You Finished Your Short Film Now What

[Music] welcome to film riot mondays today we're answering questions but before we do that few announcements first of all we are kicking off a sale as of today the sale will last for a store from today's September 25th until October first and that is 40% off all of our digital downloads so if you're looking to get any of those definitely jump on that now we're also releasing a brand new product which is a new let pack this is our film stock nut pack again we are basing it off of films but we're basing it off of the film stock that those specific films used and there's 29 nuts in total like the Argo LUT Casino Royale j.edgar that we have a few Kodak nuts in there Nightcrawler rec room for a dream the good the bad and the ugly just a bunch of really great looks for you to be able to use for your project and again we have that in different formats we have the standard generic panasonic re-read Blackmagic Canon C line Sony s and utility Lutz that will let you convert as well so it's a really solid pack so definitely jump over to our store to check that out and to get on the sale then an update for a one-minute short film competition first of all yes it's worldwide I've been asked this a lot forgot to add it to the announcement but it is worldwide open to all of you but now we've also been able to get a one-year license to Adobe Creative Cloud for the winner as well so that's stacked on top of all the other amazing prizes that we have so definitely jump on that if you haven't if you need more details check out last Monday's episode [Music] first question blood Tober this year there will not be a blood tober and that's for a lot of reasons one of which I have a new baby's by the time you watch this I will be a father again so I'll have two babies so that's kind of putting a wrench into the works but we're also working on a new short film that we're gonna be shooting mid-october that is not for Halloween it'll probably come out in November and we have a few other things that were working on plus I'm working on a few things behind the scenes that I can't talk about at the moment because they might never turn into anything but that's taking up a lot of time as well so with all that combined there's just no time to be able to pump out a blood Tober but that just means we're gonna have to make next year's Blood Tober like 10 times better would you choose an a-list actor that doesn't fit the role 100% let's say 60% or an unknown actor that fits 100% assuming both fit budget and would love to join the cast fitting a role is a funny thing for me I've cast people that didn't fit the role for the character that I had in my head but they evolved the character into something else that worked a lot better for the story but if you're just talking about something that has to work for the story and character of course that's a thing and I would go for what fits 100% of course I'm trying to make the best project I possibly can not you know just trying to get views I want to make something that can be as great as it possibly can be to give people an experience that I'm trying to give them for them to enjoy and I would rather a hundred people enjoy it 100 percent than a hundred thousand people enjoy it 50 percent so let's say I've watched the tutorials built the DIY rigs assembled the crew of semi volunteer friends and I've done it the short film is finished ready for the whole world what do I do now upload it to YouTube and hope for the best how can I get the most exposure starting out even for people with a following there is hope for the best involved we've had some short films that have vastly underperformed compared to other short films so it's not always a guaranteed thing but you do need to put in some work still once you put it online you need to you know go watch other people's stuff comments and like on there so hopefully they'll come and watch your send it to as many blogs as you possibly can especially if it's sort of a genre piece like horror send it to horror blogs places that might be interested and want to post it especially if you have some kind of story or narrative around it likes a proximity for instance we had a project that fell through and then instead of sulking about it we went out and shot something anyway for only 300 bucks and put that online that was a story that we could tell blogs hey look at what we did and here's behind the scenes that shows it and it has something that gives them something to post about so that's really helpful as well if there's some sort of narrative you can wrap around the making of it that will help get attention as well if you haven't put it out yet you can also send it to places like short of the week that will take a short film and premiere it and help get eyes on it of course they're not taking everyone's but you can submit it and see if it's something that they're interested in and then just post it wherever you possibly can even go on Twitter ask people to watch it there's nothing wrong with that just be humble about it and after all that yeah hope for the best what keeps you going how do you keep the naysayers and negative thoughts out of your head when trying to create I think a lot of it just comes from doing and getting a confidence of know I can see this I think this is gonna be good and you've proven it to yourself enough times to where you can trust your gut when you really know that it's good but you have to stay objective and you you can't have ego there that way if you do have some doubt well okay maybe they're right then let me really look at this otherwise there's been a lot of times where some people didn't really see what I was seeing and I stuck to my guns because I could see it and I knew it in my gut that this was a good idea and this was gonna work and then it did so it's that it's I think it's a lot of just building that experience to be able to make those calls and just have passionate enough to not care like I make movies nobody watches them I still want to make them I love making films I love putting stories together for an audience and again if there's only a handful of people that like it and the majority don't well I'm making it full of people hopefully the majority likes it but you know I mean I'm not doing this to win awards get views and make money although all those things are nice I'm doing it because I love it so much I can't not do it last question I'm having trouble staying focused with my writing I'll find myself telling too many stories at once when I need to stay focus on one main central conflict especially in shorts tips PS can Josh say hi to me on camera no because he's not here so sorry but that that's something that I have trouble with too and I think and I think I've said it for I think deadlines will really help you quite a bit when you only have a certain period of time it's very easy to cut out the fat of what you're doing because it's very much like editing in post-production you have to cut the fat out and really get to the central core of what it is you're trying to tell figure out what the themes are that you're trying to land on and whose story it is what is the background what are you trying to say with all this and that'll guide everything else and if what you're trying to add doesn't service that it doesn't have to be there then just get rid of it and when you have deadlines and you don't have time to really pile on the fat you keep it very lean and you keep moving forward and then once you have that then you can go back and see if you do need to add some stuff that's at least how I've done it but it is something that I do still struggle with myself if you're a budding filmmaker entrepreneur innovator domain coms place to go when the next idea hits you when you get a domain name from you're taking the first steps for creating a vision and identity for your brand or idea of course comm and net are the two premier most recognized domain 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