Your Spiritual Immune System Part 1Be Healed Series


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alive job where you are the breath of life you speak and darkness turns the lights Yahweh you you good afternoon welcome to today's bee he'll broadcast I'm Cree Blake I'll be teaching today's lesson and today we are starting probably a two or three part series I guess we would call it that on your spiritual immune system your spiritual immune system actually you have three immune systems and we're going to be talking about these and we're going to talk to you about how to develop them how to build them up get them strong we will also be showing you what can weaken them and what you need to avoid to remain strong spiritually so now the spiritual immune system as I said there are three parts to it or three different immune systems you have a physical immune system a emotional or what we're calling a soulish immune system and a spiritual immune system so we're going to look at these two where I'm going to show you some some details of each one and we'll talk about that also I want to I'll be using the dry erase board here for today's lesson because I want to show you how each one can work and give you an idea of how it works so first off the first one let me go ahead and move over to the dry rice board grab one of our pins here and we're going to do this in a reverse order so really number one and then number two and then number three so we're going to start with number 1 which is the lowest the lowest simplest immune system you have is your physical physical immune system now the physical immune system as you'll notice here it's number one it's but it's the lowest number one so we're gonna go from number one to number two and number three number three being the highest immune system you have so first off let's talk about the physical immune system the physical now if you did not have a physical immune system than anything that you came into contact with would kill you matter of fact we know this today and we've we're used to terms such as AIDS or HIV which is a human immunodeficiency syndrome is what the Kovak and then of course aids or it's the HIV is actually human immuno virus deficiency or something like that but it has to do with the human immune deficiency what it's normally known as is AIDS or the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and what that means is something attacks your immune system that makes your immune system weaker so that other things can kill you people generally do not die of AIDS they die of other things that are that is able to attack them and kill them after AIDS has weakened their immune system or diminish their immune system and so generally it'll be another disease it would actually cause their death so we want to look first at the physical immune system now I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on this most people are aware of it but we do know that the physical immune system can be both strengthened and weakened and we know they can be strengthened or weakened in several different ways there's different things you can do Pro or you know- or pro con they would say number one it can be strengthened your your physical immune system can be strengthened by exercise and your diet a particular diet that would cause an increase of strength and of the nutrition that you need for your body to remain strong and so it can be strengthened by exercise or diet that is can either be just a normal food that you eat or even by supplementation and as I said this is not the main point that we want to get to we want to get quickly to the third one but we're going to show you how each one interacts now how can I do want to mention here also and this is a medically scientifically proven fact that your physical immune system can actually be strengthened by praying in other tongues that's right yeah actually praying in other tongues can actually strengthen your physical immune system if you spend roughly thirty minutes praying in other tongues you boost your immune or physical immune system by as much as up to forty to sixty percent and there are all kinds of studies you can even go online and look these that it is amazing to look at the correlation between these and so it shows that praying in other tongues does not just have a spiritual benefit but also a physical benefit so now what it can also as we've said it can also be weakened as it can be strengthened it can be weakened and it can be weakened by a lack of exercise and or by the food you eat so you can either eat foods that will actually build you up or foods that weaken you now it doesn't just build you up physically and we can you physically it physically and weakens or strengthens your immune system itself so you can actually have your immune system that would be working in your body and the nutrition it needs to help strengthen that so we're going to look at that at a some time in the future we'll be going through this but it can also be weakened now remember this your physical immune system can also be weakened by your mental disposition and we will look at some scriptures on this over the next couple of studies that I'll be doing now if you're so maybe let's say you're surprised or there is a a sudden shock or an emotional shock something that just hits you suddenly then sometimes it can be bad news it can be something that that just takes you by surprise and if you are not able to shake that off in other words if it's bad news is maybe someone passes or there's something some type of emotional hit that you take it's normal to go through a grieving process but the fact is you have to move through the process and not stop in grieving because that grieving itself will cause a mental disposition that will over time cause depression and which in over time will also cause your physical immune system to be weakened and so it's important now this is one of the reasons why God is so interested in your mental attitude you know as I've told you before faith is not an attitude but it will cause an attitude faith will create an attitude even though being just positive minded or having a positive mental attitude is not necessarily faith right so we want to want to get those two confused now let's look at this for instance the main thing about this as far as the physical immune system is that and this is what we want to point out we've already mentioned here the physical immune system and then of course there is the mental immune system or what some people call the emotional okay these are all the same one and we are actually calling it the soulish okay that's the term I give it now you maybe hear me use these different terms also but we want you to realize that that the this is all part of the second immune system it has to do the soul has to do with the emotions has to do with your mental attitude so you have the physical and then you have the