Young Nicholas Hoult Caused A Huge Casualty The Graham Norton Show

but talking about big thrust into the limelight air Nicholas Hoult I always thought the first thing he did was about a boy but you started even younger than that don't you yeah my first kid when I was 500 now see the gig I'm talking about is casualty how old are you in casualty I think six am six years old I think you're at seven I remember I got to wear a cool leather jacket well I thought at the time and my dad let his head on a car jack and was gonna die well we've got the plinth not your what the grip so this is little so very young it's a classic casualty set up Nicola thought it's very excited he's very young is too young to be let loose with a pump for a big tire yeah but he's playing with it probably won't end well here he is so he's very excited pumping away look at him you know there's this cool leather jacket he's having a great time now there's the pitar but see I think he's getting overexcited the pressures getting a bit high now he's that look look too much it's too much look look the tire is going to burst will someone come to help Nicholas surely his dad will notice oh he has noticed hang on he's got to go rescue him [Applause] laughs uh pretty direct [Applause] I didn't realize it was all my fault what's inside if I hadn't been doing that there never wanted me to be a fine Oh what is the job you did when you were five a film called intimate relations I got today I remember the audition for that cause all I had to do was they would like to sit under this table and pretend to eat cake and I was like all right great I can eat cake all that [Music]