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breakfast morning everybody is de j MV Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are The Breakfast Club we got a special guest in the building yes indeed young ma let's go let's go how you feeling debut album about to come out yes sir oh I know you sent me the girl napkin and then she's suing that got too hard I got you we're gonna bei this hey man listen anybody was waiting this wasn't ready God you know you just cooking up yeah you went through a lot of changes though what management and everything yeah is that part of the reason why not really I wanna say I don't want to blame it on the by it was really more so me yeah I mean I move at my pace when it come to music and if I felt like you know I just wasn't ready don't get me wrong like no matter who was you know representing me it was always on my back about y'all listen I want to tell you what I heard so far west first of all I love the intro thank you the intro is fire I was like and it's not often that I'll be like yo that sound dope right hey fire fellow are we doing do you think you had too much success too fast and you had kind of you had to kind of catch up to it in a way yeah you say that um even though I was growing it for so long prior to that but you know when that Fame hit and an F ain't came a little a little strong I mean like 10 times harder you know I mean because not on top of it being a hit record but just who I am when I'm representing South at the same time so yeah it was definitely like a oh let me catch myself real quick and and be able to uh sit back and watch this you know me I had to observe for a little bit cuz heavy that we were in Johannesburg together oh yeah yes this event and when I tell you they lost their minds young ma came out no that was crazy we had fun that day that night which you got offers so much money to do deals and you never know did you regret that at all I would have took that down I mean if I really was like yo are you looking for a specific amount of money or just wasn't now I was never about the money never about the money um the money they was offering I never seen before so you know of course you know you young getting this Fame and you never seen this amount of money before it's like it's not easy to be like no but I'm like I have a lot of integrity man I think more down the line more longevity and that's where my headspace was that nobody was telling me to make these decisions neither like this was literally me it was probably people looking at me like I was crazy and I was just like uh I ain't feeling it and that's just in my spirit man what kind of bags were they that you turn it down there was a man and what made you be able to just whack give you the confidence to be like nope I know what I want to do plan Oh spirit yes man I always had a plan like that's what I've been grinding for so long force because I had a plan I mean like I Know Who I am hmm I know what I represent and I wasn't sure if labor was gonna know how to handle me long term you know what I mean because it's like I'm not your average like I'm in a whole nother Lane you know me so I'm like what could you possibly do besides throw money and radio in bags at me to keep me you know I mean and in this position where I'm good with myself I have control in a way and I don't know I didn't hit it you know so I just was like Norma stay independent um see how this goes no you have a song on the album that is featuring young MA yeah so how you have a song that's you featuring you it was just it was actually something on my manager one of my managers had told me about um he was like oh you should being at you own a song and you own the hook as well you should say featuring young your maker that's gonna make people talk about it and that made sense I'm like yeah okay let's do that cuz nobody did that before you know me so that was basically how people will get to know you better do this out oh because I just feel like I'm the type of person man y'all know I don't really be on the internet you know chatting it up I don't really talk about what I'm going through so with the album no with the music that's what I do I put everything in my music anything I'm going through whether there's good things if it's bad things emotional things no matter I put it into music and now I finally get a chance to provide a body of work to the world you know before I always have mixtapes I always was that person like always was expressing how it was how I felt always put what I was going through in my music from mixtapes EPS whatever it was prior to this and I was always like versatile it wasn't never just one lane when they came to came to my music I always had I talked about one relationships I talked about what I was dealing with in the street my life my family music and you know that raw raw that tough you know that tough shit so with this album is pretty much the same but it's like more of it because I didn't experience so much from grinding from that time and to you know getting into the game now and experiencing the fame and everything like that yourself so more because your first record was a smash where everybody created their own dance to it yeah they're common it I don't want necessarily people that think it was a gimmick so it feels like you have to go extra hard so people don't just don't think that one single was a gimmick I used to think that I