You dont own those digits in that bank account

howdy-ho buckaroos how's everyone today I think it's the first of the June of the 2025 780 on the lunar of the Phoenicians we're rocking and rolling up in here in Inuk bill today we've got a silvery blue sky haven't seen a Carolina blue sky but maybe once or twice in the past five years yep we got miss Tanner she's rocking the house up in here yes sir Reid and Miss Weezy's done gone rogue she took the tag off new Buick put it on the old beaut so she go pick up some more bags of dirt to make the Taylor towers problem she used to give me know about that because we always keep extra older cars I'm just the type I've never bought a new car they've never dug a hole to make more steel they've never fired a furnace up to make more stuff for me to travel around I always bought the stuff they already did and plays stuff laying around we just start using it up instead of an earth [Music] well you know hey mister oh that's a girl right there boy she'll finally get it between the two poles skinny side up no kiddin I've watched through it crack the top laughter every bit of it out putting some dirt in that tighter tighter day gotta water them beats yes I read let's go check on that well the shade water bowls not needed now I got take my lure my little flower thing back up still no oh I don't know no no but we got a living good eyes I'm finding that all my store-bought seeds I'm getting baby two out of ten the sprout no kidding y'all yep when you started saving seed seven years ago in the bottom of your freezer you kind of knew something was up right oh yeah intuition it's called instinct my people been through this before and it is infused into our DNA if you all allow it carrots kill alive cabbage ain't working ain't working out yeah we'll see let's go look at them tighter coming alive yeah those are baking papers right there we got to get a bigger sack for that we will mama bring them all home and then I tell you B to me this thing C but everybody loves a turkey soup and domesticated like it is it'll stay close to home so mo half domesticated golden breasted broad breasted yeah they live just about a half wild half domesticated life they roost in the woods and then come visit you during the day pretty cool and I'm gonna tell y'all you know I've been putting seeding around for a long time look Olivia my dandelions coming to life boy the little Ford didn't hear mmm Amy come down here make me salad later on this evening I think I want a little bit a bitter taste I know what it is he said I make the line go far yeah I've never tasted one of these little daisies this I don't eat things unless I know I can one beautiful lady sees and she she's quite knowledgeable lady about what you can eat out of the yard she's the one that found like 20 20 animals beautiful spring salad or summer Sally went up on the mountain house level and there's eight or ten or twelve of them here I can't you know I got no idea what that Sun looks like cuz I can't look at ya I can't see my phone with my real dark sunglasses so I got my lights on guys at all in my bow so we have that yeah I'm having a one hell of a quandary here my young people that I know through my children they're all so beautiful they're getting caught up in this badge off first I got just a few of them to come up out of the Divo and mrs. tore them up I don't I can't I don't know if I'm I've yet to have yet to get confirmation that I've met any of them or have reached any of my younger friends on the SIOP that's coming but this is a Gladio so if you want to look up Gladio that was it's a European kind of operation so so called but I mean you have to understand that we've been ruled by Britain this whole time you've never seen this country if you're alive today you've been ruled by the king by the by the monarchies of Europe your whole life and every bit of the energies they stolen from you through their franchise corporations they call government and their fascist agencies if you look in wagon 1945 edition you'll find the definition of agency as a fascist realm of a fascist regime yep that's a fact and see they you know it's not like they've forgotten the etymology of these words they use against us like to govern is control and Polly is many you know politics or blood sucking parasites somebody thanks a lot why the manor walking down the street just thrown the Rhine down I pick it up a little feet to the birds actually you got some feet left we're starting see bucket yeah that's really good for now me i pickle those pickled watermelon rind is really good for you it chases the bugs at to get chases the bad bugs out pumpkin seeds they're wonderful for all your gourd seeds are really good to chase bugs at your system parasites the bad back to them yep I would imagine it helps helps us release exosomes so they don't build up and we had get a what they call the cup glue which is just us detoxing hard but if you steadily detox see not gonna get hard detox the B box ain't got nothing to do with hard detox it's all about toxification of your mind I promise you go by these ladies uh I'm Marilyn now this time of year most anything we might be able to get a an American melon from out of South Florida huh don't matter [Music] I'll give them a treat beetle melon you get for there you put a little bit on top of it they'll get a taste of it the younger ones like it then they'll get used to hitting it you got to train them off the feed let's see they'll be looking for you to feed so I'll put an old older bird that forges with them that