soulish what I'm calling a soulish and then the emotional or mental immune system so we put also these three here would also be part of a secondary system now the third one which is the highest now this is the one we want to focus on eventually when you get there pretty quickly but this is your spiritual spiritual immune system now these are all three different now you'll notice how I arranged them number one number two number three starting with the lowest on number one being the physical now I'm going to transition back and forth between these and we're going to talk about a bit but just so that you understand how these work is that obviously this has to do with the physical system this has to do with your mind your emotions your will your soul and this is out of the spirit now the main thing is this if your physical immune system gets weakened then your body can also be more easily attacked either by virus or bacteria or different things but also the enemy the devil will try also try to attack you at this point so many times he will try to get your physical body weakened and then he'll try to hit you as something to bring in and exploit that weakness now your physical immune system is like your armor and when there is a chink in your or somewhere there's some kind of opening in your armor that's what the enemy will try to exploit and so that's why many times something small will occur but then over a period of time other things start to come in and one thing leads to another and pretty soon this person is in dire straits because it has just grown over time we will talk about that one aspect of that is generally called a spirit of infirmity where as I said we'll talk about that in the near future but I want you to realize that as long as this is strong and healthy then generally your body can stay strong and healthy because your physical immune system it anything attacks you if you have a good strong physical immune system then it will automatically kick out those things and help protect you but let's say that you have to do something physical and you wear down your body over a period of time that wearing down of the body through various maybe lack of sleep wrong nutrition different things where you just you punish your body too much for too long and it'll weaken and that weakens your physical immune system and the enemy can attack now the amazing thing is you also have a soulish immune system emotional mental as we said now as long as and this is amazing thing this is one of the main things one of the main points we want to get to as long as you are doing well emotionally as long as you're doing well in your soul area then many times your physical body can be weakened your physical immune system can even be weakened and yet because your your soulish immune system is strong the enemy cannot still even cannot get in to attack your physical body now you'll see this and as we go forward I hope you already kind of see in the pattern here now the amazing thing is because we all know people just give an example doctor some wrong when I was with him he used to tell us there are some people that are just so strong-willed that they basically can't get demon-possessed and when I heard that I thought okay that's that I wasn't sure how accurate that was and so we questioned him on it and he was just saying there are some people some people can do something and they will get demon possessed very quick and then other people can do the exact same thing and do it even longer and yet they won't get demon-possessed and they actually have to do it much longer to actually get possessed and when I asked them about that he said is because of their will many people are weak-willed and allow the enemy to just overwhelm them and some people even though they're in the enemy's territory they don't get possessed because they're just so strong-willed that they do not allow that thing to to conquer them to have control of them and so really it comes down to how quickly the enemy can control you and so then so we have the physical immune system then we have the solar immune system and then we have the spiritual immune system now and each one of these you'll see stack on top of the other so as long as you're strong physically everything's good but then something can attack you and make you sick and many times it will weaken the physical immune system first and then it will try to build off of that but as I said you can be strong in your emotional let's say you have a good strong emotional community around you in other words people who love you they're they're nurturing to you they speak well to you and they encourage you and they lift you up and they keep your soulish area your emotional your mental status your remote your soulish immune system they keep it built up and strong because they're telling you don't you worry about this you're going to come out of this you're going to overcome this this is just a time you're going to pass through it and when they start telling you these things it helps strengthen your soulish immune system that's why it's so important that you be careful about who you hang around with who you listen to what teaching you listen to you need to be very careful about these things because these people whether it's by CD or radio or television or your best friend or you know a spouse or anybody else they're speaking into your life and what you lead in you become so we need to see this as this is so important because this if you keep this soulish immune system strong then even if this gets weak you it will still be a long time before you actually get sick and so this can be weak but this will cover for it in other words this will make up for it because this is of a higher level than this this is physical and this is soulish which is a a step up in the in the spirit realm or as we would say on the spiritual spectrum now from here you go up to the spiritual immune system now if your spiritual immune system is strong and we'll talk about how to increase that decrease it and all these different things but if your spiritual immune system is strong then even if your physical immune system is weak you won't get sick and even and and even if your soulish immune system is not strong let's say it gets weakened this can still keep you from getting sick physically for a long period of time so this is this is what's on the top here this is the most important immune system you have is a spiritual immune system and so it's important that you focus on that and keep that strong because even if this is weak even if this is weak if this is strong this will keep you from either getting both emotionally ill but also physically ill now in today's world most psychiatrists psychologists people like that will work on this area and that's the only area they know to work on and they don't know how to deal with this area that's why it is specially if you're a Christian you're