Your Spouse Wants a Divorce 6 Things You Must Do to Save Your Marriage

well when your husband or wife drops the bombshell that they want a divorce the effects on you I am sure are devastating can you get them to change your mind you're probably asking well actually it is possible having your spouse wanting to in your marriage when you want to keep it together is probably the most difficult thing you as a married person could ever face and whether it's because they've met someone else or the two of you have simply drifted apart hearing those words those dreaded words I'm not in love with you anymore and I want to leave and create feelings of anger depression hood fear and helplessness does the feel whole world is coming crashing down all at once isn't it but the good news is that you can do things to change in mind and I've got six things here to try you might find that if you try these things your spouse your husband or your wife might at least be willing to consider staying to work on your marriage and at the very best they'll realize the truth that your marriage is the place that they really want to be in after all so these are the six things number one understand what your spouse is really saying to you you know when your husband or wife and says they want to divorce what they're really saying is that they feel that being somewhere else which could be being alone or with another person they feel that being somewhere else is going to make them happier than staying with you somehow you've stopped being the best option now this seems pretty obvious but many people forgiveness so realize that understand what they're really saying to you and this makes the solution obvious witches make your marriage a happier place for them than in the alternative that might might take time but it can be done second thing don't try to talk them out of us if they've said they want a divorce they want to leave don't try to talk them out of it because arguing with them pleading begging getting upset making them feel guilty even wanting them to work on your marriage with you do you think any of those things are going to make your spouse feel happier about being with you obviously not so despite all the temptations avoid any of these pet behaviors no matter how justified you feel the third thing don't be nice you know people say things like well I sent her flowers I wrote notes telling her how much I loved her I bought her gifts I told her I'd do anything to save I married save our marriage and she still this well that's because trying to impress your spouse with kindness reeks of desperation they'll almost certainly think you are only doing it just to get them to change their mind rather than that creating any real positive change in your relationship so instead of that is it being nice I don't mean be nasty I mean instead simply be loving towards them without pressure and that includes respecting the decision that they want to leave your marriage the fourth thing is know in your heart that it's not really you know relationship takes a while to develop and it equally takes time to unravel so even if your spouse's on their way out the door and into someone else's door you will have time to get the men just realize that you do have time the first thing is to get to work on yourself now be honest here when I ask you are you an attractive fun charismatic easy person to be around do you make others particularly your spouse feel good do you feel good about yourself now I know facing a divorce is not the easiest time to display these qualities but if you want to be the best choice to your husband your wife as I mentioned earlier then you simply have to be your best so get to work on developing the good aspects of yourself it's not only to be a strategy for saving your marriage but you become a better person - and the last thing don't take it first people want to win marriages for all sorts of reasons often they don't even really know why themselves so sure your relationship might have not been good for a while then you've probably done some things you regret it but being rejected by your spouse doesn't mean you're a bad person and that the end of your marriage is all your fault so take some time to think about your good qualities surround yourself with people who like and respect you and realize that both you and your spouse are simply doing your best you know I've met people who are self-made millionaires built large companies from nothing I meet other people who've overcome huge physical and emotional barriers and problems when they've been in the situation of having to save the marriage they've all said that saving the marriage when their spouse want a divorce was by far the biggest challenge they ever faced so stopping a divorce really requires doing things that may appear counterintuitive it can be done however with patience belief in the right action and the rewards of course and a stronger and heavier marriage probably stronger and happier than it was before uncomfortable so use these six things but if you'd really like a step by step plan to save your marriage from divorce a really powerful plan can enroller might save your marriage program this is a 30-day program and this will show you not only how to save a marriage but they are to have the relationship you really want and deserve to so all the information for this on my website Liam natal calm or follow the link below and I look forward to helping you soon