kind of fine picks up on what's naturally anyways but yeah you can't beat a little parental guidance from your eldest and the wackadoodles have talked to our children in believing we're out of our minds especially those who are saying we baby boomers yeah the Gen Xers and Millennials or whatever they got them all chopped up in keep them separated there's two generations on this earth right now baby boomers in our children and they've been convinced that were idiots by Satanists and that's a fact and we were treated like idiots and treated like mushrooms fed and kept in the dark and harvested whenever they like we die be reversed so I knowingly we perpetuated in out and allowed our children to go to those indoctrination camps on those big gala tubes three further crammed full of so we lose out the guy that played purple Jesus and the Big Lebowski that's the same guy that played Frank Zappa he also played a third character a tough guy can't remember his name it didn't go over very well he may be a movie or two never remember his name or that character and he also portrayed the fourth member of the Big Lebowski purple Jesus Bullington yeah go back in a look one of the most absolute coated and loaded incredibly predictive the programmed scene in all of movies and there's a bunch of them you know don't forget about the DeLorean and we got a hit 88 that's Trump now we're gonna see some crazy when we hit 88 nice trip y'all that's also Lucifer and that's the dividing of time time and dividing of times turn it on sideways it's empty anyway so yeah okay he puts his hand up over the blower his left hand right then he comes across it with the controlled alt right hand and you see the cocaine fingernail and all the different rings representing the factions the three I think it is and you also and then he comes back and he pulls his silky soft huh all while wearing purple which is the Marquis yep now what his real name is slips on mind but he it's well known that he was this or is the son of a Navy Intel spy officer and he knows all about spy craft now but there's a video deep into my max Maximus channel of Monica Lewinsky portraying Naomi Wolf and she's explaining exactly what I just told you and that you can't trust anything since the Smith Month act was yang you couldn't trust anything before that but they made it legal retroactively you can't be punished for publishing and calling it news there's no legal framework to prosecute you it's being gutted so it's totally legal to publish and call it news anyway she explains this where you can tell she's not the best actor you can't actress whatever I think she's a real female so yeah actress and you can tell that the question questioner is a setup these part of the game and then you can test she gets off the kind of a disingenuous start but then gets all row she's probably well well practice you can tell and she explains that well now they love anagrams they love anagrams out anagram two names of people you might think are involved with one another let something other you guys have to see the way they do these characters names now these aren't people these are corporate persons see you can create a corporate person like the nth WWE created the corporate person Jesse the body Ventura and hired James Jonas to portray that corporate character and then they ran that corporate Tector for governor of Minnesota and put that corporate character in office not the man James jealous you see what I'm saying because it's all corporate father it's all admin fee you don't need an ID to get on a corporate ballot and every single one of those agencies fascist agencies or corporations and that's when I say agency I'm talking about every state government every county city yeah their franchise agencies corporate so anyways so you got your corporate character right well now you'll mark Owen let's see how does it go with Monica something something or another milky sow something or other milky sow it's not coming to me right now but we anagram you'll be able to bring it out nothing spell it exactly but I mean come on how stupid can you get because know me will ya that's an easy one no I am wolf and when you go look at those that lady that betrays those two characters see they hear the war in Bosnia when we were fighting alongside the Sharia law push we were fighting for those pushing Sharia law in the birth hospital I never can pronounce that bosnia-herzegovina yeah they hid that war from us with a fake blowjob you say yep if it's busy worried about the young little chubby girl and in her blue dress you good but you believe is oh yeah and all that stuff in a rock it's all it's all theater he said I never heard he's probably not she's also a Rhodes Scholar you know the guy that said Great Britain needs to be control the world forever yeah oh he's a Rhodes Scholar yeah he's a Marcus Trotskyite Bolshevik Nazi yeah so people think there's a difference between Bolsheviks Nazis nothing not just like there's no difference between the left and right there is a difference between a corporate person non-entity character legalese legality and we the people flesh-and-blood and our laws universal natural off it's pretty simple firstly do no harm how hard is that to understand that you can't put potheads in a cage much less with criminals that's crazy no you can't put a man in a cage for using his form of transportation which is common today to simply go to work and not pay for the Pacific permission to do so no he's got a heavy right to drive down the road safely in his unregistered with his