going to a psychiatrist or a psychologist they can only help you to this level here they cannot help you above this level because all they're dealing with is the emotional or the soulish area the word soul comes from suka which is a greek word and it means soul it means it can mean a life essence so to speak but it is not Numa or spiritual and you are a Numa you are a spirit and so that's why this is so important so this is as we would see it I'm going to try to go to a bit further over but if you had and this is okay this is one of the reasons I'm a preacher and not an artist is because I don't have any artistic skills so but let's say we have this with a tree and we've got the roots and everything else in the very center of any tree is where really most of the SAP and the life go into and it will draw the life here but then it'll go up this Center whenever you if you have you know limbs and leaves and icon stuff then if you want to grow this tree you don't pour water on the limbs you pour on the ground around the roots and the the sustenance goes into the roots and then from the roots go up and Trini you already know all this I'm just sharing it because spiritually it's exactly the same way spiritually and this is one of the things again that dr. Sumrall taught us everything that God created in nature can almost always be seen in nature in threes it is amazing how you can separate everything in in threes both humans spirit soul and body literally everything if you have an egg you have the shell you have the yolk and you have the egg white almost everything you can see has threes to it even trees if you cut them in half and look at them you'll see the Rings and you'll see the outer bark and then you'll see the actual the inner tree I guess I'd call it but then in the center there is even a line which is where all the nutrition actually flows up into the tree so this would be similar to our spirit this would be our soul and this would be our body right so almost everything you can see in the natural goes back to threes which goes back to God Father Son Holy Spirit so now in looking at this the idea here is that if we can keep this strong then this will all be good and so the idea is to keep this strong now really if you're if you walk the Christian life and you walk it consistently I'm not talking about being perfect I'm not talking about being super spiritual please understand if right now if you just stand where you are connected to God and just worship God just just open up to God and worship worship to him you are being a Christian right that life not he said what about healing the sick and what about doing good deeds okay that's all part of it but that's part of the overflow of your life as a Christian that's what you do because you're a Christian but this is being a Christian you communing with God is being a Christian you don't have to go heal the sick to be a Christian now if you're a Christian you know the Word of God the Word of God is working and you then you will want to do those things but those are fruit on the tree right but the tree has to be alive before it can ever produce fruit and so the important thing here is this is who you are and your spiritual immune system just as you are right now it could be you know perfectly healthy and strong but now let's say that because of you know various things and there's like we said there's all kinds of ways that can weaken or strengthen these things but let's say that you were received some kind of really bad news just all of a sudden it was a somebody really close to you and you heard they were killed in the some type of accident okay that would be a shock it's not something you planned it's not something you were expecting and so when you heard it it would affect you emotionally right it could very easily affect your mental state to where you couldn't think clearly and that kind of stuff at least in you know temporarily and because of that it be mental it be emotional you know this maybe you can't think clearly maybe you you just have to stop and just you know kind of I don't know just kind of settle in but then your emotion you might be sad you might cry you might get mad and don't even know who to be mad at but you might be mad and that would be the emotional aspect but all of this is out of the soul okay and so that taking a hit like that could actually weaken your soulish immune system if you stay there very long and maybe you go to the funeral and it's sad and then you can't get away from it everywhere you look you've got things that remind you this person and you just stay in that state of sadness and of grief then you could move into depression and so the idea is it's right to grieve but we have to understand that especially if the person is a Christian that like the Apostle Paul said we're not those that grieve as though we have no hope we do have hope we know that we shall see them again and so you move from grieving into wholeness or into restoration now if you stay in this soulish weakened immune system too long regardless of how strong you are physically you could be an athlete you could run triathlon you could do the Ironman whatever it is you could have strong physical body but if your soulish immune system is weakened and it stays weak too long even though you're still eating right even though you're still exercising you will get weaker and weaker and weaker and then things will start to happen in your body your beard things in your body will start to to go wrong and start to mess up but it's because this is a higher level and so if this is weakened then eventually it will weaken this many times when you see people that are athletes and they get injured and then they're there in the hospital and the doctor says well you'll probably never do your sport again but you know we can get you the normal again you can exercise and do things but you will never do that sport people move into this soulish room and emotionally and mentally they get so down because their whole life was into that one physical aspect that before long their entire body starts to weaken and they never come out of it physically again and so all of these play into this so it's important number one should you have a strong physical immune system absolutely should you do the things that create strong physical immune response of course exercise eating rightness and that's a whole that the whole other series on its own of how to actually eat right because as many doctors as there are nutritional specialist they all have different ideas of what is eating right and matter of fact you can eat the exact amounts of everything they tell you to eat and you still won't get the same nutrition it'll depend on where you get your food from because some food is just has no nutritional value in it because the land has been so overused that there's no nutritional value in the soil anymore so a lot of these things come