdup forest floor that sure here that dirt I want to darken that a little bit so let's go to this layer right here and let's set it to alpha lock that way we can only paint on the pixels that are already on that layer and we'll use a soft brush under airbrushing make it a bit bigger let's say 10% and let's pick a darker brown pick this one now let's add some shadow out here and on this side because the light of the fire it's not reaching there [Music] now let's darken this layer also let's click it use alpha lock so we can only paint on the pixels that are already there and let's grab that color just darken that edge a little bit like that I would like to do something similar with the trees but to do that I will have to merge the tree layers first so I have opened up the group with all the trees and now let's merge these just by pinching them together and now I can make a layer with clipping mask on top of this layer I'll click the plus put a new layer then select clipping mask and we can set this layer to multiply so just click that and then scroll up to multiply so we can darken that area and let's use this dark blue for that let's make the brush a bit bigger 18% now let's just glaze over that outside this is a bit extreme it's a bit too dark but since this is a separate layer you can just click on that M and lower that opacity to make that effect less extreme let's go to around 40% next our scene needs a moon let's make that on a layer above our circle layer just click the plus there to make a new layer and we'll pick this light yellow color and for our brush will use the mono line brush which you can find under calligraphy and let's make a circle just hold your pen in place tap one finger on your screen for a perfect looking circle and then just dry in the color to fill it now we want to remove a part of this moon and we can do that with a layer mask just click that layer with the moon go to mask and now well we have black selected just draw a circle hold your pen in place tap one finger on the screen and then go to edit shape to move your circle around until you have something like this they can just drag it up black and it'll be masked by a layer mask for our moon I also want to add some glow surrounding it and to do that we will duplicate this moon layer by swiping to the left then click duplicate and we will use this moon that's below the other moon will we use that for our glow but first before we do that we have to merge down our layer mask so click the layer mask then click merge down and now we just have that moon shape and this moon shape we will blur a bit go to that magic wand then to Gaussian blur to add a little glue you can go to around 11 12 percent for it well whatever you like I'll go to about 12 percent and there we have a nice glowy moon then let's add some stars we'll do that on we can do it on a layer below the moon just click the plus there and we can use the soft brush now make it really small go all the way down and you can just play around with the opacity let's say 78 or 80 now let's pick this light blue color and now by hand we'll just draw in some little stars I want to go a little bit bigger with our brush this is a bit too much and you can see that it is a 1% but even in the one percent range we have some variations I'll just go a little bit bare but it's still 1% you know I don't know why 1% can be lots of different things so 1% can be really small and it can be small but not really small so just try to play around with that so you can go for 1% big and then to 1% smaller just make a variation of stars and now I'd like to add some clouds and I want to make it a bit playful I want them to cover well go out of the edges of that circle so we'll make the layer above all the others and let's go to the calligraphy set again and use the mono line brush and we'll just make some stylized clouds you can make some playful shapes just let it stick out of that side of the circle dragging your colour let's also make one here it also goes outside of that edge a little clout here and will filled that as well and I'd like to lower the opacity of these clouds so click the layer and then the end and I'll turn it down to let's say 60% or 61 we're almost there one thing we need is a nice reflection in the water because yes this is water right here first thing I want to do is add some playful touches to that water as well so we'll go back to that circle and we're going to add a little bit to that shape so we'll go back to the water color and then we'll add some shapes making that circle a little bit bigger and also a bit more playful let's say something like that and you can just tweak it a little bit adding parts let's just fill it by dragging in a color and we're on the edges a little bit before we continue and add that reflection I just really want to tell you about my first Skillshare class that I launched maybe you have already checked it if you haven't you should really check it out I'll leave a link in the description for you ok let's add a reflection we will start with the mountains but you know before we do that I want to add a little light to those mountains let's do that let's just add alpha lock to that mountain layer so we will only be able to paint on those mountains let's go to airbrushing and use the soft brush and then pick that moon color so we can just add a little bit of a glow to those mountains that will make them look a bit more interesting let's go to 10% brush size and let's lower the opacity well let's go to like 30% then just glaze over gently to add a really slight glow yeah I like that that's like that moon shining on those mountains that's nice and now we can make that reflection we'll have to duplicate that mountain layer for that and then we will have to flip it so we can do that by going to the move tool then click flip vertical now will you have magnetics turned on you can drag it down just a little bit I want to go for this and of course we need to remove a little part you can do it up at going to the selection tool use freehand or rectangle well let's use rectangle let's make a rectangle here and to remove this part of our layer you can swipe with three fingers but in case that doesn't work for you you can also click that layer and go to clear and then it has removed that part that you just don't want now let's do the same thing for the trees now to do that we will need to merge these layers together and then duplicate them so we squeeze them together then duplicate it and then we will have to move this layer below that ground layer so drag it here and now it automatically gets clipped and now we can go to the move tool again and go for flip vertical just drag it down a little bit and again let's go to the selection tool select that area and clear it you can also do that with three fingers a three-finger swipe to remove those bottom parts of the trees that were sticking out before we continue I do want to lower the opacity of these layers a little bit first those mountains click that end and move the slider to the left a bit let's go for 50% well let's do the same for the trees lowered that opacity as well let's go for 60 now it's time to do the same thing for the tents and the campfire to do that let's group all these layers that belong to the tents and the campfire let's group these and then let's duplicate this group and to be able to put it underneath that that ground we need to merge these layers so just squeeze them all together and then we can move this one underneath that ground layer as well you do really need to merge these layers before you move that and then we can flip this one vertical again drag it down to about here and for this layer I would like to use the blur tool let's go to the magic wand and then use a motion blur let's move it to the side just a little bit like that that looks nice and then let's also lower the opacity for this layer a little bit let's go to 75% but what you do see is that you can see these trees shining through that tent and of course that doesn't make sense so where the tent is we will need to remove those trees to do that in an easy way let's select this layer go to select and now this tent and also the campfire these are selected and we can go to the tree layer use our well we can use the eraser or we can just wipe to remove that part of the trees and we can do the same thing for those mountains click the layer with the tent go to select then go to that flipped version of the mountains wipe that and that's perfect oh and before we forget we also need to flip those stars of course that's duplicate the stars layer and flip one of those so use the move tool go for flip vertical now let's place them just about here and lower the opacity quite a bit let's go for 15 what I'd like to do as a final touch is add some ripples to the water let's see we can do that well we have to go above our reflection of course so we will select this flip version up to 10th and make a new layer there now let's go to the mono line brush again and for our color we will use this light blue first thing I'll do is create some ovals and I'll make them pretty big I'll hold the pen in place to make a quick shape and I'll make one inside and if you go to edit shape you can edit it a little bit let's make another one inside and now we can go to that move tool click uniform and then we can make this ripple a bit smaller and move it around and to create more ripples we can swipe down with three fingers and use copy and paste let's make one more you can make some a bit bigger and some a bit smaller like that now we have three nice ripples let's merge these ripples and now I want to add a layer mask here so click the layer and select mask and use black to mask some parts of the ripple to make it look just a bit more Ripley you have created your own campfire scene and you have learned so much along the way I hope you had fun if you did then you might want to check out my other video tutorials as well perhaps you'll like these two videos right here I will see you next time