used to think that when around that time when everything all the pressure was on me and stuff like that but I had to kind of like eliminate myself and put myself in a different mod space that's why I fall back for a minute you know I mean cuz I'm like I'm known for being a self Hitler like I don't believe in like reaching out for help or like I'll heal myself before I even allow anybody had that type of you know I'm in control over me so I'll fall back for me and collect my thoughts put myself back in that zone where I was always groaning always making music naturally you know what I mean I didn't want it to be about Oh cuz I gotta make this better than this because that's not how I make music so you know it it gets distracting at times but I had to pull myself back man and like rejuvenate and understand like you have a like a whole fanbase like a whole support system you know I mean we do that for them again you know I mean and build it up again you killed it so Brooklyn challenge - yeah you're gonna make a rap like that's never been up for debate when it comes to self-healing are you able to do that emotionally and mentally as well yeah yeah just uh it's just the fame you know I mean it's not easy it ain't any easy you and then I'm dealing with personal you know there were personal problems you know it's a lot you know ain't really too much against a detail you hit our you understand more but yeah you gotta sometimes you gotta sit back and eat more than so feeling I got to go to therapy therapy is cool but I just don't I don't understand therapy you know I mean like I don't understand the person that that don't really know what I've been through to give me a paper I've tried to in the past like I don't had therapy from high school mm-hmm you know I mean and it just never worked out for me and I just learned how to do yeah yeah I don't think that for me it's like I don't need her to give him you buy that is like the feel-good you just to say system I understand I understand I get that but that's what I use the music for most of the time like this is my yeah I mean like this is what I love like this is my this is what I'm about music I've been doing this and I was not you know I mean this was always my way of expressing myself have you slowed down on drinking and eating crazy I don't know what time I'll cheat every now and then but like I still try to like keep that that maintain with the with the whole diet situation like I don't try to overdo it you know what I mean like I'm more of a seafood pescetarian talk about people saying I was vegan I was never vegan like that's like that's kind of difficult you know me like I love my seafood I love fish and stuff like that so I question me you know maybe like man I got a bottle in the car I was sponsoring that low too much man like all the things that come around putting out the music cuz you love doing the music you love that part you love performing but everything else that comes with it like do you not really care for social media doing interviews basically basically I'll really are the social media thing is cool because you know what's the outlet and then I have my whole my whole supporters on there and they look forward to seeing me so I can't let that go so that's like the main reason why I still interact on there but other than that man I just like to be cool man and and when I do my shows it's a whole nother person you know you see me rock out it's like that's where I love it at like this where my engagement is that don't get me wrong like I mean I don't mind interviews cuz the way expressing myself to and getting things off my chest don't get me wrong but like I'm really about my craft like I'm really about what the music is about and your mom was there too yeah yeah yeah I had to bring her you know man what else y'all do why you guys out there I know you went to this afar we went to the Safari that was crazy that was like mind-blowing to actually experience that like you know been azouz Brooklyn Brooklyn zoo right here in the Miss running with the animals you know I mean so that was definitely experience I was happy for her to be able to experience that with me too as well it was know man when I went to a Joburg a woman got killed in the Safari she got out the gonna take a fucking picture like God I have no I was going to a safari call when I was there yeah we get out the car she drove I forgot yes get it he said she got out into the picture like God heard somebody think that's okay what does your mom think about everything that's happening for you was she always thinking that she was gonna be a rap star yeah my mom knew she uh she see me she seen me around the house just in my rooms who come in here check on me and I'll have some paper out a tape recording like she would see that yeah I mean she respected it all the time she never be like oh this tender like she wasn't even that type Ramona be like you did your homework yet and I mean like she respected me when I did the only if I wanted to go outside she'd be like did you do your homework like or whatever the case over when I had to do chores but like when it came to music my mom really never bothered me she always supported me so many studios I guess she was definitely one of those moms how hard is it to make a debut album after you got some money and fame in your pocket you got money in your pocket already you got famous no I'd like create a debut I'm