unlicensed self because those aren't privileges those are natural rights that have been turned into privileges by the many ticks and so back to us and enforced through a human trafficking operation for profit human trafficking operation I'm kidding I mean I you new here it's gonna hurt your feelings for a little bit you're gonna be mad I went through every emotion of losing yeah like losing a pet just about hearts I can't say it's how bird or a parent but you know what I like oh gosh like losing your best friend cuz you mad at yourself how old gosh how could I be so stupid and be so food well I mean you were a child your parents were children or neighbor like - can't blame yourself and then you can't blame those who've been lied to and then you've got to find that happy medium between the willing and the unwilling the witty and the unwitting I used some litmus tests they're pretty easy can buildings fall like that caroline has cut through buildings like that those two answers are no it's four mile behind okay this jabbing a Enya how about aluminum mercury is the MRC line of human diploid injecting that into us is that cannibalism yeah does the entity agency and or persons and/or people's believe they have the right to trespass upon your person when you are peaceable and moving about peacefully no does the collective have the right to tell Billy to quit sitting on his thumb up his ass on the street corner in the corner of his property on his property with one thumb up his ass and one in his mouth and switching every two minutes naked in front of the whole world sitting on his property no you ain't got a right whatsoever to tell him to stop doing that but my children might eat that back yeah I don't know what a crazy looks like one day yep sure will so if you protect yourself from all the cooties and the bad things and your skull you know gosh no well you don't know what the to look out for your body doesn't know what to look out for the more you come into the more you learn about the more you experience them better off you are period I've sat in the church and bawled like a baby and I've stood in a at a bar in a biker club house and watched a woman commit bestiality on the state I wasn't that long soon as that started I had to get the out of there and never went back but I was there with a momentum I my professional mentor and his son was the was the president of the North Carolina chapter of the Harley of the Hells Angels plain simple so we went there for beans and cornbread for lunch on the regular until that happened and then I said no I'm not going back there no more he said yeah that bothers me too but mainly it was just because he grew the really nice lamb's breath back then CJ he was in his 60s then and he traded big long sensimilla buds to the horrors at the clubhouse for blowjobs you know what you going to she needs to get hind you know he's been married forever he's probably not getting many so that kind of thing life's you know life's real so I've sat in a church and cried and I sat in a bar and watch that for as long as I had to until I got CJ to get the out of there with me yep these are the truths and if you haven't run the gamut from there to the other place building high-rises building stadiums and building filtration plants and sewage plants and I spent a month on the nuclear plant and I did about four hours worth of work see it's time and material so they put a number on your helmet and as long as the cameras see that number that number is automatically put into the payment payroll so all you got to do is have a body under a helmet on the site moving about to get that payroll and I would imagine they're probably charging double what I was making and it was quite good at the time so it was so busy here that we tradesmen we've master tradesman we kids literally name just about name our price and just about name art the job I literally would pick and choose which job I wanted to be all I really did and that's not arrogance the truth and it was because again I dedicated myself to my to my trade to my craftsmanship to my knowledge and how to do it that's why I took every certification test they ever put before me I could be offered that's why I'm an internationally recognized court certified expert that can tell you building can't do that and airliners can't do that from that so there we go that puts me in in line with field McConnell he got called up and he tried to do the best thing but he didn't come completely clean and if he did he would have today he'd either be dead or he would have gotten farther but at least they don't have him in a cage they have him with an ankle bracelet at home with his son who he never mentioned by the way so is he with his son who knows Timothy home safe I've I've reviewed every single bit of his evidence that it's voluminous yeah he's real has he gotten caught up in a double cross trip across the same one that fields gotten caught up in you better believe it now I'm gonna tell you I was emailing Timothy and I told him I said you know you need to go talk to filled yeah you think so scared I'll just go up there and show up at his damn studio or whatever texting or whatever I mean you know his phone number everybody's got it and within a week he was sitting in his studio and that's the truth I'm not exaggerating you can ask him I don't know if you get a response but yeah that's the truth and that's when they really got hot and heavy and the shit's really started getting hot and heavy and they started pushing some buttons and that's when the Picasso thing