into this we may talk about later time but the idea is that if you can get your immune system even if it's weak then if you can stay strong emotionally and soulish lee then this will come back actually if you're strong here even if this is weak this will pull this back into position and into the place is supposed to be now beyond that but let's say that your physical immune system is weak your you've been hit with some bad news or some emotional thing and your soulish immune system is weakened and if this is and that's going to be week and if this is week you're probably going to get sick or things are going to happen but but let's say this is going on but all the time this is going on you know now this didn't understand this is your soul so this will have to do with how you talk to yourself how you encourage yourself in the Lord you speak to yourself but that would be the spiritual aspect of replenishing the soul so here you can stay strong spiritually you can know inside God is with me and I know you know my lost this loved one I've lost this person or this I've lost my job or I lost my house all these things affect people they actually have a chart to show how many of these how these different things affect people and so you could have all of this going on weakened weakened this weakening this even more and then yet inside you can have that grit to say you know what I know this is true maybe I know I was injured or whatever it is and they said I'll never be able to play my sport again and then you hear a loved one is killed and it's another hit another hit and you say you know I I know all of that and it's sad numb and I really miss them and you can take these emotional and physical hits and at the same time say but I know this God is with me God is for me he's behind me I know even in all this I know God didn't do it and I know he wants to bring me out and so if you have that then this will start to gravitate upward and be restored and made whole and eventually your physical will come back into alignment your soulish will come into alignment one because spiritually you know what do you have to do with these things why why would you stay in depression because you're keeping your mind on those things and the Word of God Spirit says that we are to keep our mind on things above that work to think on things that are good and holy and pure and good report and all these things and so we start to change this to line up with this and as we do that from the spirit now if you were just a soul if you were just your mind then there's no way that you could actually change this because it would be what it is if it's negative if you were negative minded you just be negative because there'd be nothing to do but cause you are a spirit there is a mind behind your mind there is a spirit behind your mind behind your your your emotions that even though your emotions can be down there is a spirit in you which is you that is saying no line up rare up rise up be strong in God this isn't who you are this is not where you're going to stay and you know this inside and even though your mind is going yeah but this is so bad yeah but I just don't know if I can handle this inside you're going no we know we can't handle this we know that God is with us we know that we're coming out of this so you actually have what we call almost like two Minds arguing well now what's that called the Bible double mindedness and see the thing is you have to realize to do not be double minded because if you're double minded you're not going to receive the things that God has provided and so you have to learn let the spirit mind overrule the soulish mind and so the solar mind always works through emotions and feelings and that's kind of stuff and you have to be able to say no the spirit mind which is what the mind of Christ and the Bible tells us in 1st Corinthians chapter 2 verse 16 that we have the mind of Christ so the mind of Christ is stronger than your soul and the mind of Christ says no this is what the word says this is who you are believe this don't believe that believe this and so then eventually you start to by the spirit and I'm just going to draw this this way by the spirit you start to protect and bring into captivity all these thoughts and you get them to line up with the spiritual and as you do that now the spirit life is pouring into your soul and your soul gets strong and then your physical immune system of course this is all leaking out into it why because this is these roots idea here and so you get all of this life out of the Spirit coming right back to it and so the whole key here is that there you have a physical immune system an emotional soulish immune system and a spiritual immune system now of the three this is most important of the three so this is the one you want to keep strong if you remember at the very beginning of the broadcast I made a statement and I said that if you pray in tongues and tongues for 30 minutes it increases your physical immune system by up to 40 to 60 percent of if it was up to look at the exact numbers but I believe it's 40 to 60 percent so if you prayed in tongues for an hour your immune system would go over a hundred percent and you would have abundant life just by praying in tongues an hour think about that so if you have this this now notice tongues it says when you pray in tongues and I wouldn't going to get into all this today but it says when you pray in tongues that your spirit is strengthened but your soul is unfruitful why because your soul doesn't understand tongues but your spirit does so you're praying out of the Spirit the Spirit of God in you you're praying out of the Spirit of God in you and you're pouring that and it causes your physical mune system to increase and so the spirit causes the physical immune system to increase and be strong so by doing something spiritual you can increase your physical well-being now if you add that with what the Bible says that David encouraged himself in the Lord by speaking to himself and we are encouraged to speak to ourself in Psalms hymns and spiritual songs then you can see how you can cause not how by the spirit you can cause by praying in tongues you cause a physical immune system to be stronger but by speaking to yourself Psalms hymns spiritual songs confessing the Word of God you are also building your soulish immune system and by doing this out of the spirit you can increase all three now when you do this on a regular basis each one of these will get better and better until you are living in what the Bible calls divine health so well that way that's all we have time for today but we will continue this on probably even into tomorrow and we'll continue on with the spiritual immune system and what you need to do to increase it and build it and make it stronger so till then I want to say God bless you and we say in Jesus name be healed in Jesus name right now so be it de Blasio you