definitely huh it's hard because I'm the type of person to like it's all for me to stick on things and stay on it you know I mean like I'm just spontaneous like that's just in my spirit like I just like to try new things all the time so like I'll be working on the album and then I want to do like something else at the same time so I was like I had to discipline myself to stay put onto the album you know I mean like that was one of my downfalls it's not being able to discipline myself and stay put and eventually I got into that that state of mind I just had to like force myself to stick on it that was really like the main reason yeah huh you feel like that about dating too yo yeah I mean like yeah it's like is a lot that's coming like one of my that's like one of my downfalls is just having this spirit about me where I want to try new things are you not a committed person listen I read the relationship I'm not I don't really care for the being out here single all day having a bunch of girls like that get boring after a while like I do rather a relationship and I mean I rather woman hold me down and she doing her thing we just supporting each other what's the last time you were the relationship I'm in a religious man but you see I don't really you don't see me ask probably throw it out there too crazy did you learn from like the mistakes of with toy bricks posting up all the time did I learn in cuddling I mean what was it allure I mean not to have it so probably maybe I don't think I really she was that public you and Tori I went public because first of all I was hot at the time you know me they see me with this young beautiful woman and and it just went - and - and went crazy but I will never really put us it out there like that crazy I used to see it was I know that for a fact because that's just that's not me I don't really like to do that like that's just putting too much my person like us what if for a minute like this you know you know what it is and that's it you know I mean whatever we do whatever like a lot of people even know we broke up you know me like maybe once you got we're in love with somebody else even have a family that you feel I mean I it was we was already like done for a minute that a lot of people know we were still cooler where everything happened like a lot of people don't know like it was a never know beef or nothing like we were still cool you know I mean so I'm not I'm not a good like I'm the type of person like we was done bro and and they moved like all my exes don't moved on you know me all I don't like a couple of them got love you know some still love you yeah I mean you're gonna talk about that we need you to come back to Brooklyn I don't get it wrong you know oh yeah my fault well I'm gonna pull up there what do you prefer industry relationships irregular relationships uh to me it really depends on the person like if we got a vowel we cool we makin and she know you know certain things ain't supposed to be certain things and I know some things were supposed supposed to be certain things and we locked in you know I mean then we could I don't really try to look at it like oh you got this mini you got this much fame I got this much fame safe right now if I write with you I rock with you if you know limits to certain things and I know and we understand each other then that's where I'm at with it but I do rather know but I would rather it be a woman that's a little less yeah have you found yourself a situations where women try to talk to you just because you're famous and you got a look at what their intentions are um yeah you are you in this industry bro like if you not think of that then that makes you where like you know with this come with like you not you not saying oh this is the one right away but you gotta literally observe pay attention to signs and stuff like that hottie maneuver body act like I'm I'm observing I'm I don't get blindsided like you can't get me you know I mean like I ain't the type of person that be slipping and you run down and get my stuff and I'm gonna point at all times I don't play that you know a girl that share with now how did you know that she was the one for now at least yeah how'd you school minimally where did y'all meet are you sure you want to say this did you know you go get bored of that was then she's focused the way Geneva Church I'm Madeleine okay well I see she was following me already same vibes you know me I followed her back out there she was fine and you know no we nobody damn nobody like she was in all my hills like she wasn't sweating me it was on she replied she replied to my story one time so that was like you know my okey-doke I'm thinking okay in a way right with the eyes because I'm late sheeni respond that was it that was it now look that's how life works this one I wound up seeing her in Atlanta but you like that on the load that she respond he was like I shorty yeah yeah like there and and then when we eventually started talking she like that I wasn't on her body neither so it was like you know I mean like that's not me like I don't go girls teams I never do that bro I don't know hi dudes got the balls to do that I cannot go in the girls normal and just let y'all what's up that is so corny to me bro like I'm sorry I have to either meet you in person or you gotta kind of give me a sign or something for me to even feel like I should jump at that you know I mean but yeah I met