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in this video I will show you how you can convert a YouTube video into a text article which later on you can use it in your blog post or even if you require therefore an offline use for example if you are a student or a teacher or if you are doing a research in any particular field now most of the times we must use the research on the internet we find different information on different websites but sometimes we find a very good lecture video or the YouTube in which the speaker is seeing a very relevant things about whatever you are doing whatever the subject we are doing a research on now you want to extract that video into text so that you can use it in your thesis or in your blog post on it or you can use it as an article so I am going to show you a method where they help up which you can do that now I want to convert this video into text form or into an article so this video has a closed caption on the from the bottom of this player you will see these three dots and here you will see an option of open transcript once you will open that on the right side of a window you will get all the closed captions with the timings now you have these three vertical dots if you click that it has an only option available is toggle timings right stands if I click that the time will go now I can select this all text and copy that text from here now instead of going into a notepad or a Word document you need to paste these closed captions within the Microsoft Excel so I have pasted that here unless going to English default so that it is visible to you now at the second column you have to this is equal to and then replicate the first place and now in the second row you have to do this with this formula P one then is equal to symbol then comma start give a space from across the night symbol and then click this it will convert your first two sentences into text now you just have to drag this to the end and it will convert your whole load captioning to an article and if I paste the text in this document as you can see that it has converted my complete closed caption into an article so that's how you can convert an YouTube video into a text article which you can later on use it as a four-star in your article so that's how you can convert the YouTube video intro text article thank you for watching if you like this video hit like and share it subscribe