came in and it got hot and heavy and fields quite the character and expressive as hell and may have sent some things that he shouldn't have but it's not illegal remember everything going over the broadcast is for an entertainment nothing can be construed as real so even someone giving you a threat over the internet to kill you it's not illegal anymore now show up at their house and repeat it yeah shoot the because guess what there is no corner coming to check there is no investigation the corner will call in a cove at ninety minute toe tag for that death plain set if you're not on camera blatantly and it don't go viral you're getting away with it because we are in what is called what I've coined a soft purge a quiet purge because right now you can literally purge and not be investigated and it will be a diva 19 on the toe day as per who and CDC who are not in any way have authority over us CDC is not a federal agency it is a for-profit Kennedy that's right the Kennedys and you got Robert out front as your your Cohen tell dodge and weave operative did they kill his uncle no it's obvious what's the car it's here man Sarah coming to the side but the minute it goes behind the sign boom what comes out the other side there's a dummy sitting there and it clutches at its neck wound with open hands with stiff open hands open pile two hands no you clutch you little regret about it it burns somebody oh yeah you're gonna clutch that one yeah gonna put for two flat tail oh yeah no they don't kill their own there would be an internal war and that internal war we would be able to see yeah well those are changing a little bit because we're at the end of a 100 year gentlemen's agreement between some major monarchy bloodline families that claim bloodlines back to the Pharaohs mmm-hmm that's right and yeah not everybody is honorable amongst thieves right so it's kind of a you know you got a battle for your little spot between the seven kings in the ten territories I mean Earth's already been split up into ten territories the Prime Minister of the neo Republic of the United States of North America is Ernest Rothschild he won that court case in the Royal and Ancient Court of settlements Brussels Belgium several years back I used to have the PDF directly from that court decision from that court the ulr URL is not that hard to confirm ladies and gentlemen so that's that and yes miss mrs. Cindy cake carrier all the spin that's all she tried to steal well she's tried to do this she tried to steal the world's gold and stuff that's didn't she didn't that's all she simply foreclosed on all these corporations that are bankrupt legally and lawfully and she went to the courthouse right up the street from me not 20 minutes to start it and it ended up in why she can tell you which role in ancient court in Belgium she she went all the way through winning cases all the way through see when you know use their own rules regulations and statutes of codes I don't want to say against them but with them you win if you're right but you can't go in there and argue natural or common law in a commercial law court you can't do it you're speaking the wrong language they speak legalese we speak English you're literally speaking babble because you're speaking the wrong it's like going in there is speaking Chinese in the English courtroom wrong diction jurors diction that's right so you're speaking English and they're speaking the diction of legalese and the jury is speaking English so there's how do you get redressed there nobody understands each other what they're saying called word magic yep ba ba ba ba ba ba Baba Ram baba baba Baba bhai baloney in word Maddy oh usury all that stuff perpetual death that's demonic yes siree Mike Watson the buddy of mine he was one of them boys his selling now he calling them uh mortgages I hit my head living living high on the hog boat on the lake lake property the whole night and everything I was trying to explain he said man you got to shut the hell up that's my career it's the Monica's but that's my career that's where we're at yep people love their slavery obviously and the ones that are pissed off about this that in the other are all pissed off about the wrong things and being played for fools they're shipping they're going out to the little towns all around North and South Carolina and picking up all the poor out there and there's a lot of them and there's not I mean there's a lot of them and promise to them oh gosh turn get together big sister hotel we'll get food party with all your friends and fight for freedom and then they just throw the agent provocateurs in there will hell it's not like things Oh getting their car leave is it no now they're in a strange town they know where they've been bussed in yeah and they get a pep rally on the way mm-hmm and of course you know they conspire who is willing to continue to be trained as agent provocateurs and be paid to do that stuff now if you don't think the NSA doesn't know exactly where every dime comes from and where everybody is going and coming from you're out of your mind so that means that it's all a charade Joe they could shut all this down immediately everyone that has ever done a drug deal over a text and or phone call since the internet hit guess what they know exactly how many grams of coke you smoke they know at all it's all it's all a charade but you see this is the way I look at it if somebody's willing to crawl up my ass that far to spy on me they're just a piece of anyways so I don't even bother with them don't care I make fun of them i mock