in Atlanta and I wanted her to be in one of my videos but I was already kind of late you know we already kind of knew before that and then it happened and at the video shoot you know I got to know her more guys we got to talk more and whatever and got the video done and we got some pretty strong finesse game young circle changed over the past not really changed too much uh I still keep the same people like I'm right there ream that's that's been my my god since day one I mean I just kind of bring him along to teach him things I said him just being a bro and I mean it was like you know let's work let's learn you know let me teach you the business a little bit and you rock with me and we go from there and then we've been rockin for the past two years now and you guys here I know same old same way y'all know I'm already say when you get money it's not you that change the people are here and I still got majority of the same people with me if you seen my videos if you notice things like it's the same people can look at my old videos and look at my new videos and see I got the same guys around me I just changed certain manage situations but hey you know that was that was just I guess something that was Valentin yeah you know I mean and it ain't know how it feels like I'm not a no beef no stag I was thinking about when you said you know after who you fell back did you fall back cuz you didn't want to be known as like the auger uh not really it was I don't really feel like I'm known as the OL girl because like I rap yeah like it's like like it's like a like I got a fanbase bro like it's like it ain't just over me like I get respect in these streets all the time it's always love I don't know where that why is that did that come from like that hole the old girl thing like is like I'm young in May of such a big record it's a big record of course but it ain't bigger than me I never fold I reckon so that's that's the difference has the Chico what have you been doing other than working on your debut out faster you got involved with actin uh business is it red producing directing yeah definitely directing directing what are you directing point oh no I was making sure you was in town through nine out there before I knew it was pouring right boy okay you directed a porn yeah yeah it kept talking but you playing Cleo and set it off to the remake that is that in that room that was definitely a rumor it was a meme going around like saying that if they do to remake that these happy what I should play but yeah I heard that they actually really is gonna know he's already doing it yeah you be you be surprised the internet fucking around to get you a role how was the experience directing porn it was fun it was cool it wasn't well let people expect it like they like oh no I was working you know me it was cool things you know it was interesting to see I mean like right there is like oh it is out of this hot appointed like business give us some examples a little more hey tell em were you in that too too soft man you gotta you gotta I mean not to so you need to to to calm like delicate yeah to limb come on put your knee your mouth phone aside being scared so you know what caused that real-life sex is so different than porn because porn is so much more extra exactly it is is it is but uh they was gonna pop you know they're gonna pop who's old women Tommy wasn't with bangbros was it pouring up with this Bank was a bang bro I don't I don't know none about oh I'm not even a porn watcher stuff all the time yeah watch one bang brother you know what they'd be doing they'd be riding around and and they pick up like they'd pick up random women they ride around with the bang bus and they convince random women to do like school kids watch it make you money what the would be like hey would you direct another one absolutely that's what I'm gonna do yeah listen okay I saw y'all put that up to when when that whole situation came up on the news then what's it called again yeah youngin may is directing porn and then I heard you say yeah man but I want album man what a music I have you said yeah so I'm doing both listen you understand man like it's so much opportunities and money out here like why settle for one thing right you already if you already have the opportunity and you out there and you expand it and people grabbing from left to right no get that check man okay yeah think of me Anthony I'm gonna bang do you think that it's important for pouring to have a plot a plot yeah like a real story laughs the best part of it because some people don't care about that they just want to watch they favorite scene they don't care about a plan I think it makes it interesting to have a storyline like it's like it kind of I guess builds you up a little bit and go knock on the door and be like have some water so random random Trap House white woman jogging in the hood she goes down the door they open the door oh shit first of all I'm just happy that it's you know my first debut so I'm just excited about that and it's like it's like my little a little man and it's like I'm giving this to the world and uh I definitely want this to accomplish like people understanding me more understanding my struggles and trying to look past certain things you know I mean not saying that everybody is like that but you do have a good amount of people that just don't can't look past certain things and it's like you know I feel with a