YouTubers Play Fortnite For The First Time very noob

i dropped a tree i don't want to build how do i get my gun up [Music] get to the water it's shrinking oh heck i killed big boy before we get into the noob fortnite activities heron this xbox has been given away to a subscriber angus very good so we're going to put that in the post to you mate you'll get it very soon if you don't know what's going on we did a drop on the main channel we did five xbox ones all survived we're giving them away this video this video we're giving away the one that was in the bubble wrap to a subscriber that comments and likes the video you have to do those things to be in the running absolutely go on soon out of cod fortnight time ah are you getting shot escape today you're going to watch three youtubers play fortnite pretty much for the first time and it's probably going to be painful is that fair i'm already pained i'm wild i don't know how to do anything i don't know how to play squad i have a stress ball and i think i'm going to need a line i have a lady who's on a warship we're the same lady how do we change person what even is this thing i have a yellow button that says play it's pretty damn attractive to click oh i got dance moves all right uh we're all just gonna be girls aren't we the stress balls being squeezed again i need a fidgeting device i'm getting one hold tight get me a ball what oh this is our door he almost ruined the tv why does that door not have hinges boys i'm going to buy some v bucks 120 bucks and i get 13 and a half thousand don't spend our money here i'm just saying it's the deal you get 35 extra can you die if you don't open your parachute i believe so how do you do that i don't know so we're jumping out of a plane a bus a flying magic bus who isn't flying guys i thought you were joking we've only got our keypad so technically if i press every single button on the keypad eventually one of them is going to open the package yeah or click oh i'm not i'm not on the bus oh who built something aaron oh i built something i built something too we're on the bus what the heck how do you know when you leave you don't need to get out yet are you out i'm not heron's out of the bus no my parachute was auto deployed oh i'm out heck it's on the ground did you win i can see someone karen's breaking down buildings the hills i chopped the tree no i got the tree okay someone's shooting me and oh someone's shooting at me oh someone's having to go someone b does anyone know what we're doing someone just took me i'm also gone we're spawning what sort of game are we playing i didn't think there was any respawning are we playing some weird mode but a robot came and took me they think him like another human took me some something flying i see someone that's me that's me i'm dead i think we're playing a really weird game mode it's like marvel something i did two hit combo and another alien kicking oh i found the stairway to heaven really did i definitely just punch them dude the head hard i'll i killed someone i killed big boy you're not gonna believe this guys i just made something and i can't get out of it the map's closing in crikey i gotta get out of here oh two hit combos three hit four goals it's gonna kill i just armed that ball did you get one dude i'm really good at this i've gotta deal finally leveling up i don't know how to jump how's haven't figured that out if someone knows how to jump please no is it hey look look i'm going to take this boat down come on his hammer it's thorpy what are you doing did i just kill someone did he just duck dive oh combos combos it's like we're down at kfc flipping yes it's a good start boys second i've got 48 875 xp i got 93 420. i don't think i killed someone my green throwing things were useless i got the least amount of it i think one of those are the best that what that was was a little bit of a train training session i did reach level four i feel like i learned a few things a lot actually all right well that was a bit weird uh but i think we went into some weird marble takeover mode that really disoriented me we are now in squads i have an axe i like that that's good the bus is dropping soon this is happening when are we dropping should we just have a go yeah hang on boys boys look to your right you'll see there's water the island yeah head for the island go to the jetty go i'm out oh i've already launched my thing whoops i'm a long way up in the air right reckon you can get all the way to that jetty what are you guys seeing the jetty no i'm seeing everything oh no i see you heron okay should i join you yeah oh he's going in the middle yeah yeah to that thing go to the middle of gawdson oh i'm going into school where we are i've got ammo but no gun getting some wood getting some stone i don't know if i meant to do that i just boys i'm landing on the helmet boys i have an assault rifle that's good stanford that's is flipping good how do i get it up oh i got it oh that's gauntlet out of me hey where'd you can you show me where to get a gun i i mean you gotta find one how do i get my gun up all right i found a gun oh i've got a gun i've got a pistol how do you get i also have an assault rifle mine's pressing two stanford i'm working look in the bottom right come on oh scope is right click boys i'm not afraid to pull the trigger if i have to oh yeah reloadish ah i'm glad you're here oh what is that that is a golden thing hang on a minute jeez i just got a tactical something something where do we go boys do we start you know having a look shotgun oh no oh no no no no no i'm building something now i don't want to build a queue what a wonderful blessing you are okay so i went in the toilet and it took me somewhere magical looking on the horizon everyone just don't say anything oh i just hear something of course and you're making me nervous is that 10 kill on can i cat go on something oh i'm searching a bag did that just take some of your health off yeah it did who just put a boat down i put like this crash pad thing down somehow hey dude if you press space dolphin jumps aaron's driving the boat don't draw attention to anyone mate you just launched this very different does this boat drive on the land get on board come on