them that's the one lose one thing Lucifer and his minions they loved amok and they hate to be mocked samake they tell me I mean you know the people that are diva possessed you mean yeah I don't much like demonic genes and there's one inside of you I'm not being mean to you nope not at all I love you it's that demonic Djinn in your heads swirling around from the slime easing out from your TV set whether it be in your hand while you're scrolling or whether it be on the wall or whether be oh we're on that vine cabinet that you got from wherever yep that's the fact materialism think about that communitarianism that's the most demonic you know that is where the compact racers come from right that's out of that stuff codex elementary the the usually in and agenda twenty one thirty yeah I swear it's all from yeah and it's the mark of demonic is hell it comes out of Lucius trust Lucius trust yeah doctor uh William mouth he has full access full access to the UN and he gets listening in on the Lucius trusts he tells us I have people say all your arteries always selling something oh darn I know those damn entrepreneurs dang it how dare you make me sit through a one-minute commercial before you tell me vital information I mean you know you know go back on the corner for a dollar will ya Jesus Christ people oh by the way if you want to send me something my email address everybody knows it's easy fine Mahalo what my second do I need to set up some kind of account so my email address if you don't want to tip me I guess I need to ride up to the fifth 3rd and see that I'm go underneath my corporate person ID because once I do that see now I'm accepting gifts and that's gonna fall under this that in the other and I'll have to play by the corporate rules when it comes to the finances being given to me the tips because you know you have to Caesar what is Caesar's what that means is pay your tithe and go away that way Caesar can't control what you say in the building where y'all form a church that's right but now all sign of 5 OC 3 now you no longer will give to Caesar well ok what you're gonna give to Caesar is your soul because you're gonna do what you're told are you gonna come in there and take it Oh yep that's right that's how they catch him do you know if Ivo C 3 is not required before hey uh no there is no law no I had a lady a long time tax thing she uh yeah she did the contract with the IRS from time town had stopped doing that yes she said there's no us no she said it's weird I was trying to tell people you don't have to have that that's just silent agreement you don't need there's no protection in it there's actually faults in it there's traps in it but the TV said you had to have one the TV can tell you any damn thing that yeah yeah so yeah chowin former 501c I just put it through my for-profit corporate person eyes for longer plumbing connection V all small cakes plumbing connection all uppercase block lettering American Sign Language as per the Chicago processes and procedures booklet for the City of London commercial I am every law Administration hmm it's on page 666 right at the top y'all don't know how old Chicago is yeah Chicago was one of the biggest cities in the world and had direct access to one of the largest bags or inlets to the Atlantic Ocean oh yeah yeah you could you could sail right not down rivers you could sail right out of Chicago into the Atlantic Ocean took a wide take a little while but yeah yeah it was open when the river it's a huge square whatever you whatever you call it that big that is what shot down it was one of the main dam cities during the two tarean empire and every old city you can imagine including Charlotte all have underground cities underground cities mm-hmm sure do not including the new dumb tech with the electromagnetic levitating trains and Autobahn eight-lane interstates inter connell intercontinental highways back Stephen D Kelly I'll tell you about he's been there done that first man first kid first child first one under 18 to ever get a laser pack two of them by the time he was 17 you don't think the NSA CIA DARPA didn't snatch him up yeah the vehicle and he saw it out he said man I'd be working for the CIA I thought anyway it'd be the NSA man I'd be working off all I'm went to see I know the NSA oh he said it was so Craig and then when he witnessed some of the other crazy cases yet he started planning his exit and he got out alive nothing but the skin of his teeth it's what he got out of there with he's a real he's real and he was the one that brought my attention to Gordon Getty and the Getty Museum and what's underneath it it's one of the major hubs for that underground world and it's incredibly demonic what's going on in there and yeah and pretty much he told me I don't knows eight eight nine years ago seven years SEM eight nine years ago he told me he said you know until we hear going get his name and it being occupied by We the People and the atrocities and abominations underneath they're destroyed we've got nowhere he owns California the Hearst owned much of Nevada Oregon and Washington yep ass fat and Dre code headquarters if you think Draco's are giggle pop you out of your frickin mind yeah there are reptilian do you know it and their headquarters is the New York they have to understand York right malta new yeah so we have that now my neighbor building my real nice house around the corner here well got some money ain't no doubt it eyeballs collecting him some current said perpetual debt notes and guiding some digits created out of thin air and a