lot of stuff you know I mean like it ain't just always peaches and cream you just because you don't see me express that so it's definitely a relatable album I want people to relate to it when they hear it they gonna understand a lot of things that I'm talking about in this and their song a lot of people won't be able to relate because it's gonna be similar situations that they've been to like I'm human you know I mean we go to things like oh as humans and that's basically what I want to get out there I'm I feel like the album's you're supposed to be something about you and tell your story and that's why it's called story because it's basically about me you say look bad things what do you mean like that's who it is people who still do yeah and I'm not targeting I'm just like certain certain songs on there is targeting just that you know I mean it's like okay like yeah you know I mean like I'm out here you know ain't nothing where I'm hiding it it's not like none of that like it's official with me and try to look past it because like I make music and that's what it is that's what I'm talking to people not like mostly most of the people that rock with me is like you know we we rock away me so I got you know of course I got I got everything but it's helpful to people to who also are you know exploring their own sexuality maybe they already are apprehensive about coming out because they don't like you know just right just just to have people have the understanding to like is I know it's hard at times but like it's a way you know once you out there's like yo you shouldn't even care you know you cuz we always talk about how a representation is so important and there has it hasn't been a whole lot of representation in hip-hop right that's why I think somebody like yeah me young ma is so important so needed absolutely yeah cuz I just talk my talk man have they hinted you in any way what you mean like this as far as I don't know people like all she gays I'm not rocking with her man that's like I don't know that's that's like so like like the cliche thing like is this like bro come on man like over this label thing like oh let's just say no you dish you that ain't known that vibe man I removed on from that man but you know I mean like I'm just living as younger baby and that's where I'm at with what's the experience like meeting somebody like Beyonce I never met Beyonce but you oh but you i meet Beyonce yeah oh I thought you guys were you know you open for her yeah no I met jay-z at the time it was like it was like first of all I got day was kind of late so like they had to rush me the stage when that whole situation went down and then I had a show in the whole nother state right after that so we had to rush right back out but jay-z was right there so I was able to catch a flick with him and then dip out so she was probably in an address room getting right getting Beyonce Beyonce also Jay just say yo he was he looked at me like I was his niece or something I got like Brooklyn like bid like I'm like like Big O like oh like I'm proud of you you know I mean like he was just smelling like y'all like basically I like what you got going on you got it you know I mean it wasn't too much said because we really have time to like chop it up but that was enough for me Brooklyn got a lot of job up-and-coming rappers now - yeah I know he's on fire man I don't know how to be I can like Brooklyn Brooklyn oh he's on fire the hose of the city is on fire sooo yeah yeah I'm on fire right now Brooklyn is on fire right now from Brooklyn he's 6 9 a on fire right now musically he was on fire listen you know you don't want to they don't represent Brooklyn you don't understand me from Brooklyn so what board arrays so what on a playground as what you spent all these days you want to come out and do more music and he don't feel like he needs to be in witness protection and play with dangerous dedicated your brother right yeah today's actually his death date he's been 10 years straight well you know I'm holding my head it's crazy that means like I can't even believe it's been this long but you know I'm just trying to keep his name of love and and hold the fort down for a man you know holding the family down and doing what I got to do and I mean cuz it ain't easy trust touching believe that on out are you able to enjoy the moment being that it's so close to his death date now I'm coming out tomorrow are you able to enjoy the moment album coming up uh that's what I said that's why it's kinda I guess I don't feel to lie about the album because they're always around this time is like funny you know I mean I always feel like a little in the days around this time so I think that's one of the reasons like all the time from this day on going on to the end of the year like Christmas holidays or like I feel that bad that feeling you know I mean so it's never really always like I'm so happy I have that moment you know that load the person feeling but at the same time like it's like what could I do like I'm gonna sit in sorrow all day long I gotta I gotta make moves I got a hold a family down all over the case so I'm good though like I'm like we all here man we work in we get into it and we gotta make the people proud right now let's get it make sure you stream it download and all that good stuff and we appreciate you for joining thank you for having me man is young MA it's The Breakfast Club good morning [Music]