come on come on he's gone if you see someone pull the freaking trigger oh it courses on come on boys feel like this is that a fish is that a fish oh we're getting shot we're getting shot we're gonna get rocket launcher to just the head and it's game over what was that in the water that's a fishy does that thing go land too survivor one 50 players remaining i mean i just feel so vulnerable should we drive in the truck for fun i just think there's 50 people remaining and does that mean 50 people have 447 we could win this boys 44 should we just play the like hyde game hang on let me just check over here i've got this sneaky suspicion there's someone over the hill there's just no doubt in my mind this is gonna open up doors this hill what do we do 43 boys teammate all right does anyone know when he died just make sure you you're crouching voice no over exposure if i learn anything from saving private ryan the bridge is important stamping i'm seeing you see what you're doing is you're putting me in derek's lives on the line i saw a gun though and it could be good to see that hey i've been rewarded for my bravery how do you go backwards oh look watch out for that storm cloud boys it's shrinking see over there gonson see the big funky thing yeah that that gets smaller well if we look on the map are we gonna be in the the eye the eye that's there sometimes i'm not aware of oh no we need to move we need get in the boat boys get in the freaking boat i'm in i'm in stanford get us out of here trying freaking get to the water oh we're in are we going the right way yes keep going right to the right to the right to the right and we're in we're going the wrong way nah are you sure yeah that's why it got lighter again because we're in the good area yes someone just died it's down to 25 boys we could legit win 20 minutes remaining we haven't seen a soul but we could win if you see someone do not stop you hear me do you want to get out no you take a couple of quick shots and you get out i've seen a lot more fish than people i've seen this storm brewing behind us it's not very nice hold a we're going up this hill here why are we doing that because we need to get if you hold m oh i saw someone where up here where where where where that up that ramp see where i'm going don't shoot don't shoot let's charge him no no no no no i've seen this easy he feels so tense if i see him in my crosshairs i'm pulling the trigger oh dude we got to get in the eye get in the eye what eye it's more shrinking quick gordon's in real bun real bun dudes you need to move bro we're all cooked how do i run faster i can't run faster we are all gonna die i'm dying are you gone gone gone well wait we're all slowly dying does it everyone stop oh this is design i see someone i might even get just get a kill oh i'm dead i killed someone yes well done heron gone can i get a kill before i die great oh i hit him one two i played seventh i played oh we all did team squad seven seventh boys well done aaron got killed pretty much killed by the eye we pretty much saw no one no one was going to kill us except that eye [Laughter] we shouldn't have left the boat though should we play one more with gaining experience we're gaining knowledge yeah we're making our editor's job harder derek's got hot ears all right boys can we beat seven we're in what number's the axe because i couldn't f that's not a number where are we going uh i've already gone should we just what you're out go all right well let's get out just follow scott i don't know where he where are you over here boys where over here super helpful um so oh yeah you're miles away actually i'm heading for a pool boys it looks like a river i don't see anyone else there i'm about to land there we've got elerus 2014 on our team i don't think he knows what he's in for if i find any guns i'll tell you i'm i'm landing on them aaron's got a revolver that's really handy i've got a fishing rod julio fishing i could have literally got a fishing rod oh what's up stanford is in trouble did you get really yeah i just lost heaps of health because i am i did all of the eyes what's going on here boys don't forget about the storm dude i'm dying you may be taking the warps i'm actually about to die apparently oh heron's also down no i'm actually dead boys that's all right i'm still in the game come revive me i hit a fire cauldron with an axe was i still got 100 gods and can't revive me quick come and revive me oh god didn't finish the job i'm crawling behind you scott yes come back and save me jeez for a first timer how many look how am i looking are you saying [Music] name left left left revive me i'm gonna die where are you well you're gonna find me on the map i can't see i'm really close stanford we're all gonna left let's go into the onsen there shoot him don't you crouch oh dear oh dear oh dear launson's in real trouble oh god i'm going to knock on him dead boys i'll take all the goods too we're looting oh barnaby seems dead didn't see me come for the sidekick on fire i think you'll find herons on fire but anyway that's the point team game team game did i not kill him no i did really i just can't believe how well i performed where is the eye of the storm because i'm seeing some nasty clouds i think we're okay no i think we're not look at the map i think you need to get up to the tree to move you need to go north we need to turn left karen and erin i'm not afraid there's someone here there's someone here turn around hey you know you don't have to always look forward there right there you're shooting flanking oh we both got done where did i get done please that really happened fast you actually did it right boys i couldn't have done worse so i think we need to finish the bid yeah we can play games all day long can we be really good you gotta you gotta call it somewhere yeah and when you're axing a petrol can that's probably a good time i'm just proud of myself for getting the kill well done golsan i think i grabbed a couple geez everyone if you're a fortnight player that was probably extremely painful but will be better one elimination two assists so i assisted you you assisted me how many revives did you get zero yeah damn right i got two i got two headshots boom heron